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Chapter 163

Suddenly, the big wheel spun very fast .

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After spinning for several minutes, the big wheel finally slowed down .

At the last moment, the pointer fell on an extremely wide sector .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help showing the expression of disappointment .

The wider the sector, the lower the value of things .

With such a wide sector, it would be surprising if there were any good things .

“Ah, the luck is so bad . ”

Ye Xiaochen sighed .

He looked at the thing he had won, and was surprised for a moment, then showed a strange color .

The immortal words dictionary .

Ye Xioachen felt a little stupid if he knew before he would have drawn the lottery first .

After getting the immortal dictionary, he wouldn’t have needed the Goddess of the Moon to translate it!

He looked at the dictionary, which contained all the immortal words .

As for the explanation of the text, it turned out to be in Chinese characters . In this way, using the immortal words dictionary, Ye Xiaochen could understand the meanings of the immortal words .

Good Stuff!

Anyway, Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied with this immortal words dictionary .

At least he could save the cost of immortal words translation .

He shook his head and put the immortal words dictionary into the storage space .

Draw once again .

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Ye Xiaochen concentrated his energy and stared at the big wheel, secretly praying in his heart .

The big wheel spun again .

After a few minutes, the wheel slowed down, and the pointer was moving across sectors .

Ye Xiaochen was nervous .

“Stop, stop, stop . ”

Finally, the pointer approached a narrow sector, he shouted in the heart .

It may have heard his roar, the pointer stopped at a narrow line sector .


Ye Xiaochen almost jumped up in excitement .

Whatever that sector contained, it must be a treasure because of its narrow size .

Soon, the stuff arrived in his storage space, and he quickly took it out to look .

The spirit song sheet of plants .

Damn, it turned out to be a song sheet .

Ye Xiaochen guts felt rotten .

In the Shennong system introduction guide, he has learned about this kind of song sheet which has a very good effect on planting immortal plants .

It was just, he was tone-deaf and his musical talent was close to nothing . This song sheet has no use for him!

Ye Xiaochen took out the song sheet and looked at it . He saw that it was also written in immortal words . As for the format of the music sheet, he couldn’t understand it at all .

Ye Xiaochen was not satisfied .

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Why not give a flying magic device or page of the Shennong manual?

Ye Xiaochen felt uninterested, he threw the song sheet into the storage space and began to lay the fence .

All the sections of the fence were placed .

When the last section the fence was laid down, for a moment, Ye Xiaochen felt that the whole farm seemed to shake, as if an invisible force field was forming and the immortal qi in the air seemed to be restrained .

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly opened the farm map in the Shennong System .

On the map, the whole farm was clearly visible .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen was surprised to find that on the non-immortal land area of the farm some changes had taken place .

The land was slightly spiritualized .

Due to the closing of the fence, the farm has produced a spiritual field and began to form a trace of a spirit on the non-immortal land .

This kind of spiritualization phenomenon was easy to understand, just like in a magnetic field, affects the materials in its field, making the material produce a weak magnetization .

If the farm’s spiritual field was strong enough, it could even transform the ordinary land into the low-level immortal land .

Of course, the current spiritual field was far from reaching that point .

“I had no idea this would happen when the fence was closed . ”

Ye Xiaochen was very surprised .

He knew that since the farmland has been slightly spiritualized, the benefits of the growing vegetables and fruits won’t be small . Without even watering with the immortal spring water, these plants could also become the immortal spring vegetable and immortal spring plants .

“However, now that the farm has produced a spiritual field, the immortal qi in the air will slowly thicken and I am afraid it will have an effect on mortals . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

Only a small amount of immortal spirit qi was good for the mortal, but if it was excessive then it would produce side effects in mortals .

The current concentration of immortal qi on the farm was far from reaching that point .

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However, this was only a matter of time .

“It seems I need to save immortal yuan to buy a spirit gathering array . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

With the spirit gathering array, the immortal spirit qi in the farm could be condensed to form an immortal liquid . This liquid was not like the immortal spring water, it has only pure immortal qi .

If the immortal liquid was concentrated to the extreme, even immortal stone could be formed .

As for the conditions to use the spirit gathering array, either need to use the immortal stone as the power source to use or divine power to activate it .

Once Ye Xiaochen started practicing and could generate divine powers, then it would be possible for him to use the spirit gathering array .

“Well, I still lack immortal yuans!”

Ye Xiaochen sighed, he needs to accumulate immortal yuan again .

He quickly regained his excitement, because soon he would be able to practice the Shennong tactics .

First, he soaked the fifty seeds of second-generation yellow immortal beans in the seed promoting liquid, and then took out the animal skin hide containing the Shennong tactic .

He began to translate the Shennong tactic .

It was hard to understand .

Ye Xiaochen repeatedly studied it for a few days, and with the help of the concept of Nuwa’s spirit seed method, he gradually got a deep understanding of the tactic and finally reached a point where he could start cultivating .

The principle of the Shennong tactic was very simple . Collect the essence qi of the plants and trees, mix it with the immortal spirit qi and his spirit, and smelt it into a furnace, which could be turned into divine powers of Shennong .

This divine power was extremely wonderful and contains the miracle of giving birth to all things .

The effect of Shennong divine powers was far more than that and it needed Ye Xiaochen to develop it one by one .

There was a quicker way, that was to buy the Generation Shennong manual, which must have all kinds of secrets to develop the Shennong divine powers .

“Before cultivating the Shennong Tactic, I must first open up the dantain sea as the smelting furnace for the divine power, which was the foundation for the Neidan method . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

Opening the dantian sea was the method of Neidan .

There was also the Waidan method, which was to use an external alchemy furnace and refining an elixir dan . After taking it, you could refine with your spirit seed and could convert it into divine power .

The two methods of cultivation have their own wonders .

The Waidan method requires a large number of dan medicines .

The Neidan method was much simpler, but the progress of cultivation was slower than that of waidan .

However, the advantage was there were no side effects .

The most troublesome when taking dan medicine was to eliminate the impurities .

Ye Xiaochen has no conditions to use the Waidan method .

The only way he could cultivate was to use the Neidan method .

People have dantain sea, but they were ignorant about it, they need to take initiative to open it .

Opening the dantian was the key to walk on the road of cultivation of immortal . s

Each kind of cultivation method has its specialized method to open the dantian .

The Shennong tactic was no exception to it .

Ye Xiaochen took out the page of Shennong tactics .

He focused on the humanoid figure .

There were many lines and dots on it, as well as immortal words .

This was the Shennong tactic’s method of establishing dantian- Shennong Farming

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