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Chapter 138
Chapter 138: Spirit Seed
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Ye Xiaochen thought about it: "Although the Chang'E fairy did not tell me what the spiritual species is, this page of the Shen Nong Manual should not be dangerous to me . "

Since it is the method of spiritual refinement, it represented a method of cultivation .

He was a little excited in his heart, although it wasn't a grass-roots trick, he finally had got involved with cultivation .

It's a pity that he didn't know what to do . His heart was itchy, just scratching his cat's paw .

Unfortunately, there was no fairy yuan with him otherwise he would ask clearly .

Ye Xiaochen was walking in the immortal field . Suddenly, he tapped his brain and his eyes suddenly lit up: "By the way, the Chang'E fairy can answer a question for me for free, what about the other fairies? There are so many immortals if each one gives one free answer, can't he save a lot of cents?" And he praised the cleverness .

At that time, he quickly sent a mass of new messages . . . To ask the fairies . Of course, he didn't send it to the Chang'E fairy, soon, there was a message from the deity the general Shen Shenbao: "Boy, I can answer a question for you but you have to charge for the later questions one question is ten cents . "

When Ye Xiaochen saw this, he has enjoyed first, and then he was a little puzzled . These fairies felt like they had unified prices .

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Ye Xiaochen asked quickly . "Master, what is the spiritual seed?"

The general Shen Gongbao responded: "Spiritual seed is the essence of cultivation . It is equivalent to a special cultivation organ . Some people are born with spiritual cultivation, and some have to collect it after birth, and some people have to seize it by law . Well, the first question is finished, now the second will be charged . "

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes and responded to the predecessor: "I am so shy now and will ask again when I have money . "

And Shen Gongbao did not respond .

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart: "it seems that luck is good, I just got the method of spiritual seed cohesion . In this way, when the spiritual seeds are condensed and the cultivation method is available, I can practice . No, for these words . I don't understand any of them . I must first ask the other fairies and let them translate the words for me . "

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen quickly scanned the text using the system's scanning function and saw several more fairies to answer it .

Ye Xiaochen chose Clairvoyance this time: "Senior, can you help me translate this text?"

Clairvoyance quickly replied: "The translation is no problem . The first time you translate ten words for free, the second time you will be charged, one cent per word . "

. . . ? One word and one cent? Isn't she going to rob?"

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Ye Xiaochen has almost run away .

There were many words on this animal skin paper, there should be thousands of words .

Well, who made them immortal, Ye Xiaochen couldn't see the fairy and her skin was still thick enough and he had to beg her so he answered in a hurry: "Oh, senior translate me ten words for free I don't have an immortal yuan now . ”?

So, Clairvoyance responded quite simply . "It is good . "

It didn't take long for Clairvoyance to publish the ten words translated .

However, after Ye Xiaochen saw it, he had almost vomited blood because two of the ten words were repeated .

Lying in the groove, you can't be so ashamed to be a fairy!

He wanted to find out the repeated words on this animal skin paper, and with the shame of those fairies, he wouldn't repeat a few more . This search was not unsuccessful, and dozens of duplicates were found . And Ye Xiaochen's heart wasn't dark, so that could save dozens of cents!

In this way, Ye Xiaochen relied on the opportunity to ask for free, and the text on the animal skin was translated slice by slice .

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He had asked almost all the fairies but there were some fairies who just ignore him . So, he looked depressed at the last few dozen untranslated words! It seemed that he could only wait .

However, what was translated before was only the meaning of each word . Then, to organize these words into sentences and Ye Xiaochen should obtain sentences with intelligible meanings .

"Strange, it is obviously a combination of these ten words, which literally means not easy?"

Ye Xiaochen began to frown . The text on this animal skin is just like classical Chinese, and even harder to understand . In the end, he had the opportunity to find an ancient written . He could only swallow the jujube and memorize the literal meaning .

That night, Ye Xiaochen slept very late and soon fell asleep, and that dream has appeared again . and its consciousness was once again fused with that strange image .

In the immortal field and even in the entire farm, light spots emerged and the immortal planting had many and dense bright spots and ordinary plants had few sparse and dim spots .

In the end, Ye Xiaochen as the center formed a form of light sea vortex . He had formed an indescribable bizarre communication . All of a sudden, those literal meanings recited during the day in a trance emerged in the deep of consciousness and a kind of inexplicable understanding arose spontaneously .

In reality, his body actually sat up, sat down in a very unique posture, held his hands on his heart, forming a strange fingerprint, and his breathing became very rhythmic . With the change of his body, the originally peaceful light sea whirlpool suddenly became surging . It was as if this exchange speed has increased a hundred times .

In Ye Xiaochen's mind, the seeds held in the claws of that image were also rapidly solidified .

In order not to lengthen the sentences . When Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and stretched a lazy waist, he felt really comfortable . Suddenly, he was slightly stunned and looked down . Instead of lying down, he sat cross-legged . Damn, seated, with no memories . He got up quickly, his legs were not used to this position for a long time, he felt bloodless but felt comfortable . Much more comfortable than ever . It was as if the whole person has become much alive .

He lightly touched the eyebrows, and there was a strange color flashing in his eyes . The feeling of the eyebrows was more clear . It seemed to hide a seed, which would take root at any time .

Needless to say, it must have been the last night that triggered the spiritual cohesion . But this time it was more serious than before and even the body did something in consciousness .

Ye Xiaochen murmured to himself . "Is this good or bad?"

He got up and put away the bamboo bed, walked in the immortal field and stroked his finger lightly on a plant of fairy plants and the change of consciousness of each plant was reflected in his mind .

After complicated changes, he was able to understand clearly in the chest .

This was his change after experiencing dreams . He no longer needed to be meditated as before to be able to grasp the changes in plant consciousness . Now there is direct communication, and at will, he could grasp the change of consciousness inadvertently .

No, it hadn't been so obvious before, and this time he felt particularly noticeable . It was like watching the pattern in the palm, and the changes in the consciousness of those immortals are already under control .

This feeling is really amazing .

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