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Chapter 146
Chapter 146-Investigation
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Province People’s Hospital .

Special ward .

This ward was for the treatment of special patients .

Presently, plainclothes wearing policemen were guarding the inside and outside the ward .

The security was very tight .

As there was a very dangerous murder suspect in the ward .

Suddenly, a series of rapid footsteps rushed through the corridor, a group of stern-faced men and women entered with serious faces .

There was a young man with a beard .

Surrounded by the crowd, his eyes were calm and deep .

There were also two doctors and nurses .

He went towards the door of the ward .

The plainclothes policeman looked serious and straightened up .

“Open the door . ”

The man said in an indifferent tone .

Suddenly, someone hurriedly opened the door of the ward .

The crowd went inside .

The ward was very simple looking, but there were anti-theft and explosion-proof doors, anti-theft and explosion-proof windows, and the bed was extremely hard .

Inside the ward, two plainclothes policemen were guarding .

The black figure on the bed was handcuffed to the hospital bed .

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His eyes were closed and he was still unconscious .

“Head Jiang, how is the prisoner?”

The man asked .

“Captain Zhang, the patient’s situation is very strange . He has no symptoms of anything but is unconscious . However, the overall situation is stable and there is no danger to life . ”

After examining the prisoner, the old doctor, Head Jiang said .

“Have you tested blood  or anything?”

Zhang Wei, the man with the beard asked .

“The blood has been sent for inspection . The results should be out soon . ”

Head Jiang continued, “However when I examined the prisoner, I noticed a small red dot on the neck, as if he had been bitten by a mosquito or something . ”

“Ok . ”

Zhang Wei nodded .

“And on the prisoner’s chest, there is a strange tattoo . ”

The dean Jiang lifted the black figure’s clothes and showed a strange pattern on the chest, it was like a shadow cast by a spider .

It was very weird!

“It is definitely strange . I’ve seen the dragon tattoo and tiger tattoo, but never seen a spider shadow tattoo . ”

Zhang Wei slightly frowned .

At this moment, the nurse suddenly gave the health record to the head Jiang .

“Captain Zhang, the results of the test are out . There is a strange anesthetic substance in the prisoner’s body, which could put the living being into a deep sleep state . ”

Dean Jiang hurriedly said .

“Did you analyze what kind of anesthetic substance is it?”

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Zhang Wei asked .

“It can’t be analyzed . This substance seems special and even its molecular structure isn’t able to identify, and it is also highly decomposable, so it cannot be preserved at all . ”

Head Jiang said .

“Is it a new kind of anesthetic material?”

Zhang Wei slightly frowned and said, “It seems that there is a mystery behind this case!”

“This man must be closely guarded and as soon as he wakes up, inform me . ”

Zhang Wei said to the two guards .

“Yes, captain . ”

Two guards hurriedly responded .

Zhang Wei then went out of the ward .


Shashi, Huanghua Airport .

In the VIP Lounge .

Li Xiangjun and Bai Ru were sitting, and talking in a low voice .

Suddenly, Li Xiangjun’s mobile phone vibrated .

He opened it, he got a mail .

Quickly, he opened it .

It was the information related to Ye Xiaochen’s investigation .

“Ye Xiaochen, male, 25 years old, southern province Yang city Jing county person . Graduated from Southern Agricultural university…once saved the southern province Ye Qiankun’s white wax bonsai tree . At the Archaeology institute with director Li Yang’s invitation, healed the Millenium ancient Fusang tree . Academician Yang and another top twenty domestic and international botanists formed an expert group and visited Ye Xiaochen in Jing county .  

They stayed in Jing county for nearly a week and had in-depth discussion and exchange on the field of botany . Academician Yang and other botanists during the interview with reporters highly praised Ye Xiaochen’s achievements in the field of botany… accepted a Porsche cayenne given Ling Jinxu general manager of Global corporation,  for providing the solution to the defective broccoli seeds . ”

Li Xiangjun looked at the information on the phone and was a little stunned .

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The young man who looked like a wealthy young master has such amazing achievements .

How big was his ability to have discussions with top botanists like Academician Yang?

Had he not been sure that there would be falsehood in the investigation intelligence, he would have been skeptical and wondered if it was fabricated .

“No wonder Tingting knows him, this Ye Xiaochen is really special . ”

There was a look of surprise on Li Xiangjun’s face .

“Xiangjun, what’s the matter?”

Bai Ru saw Li Xiangjun talking to himself and asked .

“Have a look . ”

Li Xianggjun handed the phone to Bai Ru .

Bi Ru took the phone and looked at it, soon she also revealed a surprised expression .

“It seems that my vision is still good . ”

Bai Ru chuckled lightly .

Li Xiangjun smiled and didn’t speak . He then pondered, couldn’t know what he was thinking .

“Are you still thinking about Tingting and Bing Xin?”

Bai Ru understood her husband’s mood and softly asked .

“I just thought of Bing Xin’s appearance, I blame myself . If I had been hard-hearted at the beginning, maybe the current situation would not have happened . ”

Li Xiangjun shook his head .

Bai Ru didn’t know what to say .

At that moment the boarding announcement sounded .

“Let’s go . ”

Bai Ru gently said .

Li Xiangjun nodded .

Two people, surrounded by bodyguards, got up and headed for the gate .

………………………… .

On the farm .

Ye Xiaochen stood on the immortal land and suddenly was a little depressed .

He currently doesn’t have any immortal plants on hand .

All the immortal radish, immortal beans, and others have already been sold .

As for the immortal beans in the immortal land, they were not mature yet .

As for the leaves of the plant after harvesting the immortal plants, they have been made into green manure .

Presently he couldn’t use any immortal plants to experiment .

He had no choice but to store the spirit material in the storage and could only wait for immortal plants to mature, and then only he could do the experiment .

As for those premium and immortal spring vegetables, the immortal qi in them was very limited and the experiment would have no effect .

“Oh, what a mistake!”

Ye Xiaochen sighed .

After all, he didn’t expect he would get the spirit material so quickly .

“Forget it, let’s first practice the Art of Growth . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

At the moment, he didn’t want to think too much about it . He went to radish seedling and started practicing the art of growth .

Practicing the art of growth was boring . Repeatedly grow, when tired take rest and then continue again .

Ye Xiaochen was very patient and meticulous . After each time of use, he would summarise his gains and losses and would make the improvement .

Every moment, he was making progress .

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