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Published at 30th of January 2020 12:25:50 PM
Chapter 133

Ye Xiaochen stared at the big wheel in his mind and clenched his fist .

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Something good should come!

If it was another magical jar, then he would cry to death .

After several minutes, the big wheel finally slowed down .

When the pointer in the big wheel fell into a very narrow sector at the last moment, he breathed a sigh of relief .

Anyway, the narrower the sector, the better value it represents .

“Ding! Congratulations on getting a page from the Generation Shennong manual . ”

A page from Generation Shennong manual .

Not a book?

Damn, a page could be useful?

Ye Xiaochen was sad, he felt that his luck in the lottery was too bad, no wonder from childhood he didn’t even win a final prize .

He quickly took out so-called page of Generation Shennong manual from the space .

It was a piece of animal skin paper, smooth and shiny, the edge seems to have been touched too many times so, its color has turned to ash brown .

There was some weird text recorded in it .

“Damn, I can’t understand . ”

Ye Xiaochen almost spat out blood .

What language was this?

In the middle of the animal skin, there was a slightly blurred human figure portrait .

To say it was not exactly like a human, as its head resembled like a snake, there were two wings on its back, similar to chicken feet its hands were holding a seed .

Anyway, this was what Ye Xiaochen could make out .

He looked at it many times, but there was nothing . He shook his head and couldn’t help but feel sadder .

Rather than the useless animal skin, he would prefer the magical pickle jar .

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For now, he could only throw this page into the storage space .

He took a look outside, the bus that sister boarded should be arriving soon .

He waited .

Quite strange, he kept on thinking about the strange picture on the page .

It was impossible to get it out of his mind .

When he wanted to remember, it seemed vague, this feeling was very weird .

A few minutes later, a bus stopped at a distance, followed by several figures who got down from it and one of them was Ye Ying .

Ye Xiaochen got out of the car and greeted her .

“Brother . ”

Ye Ying had a bright smile on her face .

Ye Xiaochen helped her with the luggage, he suddenly looked at a girl beside Ye Ying, she had long hair which was fluttering in the wind, she looked pure and beautiful .

“Brother, this is my high school classmate Xu Wei . She is also studying in Shashi city, we came together . ”

Ye Ying said .

“Hehe, you are Ying’s brother, so I will also call you brother . ”

Xu Wei was very lively and smiled happily .

“Xu Wei, where is your home, how will you go?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

“Over there, I‘ll take the car . ”

Xu Wei said

“Okay then, we’ll be leaving first . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded to Xu Wei .

“Xu Wei, when you go to Shashi city, remember to call me!”

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Ye Ying told Xu Wei .

“Okay . ”

Xu Wei nodded and watched the siblings walking towards the parked Porsche Cayenne, and couldn’t help but be surprised .

She had not seen Ye Xiaochen getting off the car .

She remembered that Ye Ying’s family situation was not very good, but her brother could afford such a good car?

The Porsche Cayenne started, it turned towards a corner and soon disappeared .

She clearly saw Ye Xiaochen, Ye Ying’s brother was driving the car .

In the car .

Ye Ying looked very curious .

“Brother, is this your car, did a person really sent it as a gift?”

She was surprised by the softness of the seat, there wasn’t any smell of gasoline, the air was fresh and the seat was steady .

The last time when her brother came to pick her up, he drove a second-hand vehicle .

It’s only been a month, but now his brother got this luxury car .

It was a big change .

“Sister, did you like it?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“Yes, I like it very much, this car is very comfortable . ”

Ye Ying touched everywhere and was very excited .

“After you graduate, your brother will buy you one . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .


Ye Ying’s eyes widened .

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“Of course, will your brother lie to you, I will get you even more beautiful than this one . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“I will choose another brand . ”

Ye Ying took it as a joke and began to say, “I like Maserati, it looks noble and elegant . ”

Ye Xiaochen naturally agreed .

For him, making a lot of money in the future was not a problem .

He loves Ye Ying the most . Naturally, he will let her live a good life .

Boys should be raised tough and girls should be raised rich .

He always thought it made sense .

His sister since childhood hasn’t eaten well didn’t have good clothes and there was an inferiority complex in her heart .

As her brother, he will make her a princess and let her lead the most superior life .

In the evening .

At immortal land .

Father, mother, and sister, all three were there .

All the harvested vegetables were put into the warehouse .

Considering that the immortal spring vegetable restaurant was about to open, the demand for the vegetables would greatly increase .

Beforehand, he had plowed a few more plots of land and planted a variety of vegetable seeds .

Some of the vegetable seeds have been soaked with the seed promotion liquid

Of course, there were advantages and disadvantages to soaking .

Moreover, it was not immortal plant seeds . Naturally, it can’t be soaked according to the method for immortal plant seeds .

After the soaking, Ye Xiaochen found that the growth rate has increased by at least 1/3, which was more advantageous in plant yield .

He also has determined that for all kinds of seeds, only one or two hours was enough .

A longer soaking time doesn’t enhance the effect .

Ye Xiaochen took out the animal skin paper and studied it for a long time, but there was no harvest .

He checked online, but there was no data about it, he even posted on some archaeological forums, however, all said that there were no texts like that exists .

Ye Xiaochen could only give up .

After checking it for many times, Ye Xiaochen felt a slight headache, he rubbed his forehead and then put the page into the storage space .

It was already late at night, so he got up, turned off the lights in the shed and went back to the bamboo bed to lie down .

Not long after he lied down, he fell asleep and was snoring softly .

Suddenly, in the dark shed, the immortal plants seem to emit light halo . The tiny spots of light converged from all directions and surrounded Ye Xiaochen .

As he breathed, these light spots got slowly inhaled into his body, then got exhaled and return to those immortal plants .

Such repetition formed a wonderful cycle between Ye Xiaochen’s body and the immortal plants in the immortal field .

At the same time, in Ye Xiaochen’s mind a strange image automatically emerged, A human with a snake-like head, wings on its back and its two claws holding a seed .

The image was blurry .

The consciousness of Ye Xiaochen was guided into the image .

Suddenly, the image became completely clear .

No, there was still something blurry, the seed in the two claws .

The seed was bleak as if it was empty .

Suddenly, many strange lights spots gathered from different directions and condensed on the seed held by the two claws, making the bleak seed light up .

Not long after that, the whole space shook and Ye Xiaochen’s consciousness was detached from the image which made the clear image suddenly become unreal .

The only unvarying thing was the seed seemed to become a little brighter .

Ye Xiaochen suddenly opened his eyes, the sky was already bright .

He felt as if he had a strange dream, where he turned into a strange monster with two wings on it’s back .

He couldn’t help but shake his head, definitely after watching the page lot of time, he dreamed about it in his sleep .

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