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Chapter 149
Chapter 149-The taste of immortal bean
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Ye Xiaochen’s heart stirred .

He immediately searched the store and did not find any product information on the spirit condensation method .

“Strange, since it was in the store lottery, there should be product information, shouldn’t be?”

Ye Xiaochen was puzzled .

Suddenly, a thought came in his mind, he patted his forehead, “Right, right, when I won the lottery at that time it was written it was called Generation Shennong manual page, not Nuwa spirit seed . It should be my searching error . ”

Immediately, he changed the search keyword .

Sure enough, the product information on the Generation Shennong manual appeared in the store .

In addition to the complete Generation Shennong manual, there were separate pages, such as page 1, page 2 and so on .

He looked at it carefully, and the page he got was the page no 888 of the Generation Shennong manual .

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded, my god! there were so many pages!

He quickly looked at the complete manual of the Generation Shennong manual, there was a total of 9,999 pages .

The price of each page was not the same, for example, the Nuwa spirit seed, this page’s cost was 38000 immortal yuan .

The complete Generation Shennong manual was 100 million immortal yuan .

He cursed .

The Generation Shennong manual was too expensive .

“Forget it, let’s not think about it for the time being . ”

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Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

It was already great luck to be able to get this Nuwa spirit seed page .

38000 immortal yuan!

If he depends on planting immortal plants, don’t know how many months it would take for him to save .

Originally, he thought this time’s earning of more than 2000 immortal yuan was a big harvest, but now it seems that he was still poor, extremely poor!

Ye Xiaochen did not close the store and was still looking at the Generation Shennong manual’s each page introduction .

Each page represents a planting technique, theories, supernatural powers, breeding methods, etc left by a generation of Shennong, it could be described as rich .

“Is there no special practice method for Shennong?”

Ye Xiaochen was thinking .

Even if he couldn’t afford to buy, there should always be a goal .

The ordinary immortal planters practicing method couldn’t be compared with Shennong .

The Shennong method was the best match for the Shennong talent .

He searched for hours .

His efforts paid off, he finally found a Shennong based technique- Shennong mantra .

“Haha really great . The Shennong mantra is not expensive . It costs only 8,800 immortal yuan . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s eye lit up and couldn’t help laughing .

Although the 8800 immortal yuan was still a little pricey, it was not beyond his reach .

“Currently, I have more than two thousand immortal yuan, and after two more transactions I should be able to accumulate enough immortal yuan . ”

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Ye Xiaochen suddenly decided that temporarily he wouldn’t use the immortal yuans he has .

For the Shennong mantra, he has to save the immortal yuans .

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his hand and left the store .

He still has some immortal beans, so there was no need to buy seeds . He could directly use it for planting, and there was some immortal fertilizer left which would be enough for the time being .

He soaked the thirty immortal beans with the seed promotion liquid and remaining would be used to test the spirit material .

As the spirit material has a great influence on the immortal plants, he kept the remaining immortal beans in the storage space, left the farm and went home .

In the room .

Ye Xiaochen took out a piece of immortal bean and the irregular shaped spirit material .

Although the immortal spirit qi couldn’t be seen, Ye Xiaochen’s spiritual talent was very sensitive . He could keenly perceive that a little bit of the immortal spirit of the immortal beans was merging with spirit material .

At the speed visible to the naked eye, the yellow immortal bean seems to lose moisture .

It looked dim .

“Did not expect that the impact on the immortal bean after losing the immortal spirit qi would be so great?”

Ye Xiaochen was unceasingly surprised .

After a long time, when there were no changes in the bean, he took away the spirit material .

“What would be the effect on the nutritional component, divinity, and spiritual characteristics after losing the spirit qi? ”

Ye Xiaochen wondered .

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen had no way to identify or judge .

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Although the store has the function, it requires 500 grains to be able to identify, and these immortal beans which have lost immortal spirit qi, couldn’t be appraised .

However, he could still cut the bean .

“The immortal patterns are gone . ”

Ye Xiaochen saw that on the sliced section, there were no immortal patterns .

“It seems the presence of the immortal spirit qi creates the circle of the immortal pattern . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded slightly .

He picked the two slices of immortal bean and wondered in his mind, if after the immortal spirit qi was removed, could mortals eat it?

After thinking, he decided to do an experiment .

Immediately, he left the room and immediately set his experimental target at the local chickens .

Outside the house .

A flock of chickens was moving around . He came to a big black hen and dropped the two sliced beans on the ground .

The hen took a look at it, then cautiously went towards it, first, the big hen looked at Ye Xiaochen and then ate two slices of immortal beans .

“Haha, it really ate . It seems spirit cut-off was effective . ”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing .

If there was immortal spirit qi in the immortal beans, these chickens would never eat it .

However, he did not leave immediately, instead, he observed the hen and wanted to make sure that the hen was okay after eating it .

There shouldn’t be any mistake . After all, it was a matter of life!

One hour later, two hours later, three hours later, the big hen seems to have no changes, instead, it keeps circling around Ye Xiaochen . It follows wherever Ye Xiaochen goes . And seems to want to eat that kind of immortal bean again .

Ye Xiaochen naturally wouldn’t waste the immortal beans on it .

An immortal bean was about thirty to forty spirit yuan!

He hurried back to his room, took out three beans at once .

He was ready to eat it .

There were three people in the family, so one bean for each person .

In the evening, Ye Xiaochen took the initiative to help his mother cook rice .

“Xiaochen, don’t add much water, the water level shouldn’t exceed more than one inch of the line . ”

Mother warned .

“Okay . ”

Ye Xiaochen washed the rice three times, added the water and in the water, he put three spirit-cut off immortal beans and then put the rice container in the rice cooker .

After twenty minutes .

A strong fragrance of rice gradually filled the whole room .

The fragrance of rice seems to have mixed with a hint of bean flavor .

This kind of bean flavor was very weak, but couldn’t be ignored . The fusion of bean and rice made the rice fragrance more attractive .

The father who came after working in the field suddenly sniffed and was very surprised .

In the past, the fragrance of rice was definitely not so attractive .

He felt his stomach grumble and was feeling hungry .

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