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Chapter 144

Ye Xiaochen arrived near a building .

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Judging from the direction of the immortal spirit qi, the material doesn’t seem to be in this building but the residential area behind it .

Immediately, he walked towards the street next to him .

He was careful and pretended as if he was a pedestrian .

He also specially bought a handbag, in which he placed the pollination bee so that he could release the pollination bee at any time .

He was afraid of death .

After walking for more than ten minutes, Ye Xiaochen finally saw the entrance to the residential area .

There was a kind of security booth, where you have to swipe to get in or go out .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t rush in, and waited for a while, when several people entered the community at the same time, he quickly followed them and smoothly got in .

This residential area was very large .

The residential buildings were lined up neatly .

He saw the layout, it was divided into three phases; phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 .

With spirit qi as the guide, he was not afraid of getting lost .

After ten minutes, Ye Xiaochen finally reached near a building .

According to the immortal spirit qi, the spirit material was here .

He looked up at the apartment building which had more than twenty floors and frowned slightly .

It would not be easy to find a specific floor!

He could only climb stairs!

…………………… . .

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On the fifteenth floor, in a 3BHK room .

The air condition was running at a suitable temperature .

A short hair man wearing a short-sleeve shirt, trousers; lying on the sofa and was watching TV .

Suddenly, his phone rang .

He hurriedly picked up the phone and answered .

A slightly muffled voice came out of the phone .

“I’m almost there, get ready with the thing . ”

The man smiled and said, “My money is ready right?”

“Of course . ”

The reply came from the phone .

The man took out a delicate box from his pocket and gently opened it . There was a very ordinary pendant inside it .

“It is really strange, for such an ordinary talisman, they are willing to give me half a million . ”

Holding the thread, the man took out the pendant and carefully looked at it .

He has watched it many times, and even used some means, but failed to analyze what was special about it .

It seems to be just ordinary wood .

“Forget it . I guess, the employer has too much money to spend or it is some kind of token which has a special meaning . Anyway, it didn’t take much effort to earn half a million . ”

There was a triumphant smile on his face .

At the elevator entrance on the fifteenth floor .

With a ding sound, the door opened and a man stepped out of it carrying a password box . He was wearing a black suit and looked very cold .

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He went straight to the door of a house and knocked .

At the same time, Ye Xiaochen, tired like a dog, also arrived at the fifteenth floor from the stairs . He opened the heavy staircase door and went into the corridor of the fifteenth floor .

According to immortal spirit qi, the spirit material should be on this fifteenth floor .

Suddenly, he saw a black figure entering a door .

The moment he entered the floor, the black figure seemed to sense something and looked back at him .

This look made Ye Xiaochen feel like he had fallen in an ice lake .

The hairs on his body stood up .

Only one thought was there, this man is a very dangerous person .

His five senses were extremely sensitive, and even his spirit talent, which could be said as the sixth sense, was very sensitive to the breath that ordinary people couldn’t perceive .

After the man entered the house, he felt relieved .

He slowly walked past the room,

Suddenly, he was surprised as the immortal spirit qi was pointing to the same room which the black figure had entered .

Was it the black figure who stole the pendant?

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen’s heart became alert .

Instead of walking into the room, he walked past it .

The man in the black cloth might have seen him just now if he observed through the door, he might expose himself .

He went straight towards the window on the other side .

The location of the flat was on the right side . From this window position, as long as he releases the pollination bee, it will be able to find the entrance and enter the room .


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A black-light from Ye Xiaochen’s handbag suddenly flew out and went out of the window .

Ye Xiaochen whistled softly .

The sound of the whistle was so low that the human ears could hardly hear it, its frequency was high that was almost similar to the ultrasonic waves of bats .

He closed his eyes, and maximized his spirit powers, making even the spirit seed in the space between his eyebrows to throb, and made his ability to receive the message from pollination bee increase .

Faintly, he was able to see where the pollination bee was and predict its flight path .

This kind of sense was strange and wonderful but was unclear .

All of sudden, he vaguely perceived that the pollination bee had found its way into the flat .

Through the whistle, Ye Xiaochen told the pollination bee to be careful and not disturb the people inside it .

Although the pollination bee produces very little noise in their flight, it was still better to be prepared .

There were two people .

He has to say that after dreaming of the image, the spiritual seed which was gradually forming gave great benefits to him .

His spirit powers were enhanced and also his connection with the pollination bee .

The spirit seed was acting just like a special organ that was receiving the feedback from the pollination bee, just like a bat can transmit information through ultrasound .

……… . .

In the flat .

After entering the flat, the man in the black dress did not directly go to the living room, but stayed near the room and then looked from the keyhole .

He did not stop looking until the man had walked past the door .

“What’s the matter?”

The short hair man asked curiously .

“Nothing . ”

The black figure shook his head and walked straight to the living room, directly sat down on the sofa and placed the password box on the coffee table .

“Here’s the money, where is the stuff?”

He simply opened the password box revealing new hundred yuan notes .

The man with short hair took out a stack and touched it with his finger . He counted the money in the password box and immediately revealed a satisfied expression .

“Here is the stuff . ”

He took out a small box and gave it .

“I don’t know what is so good about that piece of junk that it’s worth half million . ”

The short hair man smiled .

“No need to worry about that . ”

When the black figure finished checking the contents of the box, his eyes flashed with a cold light, and suddenly a pistol appeared in his hand which also had a silencer .

Directly aimed at the man and was about to pull the trigger .

“Hmph! I knew you had bad intentions”

The short hair man seems to have already been prepared, he moved back his body, the sofa turned and he hid behind the sofa .

He moved very fast when the man took out his pistol .


A muffled sound came out .

The bullet hit the sofa .

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