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Chapter 178

At night .

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Farm, the shed .

The lights were on .

Ye Xiaochen was looking at the Shennong system introduction guide .

These days, he has been studying how to deal with the matter of the experts’ team .

After all, he had to find a rational reason to explain the purification grass .

There was a Shennong system introduction guide, plus his spirit talent and he also cultivated the Shennong tactic, naturally, it was not difficult .

At this moment, he saw a rather incredible piece of knowledge, he pondered about for a long time and there was no harvest . Finally, he shook his head and put down the Shennong system introduction guide .

He then thought of other matters .

“Currently, the progress of the cultivation of the Shennong tactic is very slow . I don’t know when I will be able to reach the point of crystallization spirit stage with the current resources . ”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the three immortal lands planted with immortal grasses .

Even if there were three fields of immortal grass, it was far from enough .

All of a sudden, there was a movement in his heart . In his hand a strange piece of plain paper-like white jade appeared, on which immortal words and music scores were written .

He could read the immortal words, but he did not know anything about the music score .

The spirit song sheet of plants

After he got this thing from the lottery, he didn’t study it all because he was not interested in this music thing .

However, previously when he read the Shennong system introduction guide, he found something . This spirit song sheet of plants might be of great benefit to his practice of the Shennong tactic .

This spirit song sheet of plants was very unusual . After practicing the divine energy, it will produce a magical effect,  it will form a strange sound field, which could strongly increase the plant growth rate, even could increase production, improve quality and even the plant spirit qi quality could be improved .

If he could refine this plant spirit qi and practice it, naturally, his cultivation speed will greatly increase .

He couldn’t ignore this temptation .

However he was tone-deaf and had no foundation at all . He studied this spirit song sheet of plants carefully and found that its music notation was quite different from that of the earth .

“How about taking a music class?”

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Ye Xiaochen thought .

He felt it was necessary .

After looking at it for a while, Ye Xiaochen put it away and walked around the immortal land .

Now there were twelve immortal lands .

Three pieces were planted with the immortal grass .

Two pieces of immortal land were planted with the immortal carrot and immortal white radish .

One was planted with immortal red beans and the Fusang tree .

One immortal land was planted with immortal wheat .

An immortal land was planted with immortal grapes seeds .

There were only ten immortal grapevines, but they have grown very lush .

The ten immortal grapevines were enough to cover the whole immortal field .

Immortal grapevines were lush, but he didn’t know when they would bloom and bear fruit .

He was looking forward to it .

This was the first fruit type immortal plant he was growing .

In the remaining four immortal lands, all were immortal yellow beans, and there were around 110 plants .

The main reason was there were big spaces between the immortal beans .

Furthermore, the immortal wind medicinal herb was also planted in the field, which occupied a large area .

Excluding the immortal wind medicine herb and Fusang tree, there were seven types of immortal plants .

Ye Xiaochen returned to his bamboo bed and felt a little hungry .

After he began cultivation, he felt that his appetite had greatly increased .

Although while cultivating divine energy he absorbs the plant spirit qi, there was still a need for body vitality and spirit soul .

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Otherwise, after refining the plant spirit qi into energy, on what basis could it be controlled freely and would not harm the body?

From the storage space Ye Xiaochen took out a large glass jar and removed its lid, then an indescribable aroma emerged .

It filled the whole shed and immortal land .

Inside the jar were bright green radish leaves soaked softly .

There was also some white radish slice, bright red carrot slices, red immortal beans, and yellow immortal beans .

These were the immortal plants used for making the immortal vegetable pickles after removing the immortal spirit qi .

Woof woof!

As soon as the two local dogs smelled the fragrance, they raised their butts and rushed over with their wagging tail . The two dogs’ eyes were shining and wished the pounce on .

Ye Xiaochen kicked away the two dogs .

These two local dogs were shamelessly staying in the immortal land and wouldn’t go anywhere .

If Ye Xiaochen hadn’t disciplined them, then perhaps these dogs would shit all over the immortal land .

He didn’t look favorable at these lazy dogs .

Last time, Ye Xiaochen in kindness threw them little pickled vegetables and they got addicted to it .

The two dogs no matter what would come and wag their tail vigorously .

They wish to even lick Ye Xiaochen

Ye Xiaochen ignored them, then picked up a white radish slice with chopsticks from the glass jar .

It was crispy and delicious .

If the immortal spring pickled vegetables could score 100 points, then the immortal plant pickled vegetables would score 1000 points .

They were not at the same level at all .

The taste and aroma could not just be described as delicious, it has entered into bones and even soul .

After eating a piece of white radish, Ye Xiaochen felt tiredness wash away and felt very energetic .

Next he ate a piece of carrot, it gave another taste .

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Then finally, immortal leaves .

The two dogs were drooling, the ground was stained with their drools .

Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly and threw out two radish leaves .

Ah, I’m too soft-hearted!

The two dogs immediately jumped on it . After eating it, they lied on the spot, squinted their eyes, as if enjoying the delicious aftertaste .

Ye Xiaochen closed the jar and put it away .

The next day, Ye Xiaochen went to the construction site .

Although all the immortal grass was planted, it didn’t mean the matter was over .

He would go to the site every day and communicate with the immortal grass to check their specific situation .

Walking in the construction site, the uncomfortable feeling was much lower than before .

Obviously, the thousand immortal grass were absorbing the nuclear radiation, so the radiation in the site has decreased .

“Mr . Yin . ”

Ye Xiaochen met with an old man who was not wearing a protective suit . He was the senior expert in the nuclear defense team . He was also an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he was older, so he retired and was living in the southern province .

The nuclear defense team had invited him .

“Mr . Ye, your purification grass is really terrific . Now the radiation on the surface soil has dropped to a safe level . ”

Old Yin was very surprised .

He was shaken by witnessing the effect of the purification grass .

Such a great scientific research achievement was a blessing for the country, no it should be a blessing for the whole world .

Therefore, he was very polite towards Ye Xiaochen .

“Mr . Ye, can the seeds of the purification grass be mass-produced?”

Old Yin curiously asked .

If it could be mass-produced, then its value would be amazing .

“For mass production, there are still some technical difficulties that need to be solved . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

“I’m sure Mr . Ye will overcome this difficulty . ”

Old Yin said with a smile .

“I’ll work hard . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and said .

The two talked for a while, mainly about the anti-nuclear effect of the purification grass . The old Yin was not proficient in botany, but it did not reduce his curiosity .

“Mr . Ye, you work, I’ll just watch . ”

Ye Xiaochen turned and walked towards a pit blocked by a blockade .

Old Yin also followed .

Ye Xiaochen removed the movable blockade and went in .

Twenty minutes later .

Ye Xiaochen has examined more than 20 plants .

When he entered the other earth pit, he was shocked . He saw that the pit was empty and was deeper .

The immortal grass was gone .

All the immortal grass have been numbered from one to thousand .

There were special guards who every once in a while would patrol the area .

Old Yin had not left, he was very curious about Ye Xiaochen’s method of checking the purification grass .

He saw that the immortal grass in the earth pit was gone and was very surprised, “how did the purification grass disappear?”

This was a big matter .

The news of purification grass was still secret, not many people know about it . Even those who have entered the site were all under security .

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