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After a few minutes later, the truck came back.

Getting down from the truck, the youth said, “ This truck must have been used for 2- 3 years, the engine has been serviced, other than that there is no problem in other aspects.”

The big fat boss broke into cold sweat.

He told Ye Xiaochen that the car has never been overhauled before, didn’t he lose his face now?

Ye Xiaochen looked at the youth and was astonished, just only with a test drive he could determine the engine’s maintenance, isn’t he too good?

“ Elder brother, will the serviced engine impact on the performance of the vehicle?”

Ye Xiaochen knew that he had met an expert and was very excited.

While buying a second hand car, the most afraid is the problem of the vehicle itself, especially if it had met an accident before.

“ As long as it is not used too fiercely, within 35 years there should not be any problem, you need to pay more attention to the maintenance of it.”

The youth said.

Ye Xiaochen was relieved with his words, “ Brother, really thank you!”

Having such an expert, he is not afraid of being cheated.

He decided to take this opportunity to buy the vehicle now.

“ Brother Ye, do you want to buy this vehicle?”

Wang Shuisheng asked.

Ye Xiaochen nodded, although it is a bit expensive, he will still buy this truck.

He believes that when he gets rich, he certainly have to change, and at that time he will change with a more better vehicle.

“ You are Zhang right, so Mr.Zhang what is the price of this truck?”

Wang Shuisheng looked at the big fat boss and asked.

Fat boss Zhang exposed a flattering expression, bowed and he said, ”Since it is for Mr. Wang’s friend, I, Zhang Panzi will certainly give the most preferential price, 30,000. This is the lowest price i can offer.”

Nearby, Ye Xiaochen’s eyes almost popped out staring at this fatso, this fat man is really ruthless, before the selling quotation was 65000, it was unexpectedly  full 35000 higher!

In his heart, he could not help but smile bitterly, doing business is really not a simple matter, he was almost slaughtered by the knife, really hard to guard against it.

After price discussion, the next steps were simple.

“Brother Ye, do you have time today, how about having dinner with my family?”

Wang Shuisheng didn’t leave until he got the truck.

This is the first time Wang Shuisheng invited Ye Xiaochen to visit, Ye Xiaochen will certainly not reject it, after all he was able to buy this truck thanks to Wang Shuisheng and without his driver, Ye Xiaochen would have suffered loss.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen drove the truck which he just bought and left the second hand truck trading market with Wang Shuisheng’s vehicle.

As the richest man in Yang Shi city, the place where Wang Shuisheng lives naturally cannot be ordinary, the villa was in a beautiful area, various types of landscapes were everywhere, the arrangement pattern was quite natural.

Outside the villa area there was a strict security booth.

Being with Wang Shuisheng, Ye Xiaochen easily went inside with his truck.

Soon, the villa where Wang Shuisheng lives appeared in the eyes of Ye Xiaochen

Extremely luxurious.

The style of the villa is original and quite special, it is a western style multi storied building with an eastern style garden, the combination is not awkward but it looks perfect together.

It is clear that this villa was carefully designed by the experts.

This is the first time he is entering into such a luxury villa, he had only seen it in the movies.

He sighed in his heart, the life of the rich cannot be imagined by the average human.

Suddenly, in his heart there was a hunger for strong power, I also want to live in a house like this in the future.

This is a world of money, the concept of money has penetrated deeply into the hearts of rural people, there is comparison everywhere.

Ye Xiaochen can not escape it, in such an environment, there is a big impact on him, making money is the first goal of his life.

“ Uncle Ye”

When Ye Xiaochen was entering the door, he heard a tender voice, then, he saw a three years old kid running towards him.

This little boy is naturally Wang Shuisheng’s  son, Xi Bao.

The last time he saw him in the hospital and was admitted for a week, now he is completely recovered and discharged.

Although before, Ye Xiaochen and Xi Bao met only once in the hospital, this little guy is very attached to Ye Xiaochen, not afraid of stranger, it seems he likes the aura around Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen hold Xi Bao and kissed his chubby face.


Wang Shuisheng’s wife, Zhu Qingqing came smiling.

“Sister-in law.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a shy smile, his character is a little introverted, feels uncomfortable greeting girls, especially beautiful girl, although she is not a girl, but is very beautiful and has a mature charm,he feels flustered looking at her.

(tl note: here Ye Xiaochen means that he see her as a woman and not a girl)

“ Xiaochen, sit down. I’m going to cook”

Zhu Qingqing was wearing an apron.

“ Brother, you are blessed, your sister-in law’s cooking is top notch, but she doesn’t cook easily. I have not eaten many times.”

Wang Shuisheng laughed.

Two people only talked a few words when Wang Shuisheng phone rang, he got up and answered.

Ye Xiaochen started playing with Xi Bao, this little guy took the children’s story book and started telling him story.

This little guy is not much old, but while telling stories his expression is rich and his hands have not stopped.

Ye Xiaochen looked amused seeing the little guy.

“ Oh, uncle Ye, don’t smile while listening to the story, you should listen quietly..”

The little guy became upset.

“ Okay, I will listen.”

Ye Xiaochen seeing Xi Bao’s serious appearance, immediately nodded.

The little guy went on speaking.

When Wang Shuisheng came in, he saw his son saying story earnestly and Ye Xiaochen listening it earnestly, he couldn’t help smiling.

This little guy likes to tell stories. He is a father, as long as he is home, his ears will be devastated, but he has to pretend listening very seriously.

Finally at the point when it was time to eat, Ye Xiaochen was finally released.

Smelling the meals fragrance, Ye Xiaochen felt his stomach cuckoo calling.Just the meals fragrance is really delicious, Zhu Qingqing cooking skill is amazingly high!

“ Xi Bao, go and call your aunt for dinner.”

Wang Shuisheng told that he would continue to tell the story after eating.

“ Okay”

The little guy excitedly left the dining room.

Shortly, a long hair girl holding the hand of Xi Bao came in.

Watching the girl, Ye Xiaochen felt like this woman is made out of water. Fair skin, gentle looks, especially her eyes, it is very gentle and makes people feel pity.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help to look at her, the girl’s eyes met with his, there was a pounding sound came in his heart, he couldn’t help avoid his eyes, he does not dare to look again, he felt his cheeks becoming hot.

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