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Chapter 137
Chapter 137: Ten cents a question
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Any living thing has the ability to adapt to the environment and adjust itself, and this evolutionary process of the organism is extraordinarily long, it is generally 10,000 years .

After all, changes in the natural environment are also extremely long .

As for adjusting the plant body at any time and place to adapt to the changing environment, this is simply impossible .

It is like a resistant plant to drought . Once planted in a place rich in water, there may be unwanted reflections like rotten roots .

In the same way, aquatic plants must be dried up when planted in a dry land .

No matter how powerful Ye Xiaochen is, it is impossible to do it, even if he was Shen Nong, certainly not . After all, this is against the laws of nature .

Nevertheless, there is a saying, "Man is bound to win . "

It doesn't mean people can overcome God, but through their own wisdom, they strive to improve adaptation and even borrow the power of God .

The power of technology now illustrates a problem .

Once science and technology reach a certain level, no natural disaster can affect humanity, and even use science and technology to transform it .

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All Ye Xiaochen had to do is to awaken the awareness of rapeseed .

After the awareness of rapeseed is awakened, it can adapt to the external environment in the future, show the perfect side, and adjust the growth direction of the plant body .

In fact, the reason why the yield of local rape was unstable lies in that during the seeding period, the consciousness was not awake, and the rooting and germination of the seeds were allowed to occur naturally . After consciousness awakes, the development direction of the plant will be determined . The plant consciousness itself is only an instinct of plant growth, and the ability of self-adjustment will appear natural if problems are found . Like human beings, more and more deviate .

But transgenic technology strengthens certain aspects and characteristics of plants . In a sense, it violates the laws of nature and imposes human characteristics on plants .

In the planting theory presented in the Shen Nong System Introductory Guide, letting things go naturally was the law of growth .

Going against the will of nature will be condemned .

In the beginning, Ye Xiaochen didn't care, but with a deep understanding of the Shen Nong System Getting Started Guide, he felt very reasonable .

Right now, Many of the ideas and theories in the Shen Nong System Getting Started Guide had a great influence on him .

"The best way to cultivate this kind of self-awakening, self-regulating rapeseed is to catalyze with seed stimulating liquid, and then after my planting, using Shen Nong's talent can solidify such characteristics and produce genetic effects . "

Ye Xiaochen had a clear idea in his mind . He already knew his Shen Nong's talent could not only affect the plants he planted but also increased yield and improved quality . What's more, this effect could also produce a stable inheritance . This was the horror of Shen Nong's talent .

The average immortal planter, no matter how talented he is at most, affects the immortal planting that day, but cannot affect the genetic level .

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In the practice world, the genetic phenomenon is the most difficult problem to solve .

There are a few ways to influence genetic phenomena .

Shen Nong's talent can affect heredity, even if it is only in the field of plants, it is extremely scary .

In the next few days, Ye Xiaochen was busy living on the farm, taking care of immortal planting and improving rapeseed seeds . He had selected a piece of land near the immortal field as a test field for rapeseed cultivation .

It looks like three or four minutes . After he carefully treats the rapeseed, it has taken root and sprouted, and there were a lot of greens in the pit .

Moreover, he had communicated with these rapeseed seedlings every day to guide them with potential guidance, and the emphasis on these rape seedlings was only a little less than those of the fairy plants .

The popularity of the Immortal Spring Vegetarian Restaurant was beyond his imagination .

Ever since it opened, it had made a name for itself . At least in Yangshi, no one did not has heard about the Immortal Spring Vegetarian Restaurant . Not to mention that Ye Xiaochen, a well-known botanist in Yangshi had invested and established it, for more on the day of opening even Yangshi's deputy mayor herself had gone to the opening ceremony . In addition, so many guests tried it in person, and word of mouth spread .

It was full every day! And the number of people scheduled was even greater . Even from other counties and cities were come .

In just three days, the flow had reached a million . After deducting various fees and taxes, net profit will exceed at least 500,000 yuan .

The biggest gainer was Ye Xiaochen . He could make a lot of money . Because of this net profit, he could procure close to 300,000 yuan . Which was equivalent to 100,000 yuan a day .

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Ye Xiaochen was stunned when he has known the situation . Although he has known it was very profitable to open a restaurant, he did not expect to make such a big profit, so crazy . Moreover, this was just a restaurant .

In the future, other chain restaurants would open up, and this income would be even more frightening .

One more thing, Ye Xiaochen was confused . That is, when he went to bed every night, he always had a dream, dreaming he had become a creature with two wings on the back of a snake .

Not only did he have this dream every day, but also he felt very strange, just like in the position of the eyebrow center as if there were something more . Especially when communicating with the immortal planting with a psychic talent, this eyebrow would flutter, as if there was something to rush out . Not only that, but he had also found that in the past, he had to take a break after using Potential Guidance .

But now, he could use it for a long time . As long as his eyebrows were beating, it seemed that the lost spirit will immediately recover . He felt weird and suspected that it had a lot to do with the image on the animal skin paper he had seen .

He didn't know it was harmless . So he did not dare to take out the hidden paper .

"Why not ask Chang'E fairy?"

Ye Xiaochen pondered . If this matter was not figured out, he would be restless . After making up his mind, he had immediately contacted Chang'E fairy .

Ye Xiaochen was slightly stunned . He immediately returned to his mind, what was normal to want to ask a tutor and find a tutor online, but why aren't they in charge on time?

It took a long time for the Chang'E fairy to reply .

"Ye Xiaochen, this is about cultivation, and you have to pay for it . "

A toll?

So, Ye Xiaochen had asked quickly: "Um, Chang'E fairy, how do you charge for this?"

Chang'E fairy had replied: "Ten cents per question is very cheap . Of course, I can answer a question for you now for free . "

One question was ten cents, which was still cheap! Ye Xiaochen almost did not roll his eyes, but he was penniless and could not ask any questions . Fortunately, there was a free one .

Ye Xiaochen had used that free question to say: "Will the fairy answer my question just now?"

The Chang'E Fairy's answer was sent soon: "Yes, what you were contacting could be the method of spiritual seed cohesion left by the first generation of Shen Nong . "

Ye Xiaochen was surprised: "What is a spiritual seed?"

The Chang'E fairy had sent a smiling expression: "This is the second question, and there is a fee . "

Ye Xiaochen was full of black lines and sent a message at the moment, "I don't have Immortal yuan now, so I'll talk about it next time . "

Chang'E Fairy had quickly responded: " You can . "

Ye Xiaochen could only withdraw from the Shennong system with depression . It seems that the next time he asks questions, he must think carefully .

Ten cents a question, really expensive!

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