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Chapter 127

The final result was obvious, the stall owner didn’t dare to make things difficult again, he accepted 50 yuan for compensation, and then left the place with all his things .

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Many people in the audience know about Ye Xiaochen’s fame and were eager to take a photo with him .

Even the two policemen were no exception .

Ye Xiaochen managed to escape the crowd with great difficulty .

He sighed in his heart, it was no wonder that stars would always go out with sunglasses .

In one of the less crowded pavilions .

“Mr . Ye, thank you so much for helping us out . ”

Wenxin with her husband and child thanked Ye Xiaochen .

If it was not for Ye Xiaochen, she wouldn’t know what to do .

“It was just a small effort . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and shook hands with Wenxin and his husband Ye Zili .

Through small chat, Ye Xiaochen learned that Ye Zili was a teacher in Yang city .

“She is?”

Wenxin looked at Wang Xinyi .

“She is my friend, Wang Xinyi . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

However, Wenxin’s woman sense, tells her that these two were not just ordinary friends .

In the Mid-Autumn festival, walking together, the relationship won’t be so simple .

When she learned that Wang Xinyi had an ear problem, she secretly felt pity, but she did not say anything .

“Mr . Ye, can I request a private interview with you? I know that this request is very abrupt . ”

Wenxin suddenly said .

“Okay” .

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a moment and immediately agreed .

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During this period, often media reporters would call him, hoping to interview him, and he had to push them away one by one .

He was fed up with it, this was the disadvantage of being famous .

Still, continuously rejecting the interview definitely won’t do .

In this case, let’s give this opportunity to Wenxin .

“Thank you so much, Mr . Ye . ”

Wenxin just wanted to try, but didn’t think that Ye Xiachen would directly agree, she became excited .

At her Tv station, she always has been trying to contact Ye Xiaochen for an interview, but it was without any success .

If she completes this interview, it will be a big deal .

Quickly, Wenxin took out a recording pen and a small camera from the bag .

She took the recording pen, handed the camera to her husband and asked him to shoot from the side .

It was not the first time for her to take an interview, she soon began to ask some questions .

Half an hour passed .

“Mr . Ye, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity . ”

Wenxin switched off the recording pen and said with a face full of excitement .

This was Ye Xiaochen’s first interview .

Although she previously interviewed Fang Yuan, she just learned about Ye Xiaoxhen’s experience during college from his mouth .

After all, what outsiders say was no match for taking a personal interview .

“It is nothing . ”

Ye Xiaochen waved his hand .

After talking for a while,they said their farewells to each other .

Soon, he walked away with Wang Xinyi .

“Honey, I’m so lucky today . ”

Wenxin was happy .

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She even picked up her son and kissed him .

If her son hadn’t broken the pot, how could they have the chance to meet Ye Xiaochen? How would she have the opportunity to interview Ye Xiaochen?

“I didn’t expect Mr . Ye to be so young . ”

Ye Zili said .

“I told you about it long ago, but you didn’t believe me . You said you are all surnamed Ye, how can the gap be so big? ”

Wenxin looked at her husband and sarcastically said .

Ye Zili was indifferent to his wife’s satire, he has long been used to it, doesn’t know how many times he heard his saying wife him he was a coward and doesn’t have enterprising spirit .

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi stayed for a long time in the park and didn’t leave until it was more than 4’o clock .

They didn’t buy anything, except the hand strings .

Back to Wang Shuisheng’s villa .

Most of the people were gone .

Ye Xiaochen greeted brother Wang and his wife, then left .

He went to his grandmother’s home at Xiafeng town to pick up his parents .

Grandmother’s house .

“Xiaochen, go after supper, anyway, you have a car with you . ”

Great Aunt said .

“Sister-in-law, we better leave early, after all, it’s not safe to drive at night . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s mother said .

“Alright, later you have to often visit us . ”

Big Aunt didn’t say anything more .

Before Ye Xiaochen left, he gave his grandmother three thousand yuan .

In the past, people who wanted to give money to grandmother were only a few, and would just give it two-three hundred .

Ye Xiaochen was not short of money, it was normal to give more .

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She was old and also need to raise two children of small uncle .

Small uncle was the kind of sloppy person and didn’t have a steady and serious character . Since he divorced his small aunt, he rarely goes home, the two children have been brought up by his grandmother .

The car drove along the village road .

“Xiaochen, how much is the car cost?”

Mother suddenly asked .

“Don’t try to fool me, tell me the truth . ”

She said in a serious tone .

“Three million . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a wry smile .

Mother and father were stunned .

“So expensive?”

Mother subconsciously looked around the car and said, “How can you accept such a good car? Even if you have helped again, it is impossible to send such a good car?”

Three million .

Even if they both earn their whole life, they would not be able to afford such a car .

“Mother, you can be rest assured, I have accepted within the normal standard . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Well, anyway, you know about yourself more, but in the future when receiving things, it is better to take money, things can lose their value . It’s safer to put more money in the bank . ”

His mother told him .

“Now the money can also lose their value . ”

Father suddenly said .

“Will you suffocate, if you don’t talk?”

Mother glanced at the Father .

Father stopped talking .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, his mother character was more traditional, she thinks that it’s more secure to put the money in the bank and eat interest .

It was not that the mother was greedy for the money, but she has been used to being poor, so she takes money more seriously .

After returning home, the mother became busy preparing for dinner, Ye Xiaochen went to the farm to take a look .

Immortal carrots and immortal radishes were growing nicely, it was estimated that after a week it would be ready for harvesting .

Of course, he was going to leave a few to grow seeds .

Calculating the time, the immortal grass seeds were ready to cultivate, he distributed uniformly the seeds in the immortal land, and then applied immortal fertilizer and poured immortal spring water .

The seeds of immortal grass were easier to plant compared to other immortal seeds .

It didn’t take much time for Ye Xiacohen .

Just as he finished, his father called him to have dinner .

After dinner, Ye Xiacohen continued to work on the farm .

Most of his energy was devoted to the immortal land .

As for the ordinary vegetables, he doesn’t want to manage them at all .

It all depends on his Shennong talent .

“Unfortunately, my strength is limited, and cannot expand the planting . Otherwise, I could make a lot of money by just selling high-quality vegetables . ”

Ye Xiaochen sighed .

He couldn’t find workers, and depending on just by himself and his parents was impossible .

He couldn’t help but think of those immortal plant puppets in the Store, like automatic robots, they could help in managing the immortal plants on the farm .

There was also the most common bean puppet, which could be used as coolies .

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen’s current immortal yuan was not enough to buy a real immortal plant puppet .

“However, I can grow immortal beans . Maybe I can discuss with those Immortals and can exchange the beans for a bean soldier?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it and got the idea .

If he could get some bean soldiers, it would be awesome .

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