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Chapter 182
Chapter 182- The Experts’ Team
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The special plant research institute in Yang city .

In the beginning, this department was established mainly for the industrialization plan of the rapeseeds .

The city government allocated a large sum of money, bought advanced high-tech equipment, and hired senior technical researchers to make great progress .

It was just after a long time, the industrialization plan of the rapeseed ran into difficulties and were stopped, plus the research institute hadn’t made any achievements . Finally, the facility was abandoned .

Experienced researchers have been looking for a way out, and the institute finally became a place for retirement .

Just over a week ago, secretary Zeng Hongye personally visited the institute, issued instructions, and allocated a sum of money, and the institute was put back into operation .

During this period, people from the institute went out to recruit high-tech staff .

The research institute which used to be deserted has gradually become lively .

Unexpectedly, it really displayed its role, it wasn’t long before the experts’ team sent by the top to investigate settled in the institute .

The experts’ team was composed of top botanists with astonishing fame or the nuclear experts from the national secret department .

These people also brought with them many assistants, and immediately the institute became vibrant . Many laboratories that had been locked up for a long time were all opened on that day .

Cleaning, moving various equipment, installing, people going in and out, the place was bustling with people .

This group of experts also brought a large number of high-tech research equipment to carry out comprehensive research of the purification grass .

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As the equipment in the research institute was not enough .

For several days, the team would either go to the construction site to observe the purification grass and collect data or would use the sample to conduct research in the research institute and then discuss it…

At the moment, in a conference room .

Many experts have gathered and were in discussion .

“It has been basically determined that the purification grass has a very strong ability to remove nuclear radiation, and can completely remove the nuclear radiation in an area . This purification grass can contain nuclear radiation, and will not allow the radiation to re-emit and leak out…”

The speaker was a short, fat old man with a bald head .

His identity was not simple . His name was Liang Guodong, a super senior figure of the national nuclear industry, chief engineer, and was also the academician of the Chinese academy of sciences .

“Mr . Yang, has your plant team made any progress in studying the mechanism and the principle of the absorption of nuclear radiation by the purification grass?”

Ling Guodong looked at the botanist Yang Kai .

The experts who could come this time, even the worst were also at the nation-level experts . Academicians like Ling Guodong and Yang Kai were definitely international level experts .

This was the first collaboration between the plant industry and the nuclear industry .

“In terms of the basic structure, the purification grass is no different from ordinary plants . At most, the various life functions are more vigorous that can support nuclear radiation . As for the reason that the purification grass can absorb nuclear radiation or even digest it, there is no clue for now . ”

Yang Kai shook his head .

He now admires Ye Xiaochen very much, he even researched the purification grass that could absorb the nuclear radiation .

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He had previously believed that it would take years or even decades for Ye Xiaochen to make a real achievement and become famous in the field of botany in China and even in the world .

However, now, how long has it been since he last visited with the experts’ group?

It seems that in less than two months, Ye Xiaochen has made great achievements, which was enough to shock the world and even benefit mankind .

“Not able to? So many top botanists can’t even figure out this?”

Another senior expert in the nuclear industry exclaimed .

“Cheng Gong, what’s the matter? Isn’t your nuclear team also unable to judge the state of nuclear radiation after it is absorbed by the purification plant?”

A silver-haired old woman from the plant group laughed and said .

The expert named Cheng Gong was speechless .

“In my opinion, we’d better contact Ye Xiaochen directly . We are blindly researching and can’t figure out the right direction . ”

Yang Kai advised .

“That’s the only way . ”

Ling Guodong nodded .

In his heart, he was more and more interested in the young man that Yang Kai had mentioned . What kind of talent was that he could develop the purification grass?

He couldn’t wait to see him .

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Other experts in the room also had similar thoughts .


On the farm .

Ye Xiaochen sat in the field of immortal grass .

Accompanying his breathing, the spirit seed swayed the plant spirit qi, and countless light spots rose from the immortal grass and gathered towards him .

The divine energy crystal was gradually filling up .

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes, looked at the dim immortal grass, and slightly smiled . He stood up, with immortal fertilizer mixed with the immortal spring water, he fertilized the immortal grass .

After he finished, collected back the special fertilization tool, went to the center of the immortal land, looking at the immortal grass, his eyes became deep and distant .

He gently raised his hand, then closed and gradually a soft green light gathered at the palm of his hand .

It gathered without scattering .

Suddenly, his eyes changed, he squatted down, opened his hand, and the green light gradually expanded .

He took a deep breath, his eyes sparkled, and he pressed his hand to the ground .

In an instant, a green light burst forth and radiated in all the directions .

The countless immortal grass which had grown to three-inch tall swayed without wind and then was covered in a strange light .

Extremely bizarre .

The green light did not dissipate for a long time, and the immortal grass grew at a surprising speed .

After the green light dissipated, Ye Xiaochen stood up and walked to another field of immortal grass .

Performed the same thing .

After the casting, the immortal grass had grown to four-inch-tall .

Moreover, they were growing at a much faster rate than usual .

Since the divine energy must be used frequently so that it could make the crystal hold a larger and larger amount of energy .

After each cultivation session, he would apply Art of Growth on two fields of immortal grass and it took only a few days for the immortal grass to grow so fast .

He believed that in a short time, the two fields of immortal grass could also be used for cultivating .

He went to the bamboo bed, picked up a towel, and wiped the sweat on his face .

Just as he was about to sit down and rest, suddenly his phone rang . He took a look and it was Liang Wenjing who was calling him . She informed Ye Xiaochen that the class was at 4 pm today .

After an exchange of a few words, they hung up .

Ye Xiaochen thought that since he was going to class for the first time, he couldn’t go empty-handed . It would be better to take two packs of pickled vegetables .

If you let others know that you are giving pickled vegetables to a beautiful woman as a gift, it was estimated they would think that person was joking .

It was just that his pickled vegetables were extraordinary!

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