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The next day, Ye Xiaochen drove the vehicle loaded with fruits and vegetables towards Yang Shi City.

After completing the distribution of the goods, Ye Xiaochen drove towards Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

After arriving near the gate of the villa, Ye Xiaochen’s truck was stopped by the guards.

Such a place, unless you are a tenant or the tenant bring the people with them, it is difficult to go in, you must pass through a strict checking system, which is also for the sake of the safety of the villa.

To be able to live here, at least the person is a rich or a powerful man in Yang Shi City.

Such a place, the security measure is naturally strict.

“ Name Ye Xiaochen, truck brand is ***,well, Mr.Wang has left the record, you can go in now”

The guard looked at Ye Xiachen’s ID card and read the record, after registration, he was directly allowed to pass.

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, really worth of a high-grade villa area, the security checking is different.

But he doesn’t have any interest towards the villa, even after making lot of money, he will not come to the city to buy a villa,with that money, it is enough to build a luxurious villa in the countryside.

His foundation is his farm, so he cannot live far away from the farm.

Ye Xiaochen drive the truck and easily arrived outside Wang Shuisheng’s villa,just as he is taking something out, Wang Shuisheng’s wife Zhu Qingqing who is holding Xi Bao came out.

“ Uncle Ye!”

Xi Bao ran over.

Ye Xiaochen in one hand has the fruits and vegetables of his farm and other hand is holding Xi Bao, he greeted Zhu Qingqing.

Zhu Qingqing knows the purpose of Ye Xiaochen coming, she nodded with a smile and said: ” Come, what is this?”

“ Sister in law, this are my farm products,they taste very good.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Zhu Qinqing didn’t care, watermelon and muskmelon fruits of this kind are only low-grade fruit, rarely do they eat them.

After entering the villa and putting down the things, Zhu Qingqing leads him to the courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives.

In the courtyard, the things there are the same as before, a white figure is sitting on a chair, she is looking at the direction of the tuberose, seeming to be in a daze.

Zhu Qingqing walked over, made some hand gestures with Wang Xinyi, quickly, Wang Xinyi suddenly stood up and turned around, she was surprised of seeing Ye Xiaochen, she was filled with expectations.

Wang Xinyi has became much thinner than last time, her eyes has become shallow, causing a heartache.

She gestured at Ye Xiaochen as if she was trying to express something.

Ye Xiaochen could not understand it.

“ Ye Xiaochen, Xinyi is asking whether you really can make the tuberose bloom again?”

Zhu Qingqing hurriedly translated to Ye Xiaochen.

“ Of course.”

Ye Xiaochen wanted to say 70-80%, but after seeing Wang Xinyi’s nervous and anxious look, he hesitated for a moment and immediately said with a confident tone.

Zhu Qingqing looked at Ye Xiaochen with some doubt, even a plant expert like Zhang Keqin has no other way, where does Ye Xiaochen got so much confidence?

If he wants to please Wang Shuisheng, there is no need to use this way, once he cannot solve the problem of the tuberose blooming. It will make people more sad, this is obviously a thankless task.

Zhu Qingqing translated the words of Ye Xiaochen to Wang Xinyi with hand gestures.

On the melancholy face of Wang Xinyi, suddenly an expression of joy came, for the first time she revealed a surprise smile.

Zhu Qingqing who was watching this sighed dark

ly in her heart, I really hope that Ye Xiaochen can solve the problem of the tuberose, otherwise Wang Xinyi’s situation is not optimistic, she knows her husband has attached a great importance to his younger sister and recently she doesn’t know how many times he heaved distress sighs.

After taking an approval from Wang Xinyi, Ye Xiaochen took the soil in the pot and some leaves and branches of the tuberose.

Ye Xiaochen left the Wang house, in the eyes of Wang Xinyi, it was full of expectations.

Originally, Zhu Qingqing wanted to stop Ye Xiaochen for lunch, but Ye Xiaochen has rejected, after all, without Wang Shuisheng at home, it is not quite convenient.

Also, he must go to Agricultural Technology Extension Station in the city to analyse the component of the soil, branches and leaves. He does not have any specialized tools and he is not a practitioner, otherwise he can observe the soil and branches internal composition with his thoughts directly.

The Shennong System he has is more apparent than real.

He must wait until the immortal carrots were harvested, after a transaction, he can get immortal yuan, then, there might be some opportunities.


Ye Xiaochen drove towards Yang Shi Agricultural Technology Extension Station. After inquiring, he was a little disappointed. They can detect the soil and branches components, but can’t do it instantly, it will take at least 3-5 days for the result to come out, today is friday and the day after tomorrow is a weekend holiday.

The time is too long, Ye Xiaochen wanted to know if there are other similar stations in the county, but the technical equipment cannot be compared to here, except if he goes to a specialized agricultural college, but Ye Xiaochen has estimated more slim hope.

He can only wait?

Ye Xiaochen was just thinking when a figure passed from the side, that person hesitated for a moment, paused, he looked at Ye Xiaochen and said with surprise, ” Ye Xiaochen, why are you here?”


“ Fang Yuan, ah, it is you.”

Ye Xiaochen saw a man wearing glasses. He is only 1.6 metres height, a ball like chubby fat, he could not help but be surprised.

He is his college classmate and their relationship is not like Wang Yuandong, it was fairly good, at least in the college it was but after graduation there was very less contact.

The two men sat down to chat, Ye Xiaochen just know that Fang Yuan, after his graduation, went back to Yang Shi City and through family ties, he got work in the Agricultural Technology Extension Station,eating the grain.


“ What’s good here, you have to just pretend.”

Fang Yuan said with a complaint, ” Which can’t be compared to your self employed occupation, now you are a farmer, later there is an opportunity, it can get you there. Everyday, I am sitting in the office, do you see my shape, it has become round and has become hard for me to find a girlfriend.”

Ye Xiaochen knows that Fang Yuan is a cheerful and slippery person, absolutely can not believe all that he has said,perhaps he is in a good condition here.

“ Ye Xiaochen, you want to detect the component of the soil and tuberose, this matter just leave it to me and I will ensure you that I will handle it and give the result to you today.”

Fang Yuan hits his chest and gives guarantee.

As the saying goes, there is benefit in relationship.

In the evening, Ye Xiaochen drove the truck back home, as for the data on the composition of the soil and the foliage of the tuberose, it is in his hands, Fang Yuan’s efficiency is very high.

These two people have exchanged their contact information, since both of them are in the prefecture level city, later, the possibility of contact is very high.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen is engaged in farming, perhaps in the future there might be some dealings with Fang Yuan’s department area, with such an acquaintance, a lot of work will also become convenient.

If there was no Fang Yuan, Ye Xiaochen can only wait until next week to get the results, but also need to spend money.

This time, it was done freely because of Fang Yuan.

After going home, Ye xiaochen started to study the data.

After a comparison, Ye Xiaochen found that in the tuberose leaves, there are indeed two kinds of materials that have changed, one is that the mineral elements concentration has become lower than normal, the other type is chemical compound, which absolutely is not there,these two materials directly affects the flowering of the tuberose.

“ Because the tuberose has entered the period of decline, the absorption capacity of mineral elements has been reduced a lot and thus affecting the synthesis of the chemical compound, now what I need to do is to improve the mineral absorption of the tuberose.”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin.

This situation is very difficult to improve by the existing technology, the plant has entered into aging period, which is an irreversible process.

However in “Shennong Introduction Guide”, looking at some abnormal problems, it has a solution.

“ Now can only determine that the aging affected the nutrient absorption, as plant is aging, the nutrient intake is decreasing coupled with the demand for water,temperature, light has correspondingly changed. After mixing, the plant produced this special kind of fluctuation.”

Ye Xiaochen carefully analysed, “ According to the Shennong Introduction Guide’s solution, the core lacks the nutrients, if I can solve this problem, the aging of the plant will slow down. Unfortunately, I don’t’ have any immortal yuan nor am I a practitioner, there are several simple solutions, but I can’t do it.”

He couldn’t help but sigh.

“ It seems, I can only use the most complex method which is also a stupid method.”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and has finally decided.

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