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Chapter 132

The National day was approaching .

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Ye Xiaochen became even busier .

After all, the restaurant was going to open soon, he couldn’t just watch it .

On the opening day, how many friends does he need to call?

Opening day was important if more powerful characters come it would be better .

Li Jiaren, Liu Fusheng, and others were all the people with a wide range of networks and they will certainly attract many people .

As the company’s largest shareholder, Ye Xiaochen naturally needs to contribute .

After thinking, he decided to invite Wang Shuisheng .

One such character was enough .

Wang Shuisheng knew that Ye Xiaochen has opened a restaurant business with others in a partnership, naturally, he congratulated and said that he would definitely come .

Ye Xiaochenwas standing in the radish field .

These all immortal radish have matured .

A large stretch of greenery .

Ye Xiaochen was delighted .

Two hundred immortal carrots, two hundred immortal radishes, even if he leaves a few for cultivating seeds, this time income would at least reach seven hundred to eight hundred .

As for how to use it, he already had an idea .

He decided to have a total of ten immortal lands .

Make another immortal spring .

Also, the fence radius needs to be increased .

Thus, a thousand Yuan won’t be much .

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Ye Xiaochen still used the old method, first cut a few radishes for identification .

“Well, it’s not bad, there has been some progress . ”

Ye Xiaochen grinned when he saw the six-wheel pattern on the sliced radish .

After recording the data, he directly contacted the Goddess of the Moon .

Goddess of the Moon quickly replied .

“Goddess of the Moon, I wanted to ask a thing, do you have any bean soldier for exchange?”

Ye Xiaochen quickly asked .

“I have a bean soldier but you can’t use it . Bean soldiers are different from puppets . They need to integrate with the spirit of caster while refining . ”

Goddess of the Moon replied .

“Is there no other way?”

Ye Xiaochen was disappointed .

He already knew it from the Shennong introduction guide .

Bean soldier was medium to summon the spirit if the caster cannot control the bean soldier, then spirit might backfire .

With the caster’s breath as a guide, the summoned spirit will obey the caster’s order .

“Yes, after completion of refining, you can use nourish with your blood essence and after a long time, you can succeed . However, you are just a mortal and haven’t started cultivating which makes it very difficult to succeed . Only if you practice qigong and have gained qi, you can succeed . ”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, wasn’t it the same as not saying, if he had a practice method, would he still inquire about it, he would directly go to the store to buy the bean soldier .

The puppets can be controlled as long as there was a control token, and do not require qi .

Because of this, the puppets were very expensive and thousands of yuan could be spent .

The bean soldiers were cheaper, the lower grade bean soldier requires just a dozen hundred immortal yuan .

Even so, Ye Xiaochen could only sigh, this price was not cheap at all! A grain of immortal bean costs dozens of immortal yuan and after refining the price could reach a hundred times more than that .

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Sure enough, depending on buying the raw material doesn’t make a lot of profit . Only after all sorts of technical processing a lot of money could be made!

Unfortunately, currently, he doesn’t have the technology nor talent, he could only sell some raw materials to make a profit .

Ye Xiaochen sighed .

He stopped talking and directly completed the transaction with Goddess of the Moon .

Having immortal yuan, ye Xiaochen shopping thoughts has come alive again .

Two pieces of immortal land, one immortal spring, three fences, the six hundred fifty immortal yuan was gone .

He bought four immortal radish seeds, costing 40 immortal yuan .

He also bought ten immortal grape seeds .

The grape seed was very expensive, although it was just a third-grade yellow immortal plant because it belongs to the perennial immortal plant, each seed cost eight immortal yuan .

And so, seven hundred and seventy immortal yuan was gone .

With the remaining twenty immortal yuan, he bought immortal yellow bean seeds .

Anyway, it was cost-effective to grow the immortal beans .

“Ding! Congratulations! The total price of your purchase in the store has exceeded 100 immortal yuan . Got the chance to draw a special lottery . Would you like to draw? ”

Suddenly, a system notification came .

Ye Xiaochen was not surprised before his consumption in the store had reached more than 900 immortal yuan .

This time in the store he spent nearly two hundred immortal yuan, exceeding the thousand immortal yuan mark .

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his hands, he was both nervous and excited .

He hoped to get some good things!

He thought, and a big wheel appeared in his mind .

A familiar scene!

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Last time, in this big wheel, he drew the magical pickle jar .

Although just a pickle jar, he had made a lot of money through it .

However, he still felt cheated!

This time, he would make sure to get a good thing

Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at the sectors on the big wheel, there was no difference from last time .

However, the content has changed .

“Damn, where is my Plant Tactic . ”

Ye Xiaochen repeatedly looked at the Sectors on the big wheel, but he didn’t see the Plant Tactic .

“System, you can’t do this to me . Although I know, getting the Plant Tactic is almost the same as winning the lottery, you must still give me some hope!”

Ye Xiaochen felt like to vomit blood .

Not seeing the Plant Tactic, he felt like the world has become gray .

Tring Tring!

The phone rang .

Ye Xiaochen was depressed, so he closed the Shennong System . He took out his mobile phone and looked, his sister Ye Ying was calling .

He smacked his head . Unexpectedly, he forgot such an important thing .

Tomorrow was the National Day and sister Ye Ying was coming today by high-speed rail, he has to go to Jing county North Station to pick her up .

Answer .

“Brother, I have almost reached . ”

Ye Ying’s voice came from the mobile phone .

“Ah, sister, after you get off, wait in the station . I’ll come now . ”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said .

“Brother, you haven’t come yet . Anyway, I don’t have many things, I‘ll come by bus . ”

Ye Ying said .

“Then okay, I’ll wait for you at the Taiping town intersection . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought, now driving to Jing county North station to pick her will be too late, it’s better to let her take the bus .

“Wel, the train is about to reach . I’ll hang up first . ”

After the sister finished talking, she hung up .

Ye Xiaochen scratched his head, he was still depressed . He went back home and driving Porsche Cayenne quickly headed to the Taiping town .

When he got there, he looked for a place to park .

While idling, he thought of that cheating big wheel .

The was no Plant Tactic!

He quickly opened the Shennong System and that big wheel appeared again .

He searched again, but he couldn’t find the Plant Tactic, instead, there was something else .

The place that should belong to Plant Tactic was replaced by the Wood Spirit immortal bead .

This immortal bead has a very magical function, it can continuously convert the external energy to wood spirit qi and can release it to nourish a region .

The price of this bead in the store was at least ten thousand immortal yuan .

“Forget it, the Plant Tactic, I cannot get this thing . Even if it is available, I won’t be able to get it . It’s better if it’s not there, so I won’t think about it . Let’s draw the lottery . ”

Ye Xiaochen calmed down his thoughts and with a thought he clicked the button in the middle of the big wheel .

Suddenly, the big wheel rotated frantically

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