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Chapter 2- Package

The Lightning dispersed and Ye Xiaochen was surprisingly unscathed.


He was lying on the floor, his eyes closed, he seemed to be asleep, his face showing a comfortable smile, and he was breathing in perfect proportion.


Just before, it  was raining heavily. But it stopped, the weather cleared up suddenly. From the clouds, the sun’s light started to shine.


The two dogs also recovered, then hurriedly ran to Ye Xiaochen’s side, bumping with Ye Xiaochen’s head.


After a long time, Ye Xiaochen slowly woke, only to feel his body nice and comfortable. There’s something licking his face, he opened his eyes and saw that a dog was licking his face,  felt sick of it and was opening his mouth to scold it.


Suddenly, he heard a voice inside his head “Shen Nong system activated, loadi-in-”


‘What the hell, what is this voice?’ He thought to himself.


Ye Xiaochen was completely stupefied.


He looked around, except for the two dogs, there’s nobody!


In a rainy day like this,  who would move around?


“Ding, Shen Nong system loading is completed, loading image—”


That voice again, Ye Xiaochen reacted immediately, unexpectedly the sound was coming inside his head.


Ye Xiaochen was astonished.


He did not know what to say as next moment in his view,an interface appeared, just like penguins interface,the top panel has a few buttons,namely Personal,Farm,Friends,Store.


Now below the interface of Personal,


There was a image of the left side, and after looking carefully ,it turned out to be just like him.

Below that is character information.


Character : Ye Xiaochen.


Occupation : Shen Nong(Level 1).


Cultivation : None


Talent : Psychic +1,  Yield(Production) +1,   Quality +1,   Acceleration +1,   Disease- resistance +1, Insect resistance+1,   Variation +1,   Strength +1,   Anti-poisonous Physique+1 .


Immortal Yuan :0.


Experience: 0/100.


Needles to say, this is his personal information.


Ye Xiaochen’s face lit up and he somehow felt rich.


He tries to open the farm option up.


‘The farm was not Selected, please select the farm address.’


On the right side of the farm section, there is a map button.


Ye Xiaochen’s heart leapt, hurriedly clicked the button, suddenly a map enlarged in front of him,and when he saw the scene on the map , he froze. It turned out to be a real time satellite map, high-definition, if zoomed in more, you can even see the blade of grass and stones on the ground clearly.


The location of map shows his surrounding area, the center is shown as him and there was a circle about 1 square kilometer around him.


Not far on the map, he could see a greenhouse.

“Oh my god!! isn’t this broken?”


Ye Xiaochen,on seeing this, was dumbfounded, as this function is too strong.


Unfortunately, the map can only display the range of a kilometer,if you want see more you must need to upgrade the level of Shen Nong.


“Please select the farm address within the map.”


The system prompts the sound.


Ye Xiaochen’s was excited, stroking his chin, he soon took a decision.


The farm address must chosen here, after all here is a ready-made farm, and he doesn’t want to start again from scratch.


One square kilometer is also a lot, the waste land which Ye Xiaochen contracted is less than 50 acre, it happened to cover all of the greenhouse field.


Thinking of this, Xe Xiaochen went to the central area of planting base.


Immediately, he selected the farm address.


In an instant, Ye Xiaochen discovers centred on him, an invisible light wave radiated over one square kilometer area,within this area an invisible cover hung over, but it was there only for a moment and then quietly disappeared.


At the same time, few changes have taken place in the Farm option of interface.


There are now four icons, representing four kinds of farm facilities.


He looked at the first icon.


First-level Immortal farm, needs 100 immortal yuan, can plant first-level immortal plant.


First-level warehouse,100 immortal yuan, can store the harvest of agricultural products.


First-level Immortal spring, 100 immortal yuan, use spring water for plants, can increase production and quality of crops.


First-level Fence, 100 immortal yuan, can protect from man made destruction and natural environment and prevents Immortal gas dissipate out from immortal field and plant.


Ye Xiaochen was speechless,he does not have any immortal yuan, he is poor, how can he buy these things?


At this time, the system prompts sound rang again. “Giving newcomers Gift package to the system account, please accept it.”


A New package?


Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up.


He is looking forward to it, he can’t wait to pen the new package, immediately, he opens the package.


A piece of immortal land, a pack of immortal carrot seed, an immortal hoe and a book.

Just four things?


Ye Xiaochen was a little disappointed.


However after thinking a little, he relaxed.After all, he can’t ask for too many good things.


He opened the friend option,bit by bit..suddenly , a lot information came out.


“Taibai Jinxing wants to add as your friend, do you want accept?”


“The queen mother wants to add as your friend, do you want accept?”


“The Jade emperor wants to add as your friend, do you want accept?”


“Moon fairies wants to add as your friend, do you want accept?”


“Danling Tati wants to add as your friend, do you want accept?”



Ye xiaochen looked at these names, he was amazed, how come all are are having different gods’ name?


But he thought of the inexplicable system,in his mind he thought, don’t tell me that system is connected with god, or how can you explain about so many gods to add to him as friends?




There are hundreds of thousands of gods!


He has no intention of contacting this gods, unless they take initiative to contact him on store.

The Store,as its name implies, is naturally, a place to buy.


Sure enough, at the Store, there are many things you can buy,whether cultivation methods, or spells, magic talismans, immortal pills, everything can be found here.


There are all kinds of seeds that can be bought.


Ye Xiaochen searched for the things which the system has gifted him,the immortal carrot seed, ten immortal yuan a pack.

Immortal land-one hundred immortal yuan.


Immortal hoe-50 immortal yuan


In other words, the system has sent the value of at least 160 immortal yuan to him.


Seeing things in the store, Ye Xiaochen can only be envious.Immortal yuan!! he needs immortal yuan!


But how?


He immediately understood friends,once he plants a few things, he can sell them to any friend to earn immortal yuan, of course, you can also sell in the Store.


Regardless of these, the system has presented a level 1 immortal field.


He thought of moving it, immediately he moved that piece of land in the map,only within this scope of this field can farm be placed, once moved it outside, it turned red, only in green areas can he place the land.


This building shows red alert.


Ye Xiaochen chose a greenhouse which is not planted,he placed directly on top of it.

Then there appeared shape of land,it showed square, round, rectangular, etc.The immortal land can chosen in any shape.


Ye Xiaochen chose rectangle directly, so that it can fit in the greenhouse.


After placing the land, Ye Xiaochen quickly came to the location of immortal yuan, he went into the greenhouse, he wanted to see how immortal land looks.


The two dogs also followed him.

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