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Chapter 162

It was the middle of November .

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The weather has turned cold .

In addition, there was a lot of rain during this period, which gave people a kind of uncomfortable feeling .

The business of the Immortal Spring Restaurant has recovered and it was growing more and more popular .

The Immortal Spring Restaurant has now introduced a vegetarian hot pot .

The hot pot was not like which could be bought from supermarkets but was carefully researched by Master Lin .

Naturally, this vegetarian hot pot was expensive, the cheapest one was a thousand yuan .

However, the Immortal Spring Restaurant’s brand of vegetarian hot pot has attracted a lot of people .

Moreover, all kinds of dishes in the Immortal Spring Restaurant were extraordinary and have the effect of increasing health .

A lot of people who often come here to eat found that some small health issues they had were gone .

Especially the people who ordered the secret seasoning, the effect was more obvious for them .

In the immortal land .

It was as warm as spring, and there was no feeling of coldness and humidity like outside .

Ye Xiaochen squatted in front of the immortal wind medicinal herb and gently touched it with his hand . Then, he communicated with the plant’s consciousness and used the Art of Growth on the immortal wind medicinal herb .

After a long period of experimentation and practice, his Art of Growth technique has made remarkable progress .

It might be due to his Shennong talent . As long as it has something to do with plants, his learning ability would be very astonishing and could be rated as a real talent .

At the moment, the immortal wind medicinal herb was half a foot tall .

The reason why it grew so fast was due to his Art of Growth .

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Now, he has become so adept at the Art of Growth that there was no problem using it on immortal wind medicinal herb .

With the current speed of Art of Growth, it was estimated that within a month’s time the immortal wind medicinal herb could fully mature .

“The fifty yellow immortals beans should have matured . I don’t know if the bean pods have split . ”

Ye Xiaochen got up and went to the immortal land where the yellow immortal beans were planted .

The plants were full of golden bean pods .

Such a large area of the yellow immortal bean was enough to let Ye Xiaochen have an unprecedented harvest .

“Hey . It really has split, that’s great . ”

Ye Xiaochen saw the cracks in the bean pods and immediately became happy . He quickly picked up all the bean pods .

There were more than 4180 bean pods .

After removing the shells there should be more than 10,000 grains of yellow immortal beans, as there were too many Ye Xiaochen just made a rough estimate .

He cut a bean, and unexpectedly it had the seven wheel pattern .

“Haha, this time the yellow immortal bean’s quality is higher . ”

Ye Xiaochen was pleasantly surprised .

As usual, he sold the 500 beans to the store first and then rest to use it in the auction .

The 500 yellow immortal bean’s appraisal was completed soon and sure enough, the quality was better than the previous one . Especially the divinity, it reached 0 . 98 .

From reaching one, it was only 0 . 2 far .

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart .

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After selling the store, with the deduction of the consignment fee, he got 149 immortal yuan .

Seven immortal yuan more than what he got for the previous 500 beans .

As for in the auction, Ye Xiaochen sold 12,000 beans and earned 3,924 immortal yuan .

If the store’s profit was added, the total has reached 4,073 immortal yuan .

And, of course, he left a thousand yellow immortal beans with himself .

Currently, for Ye Xiaochen, the output of the immortal plants has increased greatly . He doesn’t need to be as careful as before and could leave some for his own use .

He has the spirit cut-off material and could use this to remove the immortal spirit qi from plants and use it for his consumption .

Whether it was for himself or for his family or to use it as a seasoning in the immortal spring restaurant, the demand has gradually increased . Therefore, he left some with himself .

More than a thousand immortal yellow beans were enough to meet the current demand .

With the four thousand immortal yuan, all the immortal words on the page could be translated .

He was also surprised that he has spent more than 9000 yuan in the store, which was only a little away from reaching ten thousand immortal yuan .

Previously, he bought a page of the Generation Shennong manual, which cost him 8,800 immortal yuan .

He has already spent one thousand immortal yuan .

That adds up to more than nine thousand immortal yuan .

Originally, last time, he had already met the five thousand immortal yuan consumption quota and got the chance to draw the lottery .

However, he didn’t use it, mainly because he was depressed that he could not practice Shennong tactics and saved the chance to draw the lottery .

He decided to draw two prizes at a time .

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For five thousand quotas .

For ten thousand quotas .

Thinking about it, Ye Xiaochen felt very excited .

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen contacted the Goddess of the Moon and sent all the unknown immortal words in Shennong Tactic to the Goddess of the Moon to translate .

It didn’t take much time, and hundreds of immortal words were translated .

Obviously, Ye Xiaochen paid more than 800 immortal yuan for it .

It was really expensive .

He doesn’t know how many immortal characters were there in the immortal writing system . It should be known that more than 3000 Chinese characters were used commonly, and the total number of Chinese characters with the original) was as high as 100,000 .

If there were so many immortal words, then it would be terrible . If he buys a page of the Generation Shennong manual, then he has to pay a lot of immortal yuan just to translate immortal words .

It was depressing when he thought about it .

“Haha, I can finally practice . ”

Ye Xiaochen secretly rejoiced .

However, he did not rush to see the translation of the Shennong tactics .

He used the remaining immortal yuan first .

With so much immortal yuan in his hand, he felt comfortable .

Most importantly, he wanted to use the lottery .

After spending more than eight hundred immortal yuan on the translation, there was still more than three thousand two hundred immortal yuan left .

Ye Xiaochen was now rich, he was no longer prudent as before . He directly bought a few packets of immortal fertilizers . There were non-attribute fertilizers and also soil attribute fertilizer .

Next was the fence, there was a need for a twenty-six section fence, which cost him 2,600 immortal yuan .

Adding the four fences he had before, now he has a total of thirty fences, it could enclose the whole farm .

The reason he bought the fences was due to his future cultivation .

After the fence completely encloses the farm, the entire farm would become one entity . So that the immortal qi produced by the immortal land and immortal plants will not be lost outside, but will gather in the farm, making the farm a heavenly land .

Of course, if you want to make it a real heavenly land, then you must turn the whole farm into the immortal land .

In this way, the farm will become a real heavenly land .

There were still more than 200 immortal yuan with him . Ye Xiaochen did not use it and temporarily kept with him .

He heard the system prompt, saying that he has spent more than 10,000 yuan in the store and once again got the chance to draw the lottery .

Two chances to draw the lottery .

Ye Xiaochen shouted in his heart, “System, lottery . ”

Suddenly, a big wheel appeared in his mind .

There were various things in the various sectors of the wheel, some were so precious that he envied them .

“Immortal stone . It can be used for cultivation and also as the source of Array . ”

“Flying Spirit boat, the flying type of magic weapon . As long as you have the magic power to move or immortal stone as a source of power . Could be used to fly . ”

“Generation Shennong page 48, the earth condensing soul . This method can communicate with the spirit of the earth, condense the earth soul and herd plants . ”

Ye Xiaochen looked at these good things and his breathing became a little heavy .

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