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Chapter 157

Immortal spring restaurant, the kitchen .

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This kitchen was not like a household kitchen . The area of the kitchen was very large .

Regardless of whether it was the layout or decoration, it was very scientific and reasonable and was equipped with all kinds of facilities .

There were more than 20 kitchen staff, including chefs, chef apprentices, and dishwashing staff .

There were six master chefs and each chef has brought three to four apprentices, making it equivalent to a team .

In the everyday cooking work, except for a few particularly difficult main dishes, the chef would only guide their apprentices from the side .

Some secret sauces, ingredients and other things like this were naturally done by the chefs .

Moreover, each kitchen team was responsible for a particular dish, so the division of labor, cooperation, and efficiency was very high .

In such a big kitchen, although there were many people, it was not chaotic but was orderly .

At the moment, several chefs gathered together and were making the dishes using the immortal plant seasoning provided by Ye Xiaochen .

When they tasted it, they were completely shocked, because the dishes with seasoning tasted at least one level higher .

Most importantly, the flavoring brought by the seasoning did not have any synthetic taste, instead, it was full of natural and authentic taste .

They were all top chefs with outstanding cooking skills . Naturally, they knew how much influence the seasonings could have on the cooking skills . Even a cook with average cooking skills uses this kind of seasoning, it would improve his dishes by a few levels .

This was really amazing .

“Xiaochen, what kind of seasoning is this?”

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Master Lin asked with curiosity .

“Haha, Master Lin, there are some natural ingredients in it . For example, this seasoning which has a bean flavor is called red immortal bean powder . I made it from the red beans and has no trace of chemical synthesis . And, This seasoning is made with yellow immortal bean powder extracted from the soybean . And, this is made from immortal wheat powder, extracted from the wheat . ”

Ye Xiaochen explained with a smile .

Master Lin and other chefs were amazed, extracted from beans and wheat . How was this possible?

However, they couldn’t help but believe it, as the flavor of these seasoning was of bean and wheat variety .

It was just the enhancement of aroma and taste of the dishes was not something that could be explained by simple wheat and beans .

Even if pure bean and wheat were cooked, it was far from producing this kind of aroma and taste .

They already admire Ye Xiaochen’s ability, the vegetables he grew were so delicious, the pickled vegetables he made were peerless and now making such a seasoning was not a surprise .

“Master Lin, adding these three seasonings should be good . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

“Xiaochen, it’s not just good, but perfect . Our immortal spring vegetables are the top grade ingredient and this seasoning is enough to increase its grade . I can say that even a chef with high cooking skill, cannot make such great dishes . With such seasoning, our immortal spring restaurant will be invincible in the food industry . ”

Master Lin laughed heartily .

The other chefs also nodded, with such seasoning they were more confident in dominating the food industry .

In the future, the immortal spring restaurant would surely become a super brand in the food industry .

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“Master Lin, these seasonings are very precious . it is not easy to make, the production is very small and it has a strong nutritional value . So when using on dishes, it is best to raise their price, otherwise, it will reduce the profit . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“It really requires an increase in price . ”

Master Lin nodded and then continued, “Xiaochen, why not hold a meeting and discuss it?”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

In the afternoon, a meeting was held to discuss the use of the immortal spring seasoning .

After several discussions, the decision was made .

The three secret seasonings would be added to the menu and priced uniformly .

If the diners want to add these seasoning to their dishes, they need to order it separately .

The prices of the three seasonings were very expensive, the price on each seasoning was set at 588 yuan .

Moreover, the amount of seasoning in each dish was accurately weighed, so that it was neither too much or too less .

Others were a little confused about the high price of seasoning which was set by Ye Xiaochen .

In Ye Xiaochen’s opinion, 588 yuan was still a favorable price .

For a single immortal spring seasoning, it needs about one-tenth of the immortal beans or a quarter of an immortal wheat grain .

The immortal beans and wheat, how precious were they? The nutrients contained in them could be said as an elixir for the ordinary people .

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That evening all the menus were revised .

Three kinds of immortal spring seasonings were added, and each price was 588 yuan per serving .

Putting the seasoning on the menu, it could be said immortal spring restaurant was the first one to do .

These seasonings were really very expensive .

During the dinner, many diners who came to eat saw that three seasonings were added to the menu .

Many people became curious .

Although the people who come here to eat have some wealth, the 588 yuan for a seasoning still made many people little apprehensive .

In particular, the amount of single serving of seasoning was too small, accurate to the point of milligrams .

It was more expensive than gold .

Of course, some rich people were foodies and were very curious about this secret seasoning, so they ordered one to try it .

When the dishes with the secret seasoning came, an indescribable fragrance came which was beyond the normal immortal spring dishes .

When they tasted the dish, they felt it was worth the price .

The most peculiar thing was that after eating a dish with the seasoning, not only there was a kind of spiritual enjoyment, but also the body felt an unspeakable sense of comfort .

Especially the people who ordered dishes with immortal red powder seasoning . After eating, they would feel warm and would sweat . Then after sweating, they would feel light and comfortable beyond description .

“Delicious, very delicious . ”

“The secret seasoning is worth the price . ”

“Haha, I know now why this secret seasoning is so expensive, it is really good . ”

“It is not just good, it is wonderful . ”

In the private dining room and the hall, as long as someone has ordered dishes with secret seasoning there would be a burst of exclamation and praises .

It provoked curiosity in other diners, and they also tried .

After that day many people completely fell in love with the secret seasoning .

For several days, the popularity of the immortal spring restaurant rose exponentially . Many diners who had eaten the secret seasoning dishes were infatuated with it . After eating the first time, they want to have it for the second time .

As a result of the immortal spring seasoning, the income of these days rose and on the highest day, the income reached more than 600,000 yuan .

Fortunately, the quantity of secret seasoning was very small, otherwise, Ye Xiaochen would have doubted whether the immortal beans and immortal wheat he had could meet the diners’ demand .

Today, Ye Xiaochen was practicing the Art of Growth on the immortal grasses . The immortal grasses have grown more than three-inch tall and with this speed, within a week it could be harvested for a second time .

Suddenly, he received a call from Li Jiaren, saying that the immortal spring restaurant met with a mishap .

Someone has reported that the immortal restaurant was using the poppy as a secret seasoning .

The relevant department involved in the investigation asked immortal spring restaurant to suspend its business .

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