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Chapter 191

Shashi City, Southern Provincial Party committee building .

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Zhang Sheng, the head of the Provincial party committee closing his eyes, was taking a rare break in the middle of the meeting .

Suddenly, the landline in front of him rang .

He opened his eyes and frowned slightly . Generally speaking, if there was nothing important, the reception room would not transfer the call .

He stood up and picked up the phone .

“Old Zhang, the things you asked to inquire about last time was interesting . The Chinese Academy of Science is going to carry out technical cooperation with the local government and establish a research branch . ”

A voice came over from the phone .

“Oh! Brother Yan, what kind of research institution is it?”

Zhang Sheng was shocked and hurriedly asked .

If there was one thing that was embarrassing about the Southern province was that it does not have any branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

Whether it was the surrounding northern province, or river province or Southwest province, there were branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but not in the Southern province .

This has become a shame for the Southern Province .

So after he came to power, he made a goal; to let the Chinese Academy of Science build a branch in the Southern province .

If this goal could be achieved, then it would be enough to raise the level of scientific research in the Southern province and the consequent impact would benefit other fields .

If he could achieve this goal within his term of office, it would be a real achievement .

“It is said that it will be in the botanical field, but the more specific situation hasn’t been explored yet . I’ve heard that your southern province is in the limelight recently, even researched a purification grass that removes nuclear radiation . If you can take advantage of this wind and let the branch research institution settle in your Southern province, there would be a big opportunity . ”

The voice laughed .

Zhang Sheng’s eyes brightened . Correct, regarding the matter of the purification grass, he has been closely following it .

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Now the experts’ team was still in Yang city .

It seems it is a good point to mention the leaders of Yang city so that they could do a good job during the experts’ team research work .

……… . .

Headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

A small meeting was going on .

The main discussion was about the establishment of the plant consciousness research institute .

“President, a national research institution, how could it be so rashly decided? The research environment in the Southern province, especially in the field of botany, does not occupy a dominant position in the whole country, and there are not many achievements recently . If we really want to establish this research institution, we shall consider it comprehensively . I suggest that we should consider strong provinces which are good in the field of plants, such as the Northern province . ”

The vice president said .

“Qin Peng, what do you mean by that? Do you want to say that the research environment of the Southern province is not good? Is the recent purification grass not worth mentioning in your eyes? I’m sure it’s much better than that of the Northern province that only knows to research rare flowers and plants . ”

Jiang Xinlong, another vice president argued .

Because he was from the Southern province .

And this Qin Peng was from the Northern province .

After all the two provinces were close to each other and had many disputes .

A few decades ago, the two provinces fought over a national-level botanical garden under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but in the end, the Northern province won .

“The issue of the effect of the purification grass has already been settled . Since this research institution was established for Ye Xiaochen’s theory of plant consciousness, it is necessary to take his opinion into consideration while choosing the location . In my opinion, it is up to him to choose a specific location . ”

The president of the Chinese Academy of Science was a silver-haired old man with a dignified look and soon made the decision .

No one objected .

However, Jiang Xinlong, who was from the southern province, showed a triumphant smile . He had already known about Ye Xiaochen’s unwillingness to come to the headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . Since he did not want to come to the headquarters, therefore the possibility of choosing the Southern province was greater .

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On the contrary, vice president Qin Peng’s face was gloomy .

After the meeting finished .

Qing Peng returned to the office, smoked a cigarette, and then made a phone call .

“…Old Liu, this is the case . The place of settlement of this research institute entirely depends on Ye Xiaochen’s opinion . ”

“You are asking why does the academy attaches so much importance to Ye Xiaochen’s opinion? Hehe, that is, you don’t know what the purification grass stands for . Otherwise, why would the Chinese Academy of Science establish a research institution to attract such a talent? So, how to do it? You figure it out by yourself, there is no way from my side . ”

Qin Peng hung up the phone and shook his head .

He sighed in his heart, why a genius like Ye Xiaochen was not born in the Northern province?

He has carefully studied the research report sent by the experts’ team and was deeply shocked by it .

Only scientists like him could understand the true meaning of the purification grass .

…………… .

Northern Province, Province Government Building .

In the head of the government’s office .

Pan Yan hung up the phone, her face showed a thoughtful look . She seemed to make a decision and called the office director Lin Xiangting .

“Xianting, I want you to do something for me . ”

Pan Yan put down her pen and raised her head calmly .

Lin Xianting was about forty years old but was well-maintained and still attractive .

She knew the style of the province, so she just listened to the arrangements quietly,

She was amazed at what she heard .

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“Okay, do it quickly . ”

Pan Yan said after giving the order .

“Okay . ”

Lin Xianting hurriedly went out of the office .

……… . .

On the farm .

Ye Xiaochen was picking the bean pods from the twenty-three yellow immortal beans .

These bean pods were all golden and ripe .

He had already become very skilled at picking .

Half an hour later, a look of satisfaction came over his face as he saw a large number of yellow immortal beans like gold .

He sliced an immortal bean as usual .

Eight circles .

He couldn’t help laughing .

During this period, his management of the immortal beans was not as good as before, but the quality of the immortal beans did not decrease at all .

He still put the 500 immortal beans in the Store .

In this way, he could get the detailed information of this batch of immortal beans .

After that, he could check the data of the immortal beans from the system at any time in the future .

Next, he auctioned off more than 4000 yellow immortal beans and left a few hundred with himself .

This time, he got more than 1800 immortal yuan .

Therefore, the total immortal yuan in Ye Xiaochen’s account has reached more than 2000 immortal yuan .

“In addition to buying a few bags of the immortal fertilizer, rest could be saved, and then I can buy a page of the Shennong manual . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought about it .

There was a lot of magic in the Shennong manual in the store .

For example, the plant Identification technique could identify all types of plants and vegetation .

If there were this plant identification technique, it would not be necessary for him to rely on the Store every time to obtain the appraisal information of the immortal plant .

He could identify by himself .

“It is a pity that these magical and mysterious techniques require a large amount of immortal yuan to redeem . Alsa, it can only be done step by step . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

He felt that relying on planting immortal plants to earn immortal yuan was too slow .

Unfortunately, he has no other way to earn the immortal yuan .

After soaking a batch of the yellow immortal beans with the seed promoting liquid, he took out the spirit song sheet of plants and studied it carefully .

During this period, he has learned the scores from Liang Wenjing and has made great progress .

He was originally a smart person, but he didn’t have any talent in music . However, he doesn’t need any talent to read the scores . At most, he didn’t have any sensitivity towards scores .

Even Lian Wenjing said that his current ability to read the scores was amazing . If it wasn’t for the fact that she knew he never learned to read music scores before, she would have thought him as an expert who has read the music scores for decades .

Even Liang Wenjing admitted that she had nothing to teach anymore to Ye Xiaochen .

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