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Chapter 147
Chapter 147- Great Harvest
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People’s Hospital, Special ward .

As soon as Li Min woke up, he found himself being handcuffed to the hospital bed and saw two people were guarding beside him .

He immediately knew what was going on .

He recalled what happened, he took the box, killed the professional thief and was about to leave, then suddenly he detected a movement and wanted to dodge, but it was too late . There was a feeling of a needle picking on his neck and then he didn’t know what happened .

When he woke up, he was here .

There was no need to say, he has been arrested by the police .

However, he couldn’t figure it out . Who attacked him?

The professional thief had no accomplices and there was no one else in the room .

Otherwise, with his senses and vigilance, it was absolutely impossible not to notice .

Besides, the police couldn’t have been notified in advance .

His whereabouts were very secret, only very few people knew . He also even hired Xiao Ran the professional thief, and no one knows what his original goal was .

Even the existence of this object was known by the organization accidentally .

The tingling situation before becoming unconscious indicates that he had been attacked by a kind of anesthetic needle .

He suddenly remembered the young man before he entered the room, but then he rejected the suspicion . From his point of view, the other side’s pace was undisciplined and breakable, he absolutely didn’t have any formal training .

He looked at the two guards and was glad that the police didn’t know his true identity, otherwise he wouldn’t have been guarded by ordinary policemen .

He believes that after the organization gets the news, they would try every means to rescue him .

So, he was not worried .

He was more worried about the whereabouts of that thing and the person who attacked him from behind .

………………………… .

For the past few days, Ye Xiaochen had been practicing the art of growth and his mastery was growing stronger and stronger .

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The price of it was a large field of radish seedlings were used by him .

Fortunately, the radish seedlings were easy to grow .

Ye Xiaochen squatted on the edge of the field, his fingers gently touched a radish seedling, then a magical scene happened . The radish seedling was growing at the rate visible to the naked eye .

Moreover, there was no abnormality .

After a few minutes, the radish seedling had grown to a foot high, almost as tall as ordinary radish .

He opened his eyes, there was an expression of surprise .

“Haha, using the art of growth on radish seedlings is not a problem now . However, it was just radish seedlings, as for the root section, it is a little troublesome . ”

He gently pulled the radish shoots out of the ground .

However, the root section was thin, the radish was not formed fully .

“Next is to solve the problem of the root . ”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and pondered .

At night .

Ye Xiaochen read the Shennong system introduction guide for a while and then took out the animal hide page .

There were still dozens of words left untranslated .

Since he had finished the strange sitting posture in his sleep while dreaming, he felt that these seemingly incomprehensible words seemed to make a little sense .

Just like a beginner who could read classical Chinese .

According to his own understanding and comprehension, these words were a type of practice with the help of the image or to say was an outlook of thoughts .

Visualizing the image in his mind, he breathed in a certain manner… However, he could not visualize properly as the last few words have not been translated .

Because of this, he could only complete the visualization in his dream .

Under normal circumstances, even if you do not sleep, you could take initiative to visualize and condense the spirit .

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Suddenly, his phone vibrated .

There was a message in WeChat .

He took a look and saw it was from Li Tingting .

“Ye Xiaochen, have you slept?”

“No . It’s already late, why haven’t you gone to sleep?”

Ye Xiacohen felt a little sorry for Li Tingting .

After all, he took her pendant and broke it .

“I couldn’t sleep, so wanted to chat with you . ”

“What do you want to chat with me?”

“Don’t know, just a casual chat . ”

“Ok, just chat . ”

“You are a funny person . Tell me about your farm . ”

“There is nothing to say about my farm . ”

“Why nothing? Isn’t the countryside scenery interesting?”

“Okay . I will send you a video of my farm shed . ”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the bright shed, directly shot a small video and then sent it .

“Why are you sleeping in the shed?”

“The air in the shed is fresh and there are many vegetables to give the company . ”

“Wow, that is interesting . In our archaeology, most of the time we live outside the tomb and eat and sleep in the tents . ”

“Are you not afraid?”

“No, it’s interesting . ”

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The two people chatted for a long time . Finally,  Ye Xiaochen sent a message, but Li Tingting did not reply .

Ye Xiaochen knew Li Tingting must have fallen asleep . It was early morning after all .

The next morning .

Ye Xiaochen watered all the immortal plants with the immortal spring water .

He was ready to practice the Art of Growth but found that thirty yellow immortal beans had entered the mature stage and at any time the bean pods would be ready to split .

As for the thirty red immortal beans, there was still time to mature .

“It seems at most by tomorrow, these 30 yellow immortal beans can be harvested . ”

Ye Xiaochen was looking forward to it .

These thirty immortal beans were full of bean pods and definitely, there would be a big harvest .

Sure enough, in the afternoon, the thirty yellow immortal bean plant’s bean pods began to split .

Ye Xiaochen picked the bean pods one by one .

The quality and yield of these thirty yellow immortal beans were better than the previous one .

After all, he had used the attributed immortal fertilizer .

Besides, the seed also had been soaked with the seed promotion liquid moreover, Ye Xiaochen’s Shennong talent and planting experience were getting better and better .

For the thirty immortal plants, he picked 2598 bean pods .

Each plant was equivalent to 80 beans pods .

After peeling, the basket was full of yellow immortal beans .

The total count was eight thousand three hundred and forty-seven immortal beans .

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was on fire, even if calculated according to a group of ten and for each group could get 2 . 5 immortal yuan, then at least there would be more than 2100 immortal yuan!

It was definitely a great harvest!

Of course, this time he won’t be selling all of them .

He would leave some to use as seeds .

And some would be used to test the spirit material .

“Well, let’s sell the eight thousand immortal beans and leave the rest for use as seed or testing the spirit material . ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly made the decision .

He was now a wealthy man .

According to the usual practice, he would first find out the quality of yellow immortal beans .

He took out his dagger and sliced an immortal bean .

Seeing there was a six circle pattern, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help smiling .

“Well, first sell the 500 pieces of yellow immortal beans in the store . ”

Ye Xiaochen was ready to go out big this time .

First, identify the information of the immortal bean in the store, then according to the quality, he would conduct an auction .

“Ding, please select the consignment goods”

As the system prompt sounded, Ye Xiaochen put the 500 yellow immortal beans into it .

“Do you want to sell?”

The prompt came again .


Ye Xiaochen confirmed .

“Ding, now the commodity value is being appraised, please wait … . . ”

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his hand and waited for the detailed information list to come out .

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