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Chapter 128
Chapter 128-Promotion
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It was nine o’clock in the morning .

At Yang city TV news channel Workspace .

Wenxin with dark circles was carrying a large document bag and directly headed towards the chief editor’s office .

She was busy all night to arrange Ye Xiaochen’s interview script and write a manuscript, so she didn’t get much sleep .

She just entered the office .

If it was a normal day, she would have got scolded .

However, today was different .

In the editor’s office, the editor Li Wei was angry .

“You are all waste, till now you guys haven’t interviewed Ye Xiaochen . ”

Li Wei had just been reprimanded by his senior, so naturally, he took out all his anger on his subordinates .

Several subordinates couldn’t lift their heads .

Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the office door .

Followed by it, Wenxin entered inside with documents in her hand .

Wenxin saw the serious atmosphere, especially the chief editor was screaming just now, even the soundproof wall wasn’t able to block it .

“Wenxin, I thought you were spending a comfortable time at the Mid-autumn festival . You didn’t even go to the team, do you know what time is it now?”

Editor Li Wei saw Wenxin coming inside and criticized her .

“Boss, I . . ”

Wenxin was scolded by Li Wei and shrank her neck .

In the whole channel, who doesn’t know about Li Wei’s violent temper, as long as his mood was bad, he would certainly curse .

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“What I? No matter what the reason is, you have come late, and this month’s bonus will be deducted completely . ”

Li Wei snapped at her .

“Boss, it’s not like that . ”

Wenxin was anxious, deducting bonus, this always has been chief editor’s mantra, and certainly would do it!

“What? Could it be that your son is in the hospital again and you have been taking care of him, so you weren’t able to sleep?”

Li Wei sneered .

He could write a whole book of reasons given by these subordinates .

“Boss, I interviewed Ye Xiaochen last night, so I spent the whole night writing manuscript . ”

Wenxin said with a grievance .

“I don’t care who you have interviewed . Anyway, you can’t be late for work . Who did you just say you interviewed?”

Li Wei’s cold face didn’t turn kind just because Wenxin was a girl .

However, he was stunned and stared at Wenxin, which almost made Wenxin cry .

“Boss, I interviewed Ye Xiaochen . ”

Wenxin said in a weak voice .

“Ye Xiaochen, the top botanist of Yang city, Ye Xiacohen?”

Li Wei couldn’t believe it, he repeated the name .

Wenxin nodded .

“Quickly, show me the information . ”

Li Wei couldn’t wait .

He directly got up from his chair, grabbed the folder from her hand and looked at it .

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There was also a USB drive inside it, he connected the USB drive to his computer .

After a long time, a look of happiness appeared on his face and suddenly stared at the Wenxin .

“Wenxin, from today onwards you are the leader of the second editorial team . ”

Li Wei said seriously .

Next to him, there was a fat man who made an ugly face, as he was the head of the second editorial team, that is to say, he has been dismissed .

“This, this is not good . ”

Wenxin felt the happiness came too fast .

“What not good? If I say you are the team leader, then you are the leader, if you have the ability, you can rise top in our channel, if you are useless, then leave quickly and walk away . ”

Li Wei was domineering .

In this way, Wenxin made the first step towards her career .

At evening .

A family of three was having dinner .

The news was playing on the Tv .

Suddenly, Ye Xiacohen’s phone rang, he took it out to look, it was Fang Yuan .

“Hello, Xiaochen, did you watch the news? You are on the news, when did you accept the interview from Yang city Tv station?”

Fang Yuan’s nonchalant voice came out .

“Oh, Yesterday . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Beside him, mother’s listened with her sharp ears, “Son, you are on the news? Which channel?”

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“It should be Yang City TV station . We can’t see it on our Tv . ”

Ye Xiacohen said with a smile .

Nowadays, every household in the countryside was using a sky dish, and they all receive satellite video channels . As for local Tv channels, it cannot receive it .

“Okay . ”

Mother was disappointed .

She also wanted to see the scene of Ye Xiaochen appearing on Tv .

Ye Xiaochen talked for a while with Fang Yuan and hung up the call .

After having dinner, he went back to the farm and started to work .

Now, he likes to stay on the farm, watching his vegetable fields, immortal plants grow, he feels a sense of achievement .

It was relaxing and fulfilling

He stayed on the farm for several days, and would rarely go out .

From the message of Li Jiaren, all the process of setting up the company has been completed .

The company was registered as Jing County Immortal Spring restaurant chain Ltd .

The restaurants will also be named after Immortal Spring . This will create a brand of immortal spring vegetables .

As for the location of the restaurant, it has already been selected, it will in Jing county’s new development zone Purple mountain village

The purple mountain village was originally a place of leisure and entertainment, invested and built by a wealthy man from a different county .

It was natural to establish a restaurant in such a place .

Immortal Spring vegetable restaurant focuses on premium vegetables and the price would be extremely expensive .

According to Li Jiaren, it would take at most half a month, the preparations will be finished and it can be opened directly .

These things, he doesn’t need to worry about it .

At this moment, Ye Xiaochen crouched in front of the Fusang tree, closed his eyes, touched it with his five fingers and used his spirit talent to communicate with the Fusang tree’s consciousness .

From his sense of communication, the Fusang tree’s consciousness seemed like a flame .

“It’s amazing . The immortal red beans planted near the Fusang tree seemed to form a particular resonance with the Fusnag tree’s plant consciousness, thus forming a bridge for communication . And so, the fire qi emitted by Fusang is absorbed by the immortal red beans . ”

Ye Xiaochen was impressed .

If the consciousness resonance couldn’t be achieved, then it would have become difficult for immortal red beans to absorb the fire qi of the Fusang tree .

Only after the resonance was formed, certain characteristics contained in the fire qi of the Fusang tree wouldn’t hurt the immortal red beans .

In this way, the Fusang tree seemed to have become the king of the immortal plants in this area .

“There are few immortal red beans which are a little far from the Fusang tree making its resonance weaker . The fire qi absorption seems a little inadequate in them!”

Through this kind of communication, Ye Xiaochen has found the radiating range of the Fusang tree .

Within this range, the immortal red bean would have normal growth, once it exceeds this range, it will have a short supply of fire qi .

There was no other way .

 After all, Ye Xiaochen hadn’t figured out these before, only through the process of planting, combining the knowledge of Shennong System introduction guide and practice could he slowly become master .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen showed a slight surprise, and then the immortal beehive immediately appeared out of thin air .

Just now he sensed that the Pollination bee pupa was about to turn into a bee .

“How so fast?”

Ye Xiaochen was very surprised .

It has been more than a month since he bought the pollination bee eggs .

It took almost a month from the bee egg to turn into the pupa stage . He thought it would take more time from pupa to bee, but now it has matured so quickly .

Ye Xiaochen quickly opened the immortal beehive .

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