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Chapter 148
Chapter 148- Nuwa Spirit Seed
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A few seconds later, the system’s notification sound came, “Ding, The appraisal is completed, do you want to check the product list?”

“Yes . ”

Ye Xiaochen immediately agreed .

Soon, the appraisal list of the five hundred yellow immortal beans came out .

Ye Xiaochen looked at it carefully, and a happy expression came out .

The quality of this batch of yellow immortal beans was better than he had imagined .

Moreover, he discovered that his divine talent has reached 0 . 96 .

It was not far from reaching one .

According to the appraisal of the store, the average price of this batch of each immortal bean has reached thirty spirit yuan .

He got a total of 142 . 7 yuan .

Of course, after deducting the consignment fee .

Soon after the consignment, the immortals began to contact Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen took this opportunity to create a discussion group and began to add immortals one by one .

At the moment, there were thirty to forty immortals in the group .

All were interested in the yellow immortal beans .

“Thank you for taking part in the yellow immortal bean auction, the younger generation would also like to notify in advance that after a few days, there will be a red immortal bean auction . If the seniors are interested, they are welcome to participate . ”

Ye Xiaochen sent the message, and soon he received responses . Many people showed great interest in the red immortal bean .

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Many immortals wished to get a reservation and were even ready to pay 50 spirit yuan for a bean .

Ye Xiaochen was astonished, whether it was the Goddess of the Moon’s interest in black immortal beans or other immortal’s interest in the red immortal beans, it was stronger than the yellow immortal bean .

Was it possible that the immortal bean with water attribute and the immortal bean with fire attribute was more precious than the earth attribute immortal bean?

He couldn’t help secretly note down . He was looking forward to the batch of immortal red beans .

“Predecessors, in this auction, five hundred yellow immortal beans will be a group . The starting price of the one group will be one hundred immortal yuan, the increased price shouldn’t be less than 1 immortal yuan . ”

Ye Xiaochen announced the bidding rules .

No immortals raised objections .

Before auctioning, he has published the appraisal information of the immortal beans in the discussion group, so that the immortals could have an intuitive impression of the yellow immortal beans .

Soon, Ye Xiaochen began the auction of the first group of immortal beans .

Immediately, many immortals started bidding .

“One hundred and one immortal yuan . ”

“One hundred and two immortal yuan . ”

“One hundred and three immortal yuan . ”

………………… .

Soon the price reached 150 immortal yuan .

There was still a lot of competition .

“One hundred and sixty-four immortal yuan . ”

“One hundred and sixty-five immortal yuan . ”

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“One hundred and sixty-six immortal yuan . ”


Finally, the first group of immortal beans ended with a price of one hundred and seventy immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen was secretly disappointed, he thought it could reach higher .

It seems that the price of immortal beans won’t reach much high .

The second, third and fourth groups were all sold for one hundred and seventy immortal yuan .

In the fifth group, the price had risen to 180 immortal yuan .

The tent group, the price rose to 190 immortal yuan .

At the thirteenth group, it was 200 immortal yuan .

“Seniors, there are only two groups of immortal yellow beans left . After this batch, you have to wait for a long time to get the yellow immortal beans . ”

Ye Xiaochen shouted .

Where it was useful or not, it was better than nothing .

He doesn’t know if it will produce any effect .

The fourteenth group was actually sold at two hundred immortal yuan .

But, the fifteenth group of yellow immortal beans was sold at two hundred and twenty immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen thought that the last group would reach 250 or higher .

It seems that these immortals were shrewd masters .

Ye Xiaochen thanked the immortals in the discussion group . When he was about to close, Taoist Lao Tzi asked,

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“Ye Xiaochen, the previous yellow immortal beans had high divinity and spirit characteristic, why didn’t they appear in this auction?”

“Right, this time I also didn’t see . The previous immortal yellow bean was good . Although the quality was a little bad, the divine nature and spirit characteristic was stronger . ”

“Ye Xiaochen, do you have the method to grow that kind of immortal bean again?”

“Yes, that kind of yellow immortal bean was really good . If it can reach an inferior grade, then I am afraid a special heaven soldier can be refined . ”


The other immortals also started to speak . All were interested in the last batch of yellow immortal beans .

Ye Xiaochen knew they were talking about the second generation of yellow immortal beans .

Due to inheritance, there was a superposition of divinity and spirituality .

“Predecessors, currently I don’t have that kind of yellow immortal beans, but the younger generation promises that next batch, there will be that kind of immortal beans, the quality will be higher and there may be even immortal red bean variety . ”

Ye Xiaochen replied .

“That would be great, if there is that kind of immortal bean, then we will definitely come again . ”

“Yes, the price will never be less . ”

Many immortals spoke .

They were more interested in that kind of immortal bean .

After many immortals exited the group, Ye Xiaochen also disbanded the group and began to look at the harvest with excitement .

Sure enough, the auction was the king!

This time he got two thousand four hundred and fifty-five immortal yuan .

There were also nearly 140 immortal yuan from the store .

For the eight thousand yellow immortal beans, he got 2,599 immortal yuan .

Besides, he still has more than three hundred and forty yellow immortal beans in his hand .

“Well, how should I spend this immortal yuan?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered .

He has immortal yuan in his hands, naturally, he had to spend it .

It was necessary to build all the fences .

He calculated that the total fence required for the farm was about 300 meters .

A fence was ten meters, and thirty fences would require 3000 immortal yuan .

All could not be spent on fences .

“Well, anyway, let’s first translate the last dozens of words . ”

Ye Xiaochen was not in a hurry to spend .

Immediately, he contacted the Goddess of the Moon .

In the end, for the sixty-eight words, the translation cost was sixty-eight yuan .

Ye Xiaochen was now rich, so he didn’t feel distressed .

The words on the animal hide page were finally translated .

He finally understood the method of condensing the spirit .

The name of this technique was called Nuwa Spirit Seed .

Everyone knows that in Chinese mythology Nuwa was said to be the origin of human beings or could be even said Nuwa created humans .

Naturally speaking, this Nuwa’s technique of condensing spirit was absolutely extraordinary .

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