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Chapter 145

“What was that sound?”

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Ye Xiaochen, who was controlling the pollination bee through whistling, suddenly heard a muffled sound .

Although the sound was not loud, it couldn’t hide from Ye Xiaochen’s ears .

His five senses have already become extremely keen . Although it was not to the point where he could hear crawling of ants, it still has greatly surpassed the ordinary people .

There were several more dull sounds within a very short interval .

Then he heard a faint painful scream .

Following the scream, the room became quiet .

Ye Xiaochen quickly analyzed the information sent by the pollination bee .

………………… . .

In the room .

The sofa was overturned, there was a hole in the LCD TV, and was covered with cracks .

Next to the overturned chair, the body of the short hair man was lying .

There was a hole in the chest and head, blood was dripping down from it .

The black figure put the gun back .

His eyes were cold as if he didn’t care about the killed person .

He calmly closed the open password box and walked towards the door without even clearing the scene .

The moment he opened the door, all of sudden, from his behind a black light appeared .

The black figure seemed to be aware of it, but it was too late to turn back or to dodge and was hit by the dark light .

In an instant, the dark light flew out .

The black figure was horrified and slowly fell to the ground and was completely unconscious .

The password box rolled to a corner .

Not before long, the door was opened .

Ye Xiaochen came in .

He was wearing medical gloves in his hand and his shoe also was covered .

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He wore a white coat on his clothes .

The doctor’s hat and mask weren’t missing .

He couldn’t help but be careful .

He guessed there has been a murder, and if he didn’t want to be involved in it, he has to be cautious .

When he entered the room, he saw a body lying down on the ground .

His heart was pounding with nervousness .

This was the scene he had never seen in his life .


Murder Scene!

It was shocking!

He took a deep breath to calm down his nerves and tried not to damage the scene .

He lightly searched the back figure’s body and quickly found a box .

When he opened it, he immediately saw the pendant .

There was a glint of excitement in his eyes .

He quickly put it in the space storage .

It was the safest place to keep things .

Then there was the password box that was not locked . When he opened it, he immediately saw a box full of money, which made his heart thump .

Although during this period he had earned more than half a million, it was still the first time seeing so much cash .

He immediately put all the cash into the storage space .

As for the password box, he didn’t keep it, he doesn’t want any tracking device .

When he saw the pistol on the black figure, he hesitated in his heart, which man doesn’t like guns?

Unfortunately, at the crime scene, the murderer has used the gun .

If the gun was missing, the police would suspect someone else .

After thinking, he didn’t take the gun .

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He checked the scene again and found nothing else .

He quickly moved towards the coffee table and picked up his phone .

It was locked .

However, it was no problem to call the police .

He put the phone in the deceased’s hand and then dialed 110 .

It was ringing .

The voice of an emergency operator came from the phone .

“The person is going to kill me, killing me, help help… . ”

Ye Xiaochen leaned closer towards the phone and spoke in a weak and hoarse voice .

No matter what the operator asked, there was no sound .

Ye Xiaochen quietly walked away .

When he was about to leave, he let the pollination bee sting the black figure again so that he wouldn’t wake up earlier .

After finishing all this, Ye Xiaochen just released a sigh and walked out of the door .

He did not close the door .

He looked around, there was no one . Then he went near the door, open the door, walked in and took off his mask, gloves, and coat and kept it in the handbag, then he proceeded to go downstairs

…………………… . .

Shashi emergency center .

The female operator called the police .

There was no more response from the other side .

She realized the seriousness of the situation, and did not hang up the phone, but hurriedly contacted the Skynet monitoring center .

Soon, the Skynet monitoring center, using the phone’s communication signal tracked the location .

In less than three minutes, the local police were dispatched from the police station .

After five minutes, the police arrived at the scene .

The murder scene was discovered and then sealed off . The criminal investigation team and the forensic team arrived at the scene .

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Finally, they confirmed that the unconscious man in the black cloth was the murderer .

There was no trace of the third party at the scene .

However, there was also a doubt .

Why was the man in the black clothes unconscious?

Could it be that the black figure suddenly suffered from some disease?


Ye Xiaochen stood on the other side of the road and watched police cars entering the community, there was a smile on his face .

He believed that he should be able to stay clean .

Although there was a small detail that couldn’t be helped, for example, the black figure had seen him .

However, he hadn’t shown any flaw .

Also, he used the pollination bee, and shouldn’t be exposed .

Now he has completely calmed down, there was a sense of accomplishment in his heart .

What could be happier than being able to get the pendant without much effort?

Immediately, he walked down the street, crossed the underpass and went to the opposite side of the road .

But when he saw the parking ticket on his car, he was bewildered .

The traffic police were diligent!

He shook his head and thought of the half-million he just got .

A fine of 200 yuan compared to half a million was nothing .

Instead of going to the hospital, he directly went home .

The pendant matter, Li Tingitng shouldn’t know anything about it .

Not to mention if she gets to know he has the pendant, how would he explain how he got the pendant?

It would expose his presence on the crime scene .

For his good and everyone’s good, this pendant should disappear .

When he returned, he did not directly go to the farm .

Instead, he entered his room .

After all, the spirit material has a great effect on the immortal plants of the farm .

He closed the door and examined the pendant .

He didn’t believe that this wooden pendant was a spirit material .

In the Shennong system introduction guide, it was mentioned that the spirit material was very magical, it was neither gold, wood, jade or stone and was hard to destroy .

“Is it inside the pendant?”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

This was the only explanation .

After thinking, he quickly brought a knife and began to cut the pendant .

In any case, the spirit material was impossible to damage .

Pieces of wood were chipped away by him .

The pendant was gradually getting smaller .

He was patient and was chipping bit by bit .

After all, he doesn’t know how big this material was, maybe it could only be the size of the grain or size of a sesame seed .

After ten minutes, suddenly a white light flashed .

His heart was happy, and he was quickly chipping the wood .

Finally, a strange irregular material about the mug bean size was separated .

The whole body was pale and a little transparent .

It was soft to touch, just like a jelly, but couldn’t be destroyed at all .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen took out the bottle and released the immortal spirit qi .

All of sudden, just like a whale sucking the water, it absorbed all the immortal spirit qi .

There was no doubt .

This was the spirit material .

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