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Chapter 161

Immortal Spring Restaurant was reopened .

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The so-called secret seasoning was just powdered immortal beans and immortal wheat . Naturally, there was no poppy in it .

However, this incident still had an impact on the business .

The number of diners has decreased by 20% in the past two days .

Ye Xiaochen informed that Zeng Hongye would be bringing her family to the restaurant for a birthday dinner .

When others found out, they were pleasantly surprised .

Zeng Hongye bringing her family this time has a completely different meaning from the last time’s opening ceremony .

More precisely to say Zeng Hongye was coming to the immortal spring restaurant .

Even if now the secretary Liu has some thoughts, he would need to think about it at least three times .

They were secretly astonished, Ye Xiaochen really has the ability, he was even able to invite Secretary Zeng .

Everyone was in high spirits, and the worries caused by the suspension of business were swept away, and everyone was full of confidence .

It was the weekend .

At 11 o’clock in the morning, Zeng Hongye brought her family according to the schedule .

Ye Xiaochen personally welcomed Zeng Hongye and her family and took them to a large private dining room .

The interior was carefully arranged,

Zeng Hongye was very satisfied with Ye Xiaochen’s arrangement .

Suddenly, she saw a big box on the table and asked curiously, “Xiaochen, what is that?”

“Today is Uncle’s birthday . This is a birthday cake specially prepared by us at Immortal Spring restaurant . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

A professional baker was specially invited to make this birthday cake .

“Xiaochen, now your Immortal Spring restaurant also specializes in the cake?”

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Zeng Hongye couldn’t help laughing .

Zeng Hongye’s father was a thin old man, estimated to be in his seventies . His hair was gray and his face was full of old age spots .

He was being supported by someone, and even while sitting in the chair he was trembling .

It could be seen that he was sick .

Ye Xiaochen in heart sighed, Zeng Hongye was able to bring her sick old father to the immortal spring restaurant for the birthday party, it should be really rare .

It was not easy for an old man to travel this far .

Soon the box was opened, revealing a delicate three-layer cake .

It was decorated with various fruits, watermelon, muskmelons, tomatoes, cucumber, and other things . It was all from Ye Xiaochen’s farm .

There were three other things, golden yellow immortal beans, fiery red immortal beans, and yellowish-brown immortal wheat .

It was on layering .

There were fifteen of them .

It wasn’t that he was stingy, but the immortal beans and immortal wheat were too precious .

If he grinds these immortal beans and wheat into powder, its worth would be tens of thousands of yuan .

In order to make this cake, Ye Xiaochen also took great pains .

In addition to the fifteen immortal beans and wheat, the cake was made with immortal bean wheat flour .

“Why are there beans and wheat?”

Zeng Hongye was surprised .

“Hehe, sister Zeng, these are no ordinary beans and wheat . You will know it after trying . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

The birthday cake was just a formality . Naturally, they didn’t light the candles and blew to make wishes .

Ye Xiaochen took the cake knife and started cutting the cake .

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Each person got a small piece of cake with a bean and wheat on it .

On Zeng Hongye and her father’s cake piece, there was an immortal red bean .

“This watermelon is really sweet . ”

“This muskmelon is so fragrant . I have never tasted such a delicious melon . ”

“This cream is delicious . It  is not greasy at all . ”

Zeng Hongye’s family ate the cake and was full of praises .

It wasn’t that they have never eaten a cake before, but this cake taste was very special, whether it was the fruits on it or cream, it was all delicious .

“Haha, the taste is really good . Xiaochen I didn’t expect your immortal spring restaurant not only has delicious food but also has delicious cake . ”

Zeng Hongye ate gracefully .

She picked up the immortal red bean with a fork and put it in her mouth .

As soon as she took a bite, her face slightly changed .

A stunned expression appeared .

By this time, other people who ate immortal beans or wheat all let out exclamations of disbelief .

“Why is this bean so delicious?”

“Really delicious . This wheat tastes wonderful . ”

“It is not just delicious, it is an unforgettable taste, but it’s a pity there is only one . ”

The people who had not eaten it, when heard other people’s words, they also quickly tasted it, and immediately showed exaggerated expressions .

Even Zeng Hongye was very intoxicated, her face was red as if she had drunk wine .

“It’s hot . ”

Zeng Hongye’s father suddenly said .

His face which was full of old age spots turned slightly red and sweat started appearing on his body .

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“Xiaochen, what kind of bean is this? After eating it, why do I feel hot?”

Zeng Hongye was surprised .

After sweating, she felt her whole body comfortable .

“So comfortable . ”

Zeng Hongye’s father’s spirit became much better .

“Sister Zeng, this is my secret product: the immortal bean and immortal wheat, it has good health effects . ”

Ye Xiaochen already thought of a good reason .

“I didn’t expect this bean to be so magical . ”

Zeng Hongye and others were amazed .

If one hasn’t tasted it, it would be hard to imagine it .

After the surprise of cake, eating various dishes on the menu let Zeng Hongye’s family have a good time .

Even her old father, who had a poor appetite, actually ate a lot of food this time and his spirit was much better . It was the immortal red bean that had improved the physical condition of the old man .

After the meal, Ye Xiaochen gave Zeng Hongye’s father a dozen of immortal beans and wheat . After they go back, everyday boils a grain and eat, which would be good for the body .

Zeng Hongye naturally felt grateful for such precious immortal beans and wheat as a gift .

Although she was a member of the municipal party committee, she was still helpless about her father’s illness .

Today after eating the beans, her father’s energy and spirit improved a lot, it was clearly the effect of immortal red beans .

She suddenly felt a glimmer of hope .

When she was a child, her mother died in childbirth . It was her father who endured all sorts of hardships and raised her and her siblings . He both played the role of mother and father, it was really not easy .

She really wished that her father could live a long life and enjoy happiness .

Finally, the family of Zeng Hongye went .

Ye Xiaochen took a sigh of relief . In order to entertain Zeng Hongye and her family, these two days they have worked very hard .

The job was done, just need to wait and see the effect .

At Liu Xianjin’s home .

Peng Zhiping was also there .

“Brother-in-law I didn’t expect secretary Zeng would take her family to the immortal spring restaurant for her father’s birthday . It was really unimaginable . ”

Peng Zhiping said in a muffled voice .

“I also did not expect, it seems, that the relationship between Secretary Zeng and Ye Xiaochen was closer than I thought . ”

Liu Xianjin sighed .

“So, what should we do now?”

Peng Zhiping asked .

“I have to see Ye Xiaochen and repair the relationship . ”

Liu Xianjin narrowed his eyes and said .

“What should we say to Cao Xinhong?”

Peng Zhiping froze for a moment and hesitatingly asked .

“Just tell him the truth . ”

Li Xiantian said .

“Brother-in-law, if we offend him, will it not affect your future?”

Peng Zhiping was worried .

He knew how big Cao Xinhong’s ability was . His brother-in-law was strong in Jing county, but outside he was not much strong .

“It is better than offending Zeng Hongye . Besides, Cao XInhong is a wise man and knows what to do . ”

Liu Xianjin shook his head .

Peng Zhiping was unable to understand, he felt his brother-in-law was profound and mysterious, It was just better for him to manage things according to what his brother-in-law had ordered .

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