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The seven abnormal problems, respectively are pests, disease, light,temperature, water, nutrients and variation.

Each category is divided into many small classes, the explanations are very detailed.

Various classifications are intertwined and  have farmed many combination of problems.

All problems that occur in plant are included in it.

In the “Shennong System Introduction Guide”, one by one in rows, appeared in detail.

Ye Xiaochen read carefully.

“ According to the description of this book, I have basically understood the unusual fluctuations of consciousness in each category.”

Ye Xiaochen looked and pondered.

Each problem has an abnormal sense of fluctuation.

It seems to be very simple, but if combined, it formed a very complex sense of fluctuation.

“ That special fluctuation of tuberose,according to the unusual fluctuation of the plant’s consciousness, should be the abnormal problem of mixed nature.”

Ye Xiaochen was analyzing in his heart.

The common problem is usually very easy to distinguish, but once it involves the mixed nature, it is difficult to differentiate, it tests the talent and ability of the immortal plant growers.

Ye Xiaochen has just came into contact with plant’s consciousness, the difficulty is still very big.

The next period of time, in addition to driving truck for deliveries, Ye Xiaochen spent almost all of his time in  experimenting on communication with the plant’s consciousness, analysing various plant’s consciousness fluctuations, verifying them one by one.

He seemed to be obsessed, even during him driving the vehicle, he couldn’t help to think over it, due to this distraction, he almost got into an accident, he had scraped the vehicle, finally he had to pay more than 1000 yuan to solve the problem.

He found a lot of problem in the vegetables and fruits in his farm. Under limited conditions, he solved them one by one, making a lot of improvement in the output and quality of the vegetables and fruits.

At the same time, he has accumulated a lot of rich of experience.

“ Basically it can be determined that the special fluctuation of the tuberose, belongs to the problem of mixed nature, primarily there are two factors, variation and nutrients, but it also include, temperature, light and water. These three aspects.”

Ye Xiaochen has pondered over this period of time and concluded.


The “Shennong Instruction Guide” seems like just a book, but it contains massive amounts of information, it is very special. Just like a browser with many links, as long as you click with a finger, it will open a new page.

“The life of a tuberose is more than 20 years, now it has truly entered into the stage of decline, so it’s body has began aging, this belongs to the category of aging variation, due to the aging of plant, it has effected on the absorption of nutrients, once some type of nutrition  element relates to blossoming is unable to be absorb, it will not bloom, due to aging of the plant, the temperature, water content and the requirement of sunlight had also changed, combining, it has formed a very special kind of fluctuation.

Ye Xiaochen thought to himself.

In the final analysis, the aging tuberose needs some type of essential nutrition, otherwise the flowering will be affected.

Here comes the question.

What kind of nutrition is it?

How to make the normal tuberose to absorb the nutrients?

Ye Xiaochen decided to go to Wang Shuisheng’ villa, take some soil and branch leaves to detect the tuberose’s composition, so to determine the tuberose is la

cking which kind of nutrient?


There are many nutrients which influence on blooming, lack of any type, may create a similar result, must have a professional test.

Without an invitation from Wang Shuisheng, going directly to his house, it is somewhat reckless, people will think he has some motives.

There is also a very important problem, he doesn’t know sign language, when he wants to communicate with Wang Xinyi, it will be a problem.

Unless there is a translator.

“Later if I have time, I need to study sign language.”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart.

On second thought, Ye Xiaochen decided to directly contact Wang Shuisheng, because this will make the matter clearer.

Anyway, he now has a great understanding, as long as he can identify the reason, solving the problem of the tuberose will not be much difficulties.

Ye Xiaochen took out his cell phone, found Wang Shuisheng’s number, then, pressed the dial button.

Turned off.

Ye Xiaochen was a little disappointed,shaking his head he kept his cell phone,he looked up at the sun, the sun was burning and the temperature was high.


Holding an umbrella, he arrived at the edge of the field.

Entering into the immortal land, the temperature immediately decreased, as if entered into an air-conditioned room, it is very cool.


Two lazy dogs are lying down comfortably.

Ye Xiaochen was speechless when seeing them. The 24 hours a day or at least 22 hours a day that they stayed here,

They have changed a lot, their hair has become smooth,and have become exceptionally spirited.

Let alone them, even Ye Xiaochen, because frequently visiting the immortal land, his body also had some changes, for example because of constantly in the sun, he has dark skin, has now completely recovered, very smooth face, originally there were few pimples on his face, now its traces has been completely lost, and his originally oily skin has become shiny.

Now, this situation has not appeared.

All in all, some of his physical problem have completely disappeared, his body has become better.

Obviously, this has a great relationship with the immortal land.

Just this immortal land is so magical, I don’t know if the immortal plants growing out of this land, how will it be?

Ye Xiaochen has an idea, if there is a sufficient time later, he must construct a house on top of this immortal land, this will absolutely be comfortable to live on.

It has been almost a month since the planting of this immortal carrot, these carrots are flourishing smoothly, it is estimated that soon it will mature.

He is looking forward to the day when he can harvest the carrots.

So that he can trade the carrots with immortal god and get immortal yuan.

He was very greedy of the things in the mall.

Moreover  the development of the farm is very important, now it is just one piece of immortal land, he needs more immortal land. Moreover the immortal spring is also indispensable, according to the information, irrigating by using the water of immortal spring, can accelerate the growth of the immortal plant.

In the evening, Ye Xiaochen received a call from Wang Shuisheng.

“ Brother, really sorry, today there was a meeting, so I turned off my phone, I was very busy, so didn’t had time to see my mobile phone, so just called you now”

Wang Shuisheng’s voice comes out of the phone.

For such a big person, usually there is no need to explain anything, his current attitude shows his importance on Ye Xiaochen.

After chatting a few words, Ye Xiaochen explained the reason.

“ What, brother Ye, you really have the confidence to make the two strains of tuberoses to bloom?”

Wang Shuisheng was startled and then immediately asked with surprise.

It is not that he does not believe in Ye Xiaochen’s ability but even a renowned botanist like Zhang Keqin was also helpless, Ye Xiaochen is a farmer, saying even if a farmer has studied the expertise in agriculture, compared with a botanist like Zhang Keqin, there is a difference of heaven and earth.

“ Brother Wang, I do not have 100% confidence, but there is 70-80%, I need to collect some soil and branches samples of the tuberose.”

Ye Xiaochen said confidently.

He is the master of the magical “Shennong Introduction Guide”, the existing knowledge on earth cannot be compared with it, it does not mean that earth’s knowledge doesn’t have usefulness, it is just that the level of research is insufficient.

Like the communication with the plant’s consciousness, if relying on existing technology, it is simply not possible.

Ye Xiaochen can easily achieve this now depending on his Shennong talent, later if he become a yogi, this kind of communication induction ability will be strengthened and even can produce all sorts of magical ability.

Wang Shuisheng was silent for a moment  and said “ In that case, you can come tomorrow, your sister in law will be there at home.”

He is too busy, so he definitely does not have time, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t know sign language and can’t communicate with his sister, there must be a person to translate.

Although he doesn’t believe that Ye Xiaochen has the ability, but he has a very good impression on Ye Xiaochen,  a feeling that he is not the kind of person who finds reason to deliberately cling,since Ye Xiaochen will give it a try, he is naturally pleased.


His younger sister has become more and more silent these days, she also has became thin.

He deeply felt the loneliness in his sister’s heart, there are many feelings on those two strains of tuberoses, but now, it is not blooming and even has entered into the period of decline, not knowing how long it can live.

His sister is not only mute but also has autism to a certain extent.

He cannot imagine, once the two strains of tuberoses are completely withered, what will happen to his sister?

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