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“ Brother Ye, this is my younger sister Wang Xinyi.”

Wang Shuisheng introduced the two of them to each other.

However, while talking to Wang Xinyi he made some sign language with his hands.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised in his heart. Watching the scene, the girl cannot hear?

Wang Xinyi is very fond of Xi Bao and when she got to know that Ye Xiaochen had saved Xi Bao, she showed an elegant sweet smiles, revealing her two dimples which was very attractive.

At the same time, her two hands also made a few simple sign language.

“ My sister is saying thank you for saving Xi Bao.”

Wang Shuisheng said to Ye Xiaochen, “ Brother Ye, my sister is deaf and mute,we usually communicate with sign languages, really sorry”

Sure enough.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Wang Xinyi,his heart produced a trace of pity, such a beautiful girl, cannot hear the voice of the outside world and can’t speak, god is really unfair to her!

Wang Xinyi and Wang Shuisheng exchanged several gestures, Ye Xiaochen did not understand a thing.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised when seeing the little guy Xi Bao who is not much older also knows some sign language.

After dinner, Wang Shuisheng said that he is going to pick up two people and left. Ye Xiaochen also wanted to leave but Xi Bao would not let Ye Xiaochen leave, he wants to continue telling stories to Ye Xiaochen.

As for Wang Xinyi, she left after dinner.

Ye Xiaochen is still a little curious about this girl.

But he did not know sign language so he can’t communicate with her.

While listening to story read by Xi Bao, Wang Shuisheng came with two people.

When Ye Xiaochen saw one young men,he was a little surprised.

“ Ye Xiaochen, why are you here?”

The young man was carrying a box, next to him was an old man, when he saw Ye Xiaochen, he cannot help but be surprise.

“ Wang Yuandong, long time no see!”

Ye Xiaochen greeted him.

These two were university students and also roommates, but their relationship is not particularly good, Wang Yuandong is a popular and outgoing type, his family condition is also superior,l. While Ye Xiaochen is a little introverted, naturally these two types of personalities generally are difficult to become friends.

After Wang Yuandong graduated from college, he was admitted in the Central South University, shouldn’t he be in Shashi, how is he in Yang Shi city?

Suddenly he remembered, Wang Yuandong is also surnamed Wang, maybe he is brother Wang’s relatives?

“ Ha ha, Yuandong, brother Ye, you two know each other, it’s good.”

Wang Shuisheng laughed.

Ye Xiaochen got to know that Wang Yuandong is unexpectedly Wang Shuisheng’s nephew.

Wang Yuandong was also curious for the reason why Ye Xiaochen is at his uncle’s house, after learning that Ye Xiaochen had saved Xi Bao, then, he didn’t care more.

The old man name is Zhang Keqin  who came with Wang Yuandong, he is a quite famous botanist in the province and well known professor at the Central South University, also Wang Yuandong’s tutor. He came to Yang Shi to attend a seminar on protection of Herbaceous Plants from pest.

Wang Yuandong was able to study and graduate under Zhang Keqin is largely due to Wang Shuisheng’s relationship with him.

This time, Zhang Keqin came under Wang Shuishneg’s invitation. Originally Wang Xinyi has two tuberoses, don’t know what’s the matter, in recent years, it has not blossomed.

Actually, the season of blossoming for tuberose has already arrived early.

Although it is only two ordinary tuberoses, but these had been left by Wang Xinyi’s mother. She really loves these two tuberoses.

After Wang Shuisheng knowing about it, he invited Zhang Keqin, hoping to find out the reason for the tuberoses not blooming.

He is very caring towards his younger sister, his parents have died early, because of the age difference between them, she was raised by him.

“ Mr. Wang, lead me to those two strains of tuberose now to look at it.”

Zhang Keqin got up after drinking tea.

“ Good”

Wang Shuisheng nodded.

Immediately, several people moved towards the backyard.

Xi Bao wanted to join for fun, with no interest in storytelling, he pulled Ye Xiaochen with him.

They have arrived at the serene small courtyard.

There were colorful flowers, trees and plant, a long haired girl with a sprinkler was watering the two strains of tuberoses.

These two strains have grown very long, it has climbed to the top of the wall.

But there is no bud in those tuberoses, accordingly, now is the blossoming season for tuberose, certainly it should be covered with buds, on night it blooms and releases a fragrant aroma.

The girl watered earnestly and did not notice the arrival of the crowd.

After all, she is deaf and mute, she can only see with her eyes and cannot hear any sound.

Wang Shuisheng walked forward, he  communicated with his sister using sign language.

Wang Xinyi looked, gently nodded, her clean and clear eyes perhaps were showing hope.

The fragrance of tuberose has accompanied her many summer nights.

In her childhood, after having dinner, she goes to the bamboo bed in the yard with her mom and dad, lying on the bamboo bed smelling the fragrance she goes to sleep.

Tuberose’s fragrance is very special, it cannot be placed indoors because it can cause breathing difficulties.

Wang Xinyi loves this scent, in summer night, without taking the smell of tuberose’s fragrance, she is unable to sleep.

“ This two tuberoses are very lush, Mr.Wang, probably how long have they been?

Zhang Keqin walked towards two strains of tuberose, observed for a while and asked.

This is obviously a very common species of tuberose, it does not have much value, however he can’t not paying attention to it, after all, he was personally invited by Wang Shuisheng.

“ These two strains of tuberoses were planted by my mother, it is almost 20 years now.”

Wang Shuisheng said.

“ For 20 years, it is no wonder, the tuberose life is about twenty years, usually by this time, tuberose enters the stage of decline, it is difficult to bloom.”

Zhang Keqin said.

Wang Shuisheng was puzzled. “ Teacher Zhang, this two strains of tuberoses look so lush, it doesn’t look like it is in the stage of decline?”


“ Biological life cycle is very strange, like people, they age, the body’s physiological cycle will change, although it is not shown on the surface but in fact it has changed,the two strains of tuberoses not blossoming represent the intrinsic change, in a few years, it will be completely withered.”

Zhang Keqin explained.

After listening, Wang Shuisheng was disappointed, if these two strains of tuberoses really withered, wouldn’t his sister will be more sad?

He saw the look of her sister’s eyes, but he did not know how to say it to her?

“ Mr. Zhang, don’t you have any other way?”

Wang Shuisheng was unwilling and asked.

“ The life cycle is irreversible, if it was due to disease, pest or other external factors, I might have a way, I am helpless.”

Zhang Keqin shakes his head.

He also wanted to help, but he is powerless against the nature.

At this moment, Ye Xiaochen is not idle, he walked towards the two strains of tuberoses, gently touched their leaves,the stem and branch.

Since childhood, Ye Xiaochen has a kind of intimacy toward plants and likes to deal with various kinds of plants.

Perhaps, it is the reason the Shennong system befell on him.

Since the possession of shennong system, his sensitivity towards plants has become stronger, he is able to communicate with plants and even feel their emotions.

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