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Chapter 192

“It is a little different… . ”

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Ye Xiaochen looked at it for a while and then pondered about it .

He could basically determine the specific rules of the music score of the spirit song sheet of plants .

What puzzled him was that the spirit song sheet of plants was not so simple, and there seems to be a deep layer concealed in it .

It was impossible to express the spirit song sheet of plants just by voice .

He tried it, and it was just a mess and noise .

Definitely not in line with the original intention of the spirit song sheet of plants, because in the song score there were related descriptions, it was described as beautiful, similar to heavenly music, not to mention humans, even the tree and grass would produce happy feelings .

“It seems that I have to ask the Goddess of the Moon about it . Anyway, it is not about learning music, it is just a question . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought about it in his heart and soon made a decision .

Immediately, he contacted the Goddess of the Moon .

Ye Xiaochen waited for a while and finally, the Goddess of the Moon’s reply came .

“In addition to the five senses, the heavenly music requires the sixth, the seventh, the eighth and even ninth sense coordinated with the divine energy . ”

Ye Xiaochen was shocked and finally understood .

Why was there a difference between high-grade music and low-grade music? Some music, even if it was pleasant to hear and catchy to say, has no connotation at all, but some music could resonate with people and produce various spiritual changes .

As such high-level music has already touched the field above five senses .

Naturally, the current music on the earth, even those real music masters could just touch at most, but don’t really master it .

They could only enter that level once in a while .

Due to this, they couldn’t find the inspiration to make the music above the five senses and record it .

The spirit song sheet of plants contains more than five senses .

As for the level of the sense, it was hard for Ye Xiaochen to judge .

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The higher the sensitivity level, the more difficult it to express, and naturally, the better the effect was .

Ye Xiaochen hoped that the level of the spirit song sheet of plants was lower, otherwise he would not be able to express the music score at all .

After all, he was just exposed to the sixth sense .

As for the seventh sense, or eight sense or even the ninth sense, they were far from his reach .

With the reminder of the Goddess of the Moon, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly read the music score again .

Indeed, this time, Ye Xiaochen found an issue, when he sensed the score with his spirit talent, an invisible twisting force was generated .

The music score that was above five senses has its own extraordinary power .

At this moment, Ye Xiaochen finally stimulated this extraordinary force .

The melodious song sounded softly into the depths of the soul, like a lullaby but also containing vitality .

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and revealed a hint of thinking .

Fortunately .

Although the level of sense involved was not low, it might reach the eight sense and even the ninth sense, the sixth sense level was enough to interpret this spirit song sheet of plants .

It was just the effect would be not as strong as it would be for the higher-level sense .

However, this was enough .

He just communicated once and he wouldn’t forget this sixth sense melody .

It was etched into the soul .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen took out a bamboo flute .

This was just an ordinary bamboo flute .

Previously it was used by his uncle .

It has been for some years .

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This time, it would be used by Ye XIaochen .

It could not be considered a premium product .

Previously,  Ye Xiaochen had practiced playing the flute, but he had no talent and couldn’t play it all .

Now, there was no problem in blowing and even producing a tune .

In fact, the music was simple, when you understand the music essence, it becomes simple .

Ye Xiaochen held the flute with both hands horizontally and pressed his fingers on the six tone controls .

At the same time, his lips pressed against the on the blowhole .

He began to play according to the music score of the spirit song sheet of plants .

Although the sound was clear, it was like noise and there was no melody at all .

He didn’t care and closed his eyes . Using the spirit talent, entered into the sixth sense . The divine energy crystal also fissioned, and slowly released the energy .

All of sudden, between his six fingers, a light wave of energy flowed .

Moreover, when he blows his breath, the energy merges into the breath and pours into the bamboo flute .

The energy between his finger and the energy contained in the breath circulated and collided with each other, resulting in a very wonderful vibration, which belongs to the vibration of the sixth sense .

In an instant, the flute sound, which was originally like a noise, seemed to wash away and became extremely ethereal and graceful .

Most strangely, the sound of the flute became very high .

Suddenly, countless immortal plants, even the ordinary fruits and vegetables, and even many plants outside the farm began to sway .

Father and mother who were picking vegetables suddenly stopped, they stood up and listened to the wonderful flute .

The two local dogs who had been lying in the immortal land also raised their heads and listened with their ears upright . Their eyes glowed with intoxication .

After a long time it passed, the sound of the flute suddenly disappeared .

All the plants stopped swaying .

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Ye XIaochen was surprised .

As the divine energy crystal in his dantian was almost consumed .

“I didn’t expect that playing the spirit song sheet of plants would consume so much energy . ”

Ye Xiaochen was secretly surprised .

Just now he entered the state of emptiness, he played the song several times, so the energy was consumed .

He breathed a sigh of relief .

This spirit song sheet of plants was really wonderful .

After he just played, his spirit seems to be much more clear and pure .

And the whole body, as if it has been washed .

It was very comfortable .

It seems that the spirit song sheet of plants has not only effects on the plants and trees, but also on other creatures .

Especially for himself .

He sat down and ate a few pieces of pickled vegetables .

Mother and father came over .

“Son, was the flute played by you?”

Mother asked curiously .

The flute sound was so beautiful, after hearing it, she could not forget it and wanted to hear it again .

“Yes, how was it?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

“My son is so good that now he can even play the flute well, it was very nice to hear . Play it again for the mother . ”

Mother raised her thumb and spoke highly of it .

“I’m afraid I can’t do it now . I’ve been playing it for so long and my throat has become a little uncomfortable . ”

Now his divine energy was exhausted, if he plays again, it would not work and definitely, it would become a noise .

“Then forget it, quickly drink it . ”

Mother poured a cup of tea for Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen took the sip .

While speaking, his phone rang .

He took it out and saw it was Zeng Hongye .

“You answer the phone quickly . We are going back to pick the vegetables . ”

Mother and father stood up and left .

Ye Xiaochen pressed the answer button .

“Xiaochen, I just heard that the Chinese Academy of Sciences is going to set up a research branch in our Southern province to study the plant consciousness theory you created . It is said that the specific location of the settlement will be mainly based on your opinion . Xiaochen, you must choose our Yang city . Nearly four million people in Yang city will be grateful to you . ”

Zeng Hongye did not have the calmness of the past, and her tone was full of urgency and expectation .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry .

If he was allowed to choose, he would like to build the research institution in the Jing county or even in the Taiping town .

However, since it would be too close to his farm and if those experts come running to his farm every two or three days, then he would be bothered till death .

Therefore, Yang city was a good location .

However things could not be answered too quickly, he has to strive for more benefits .

Ye Xiaochen understands this truth .

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