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Chapter 123
Chapter 123-Pleasant Surprise
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In the identification list of the store, all the details of immortal beans were recorded .

Undoubtedly, the appearance, taste, nutrition, and immortal lines were worse than the previous one .

However, that was not the main point .

The main point was the additional divinity and spirit attribute .

Divinity 1 . 01

Spirit attribute 1 . 01

“The divinity last time was 0 . 8, this was not long ago and it is absolutely impossible to reach more than 1, as my divinity talent hasn’t manifested yet . Furthermore, spirit properties also cannot increase so much . ”

After a moment of ecstasy, Ye Xiaochen pondered about it .

What was the cause?

“Could it be related to the fact that it was from the second generation seed of the yellow immortal beans? ”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought of a possibility in his heart .

The second generation seeds and the seeds purchased from the store has a very big difference . The difference was in the divinity .

Based on the reproduction of life’s heredity, the divinity and the spirit attribute could also be inherited .

Due to replanting, these two attributes were naturally well preserved .

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen’s Divinity and Spirit talent has invisibly enhanced these two attributes .

The second generation immortal bean seeds produced were better in divinity and spirit attribute than the previous one .

Although it was still an inferior product and even the basic quality was poor, under the appraisal of the store the price was much higher, reaching more than 30 spirit yuan each .

After deducting the consignment fee, Ye Xiaochen ultimately would earn 518 immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was bright . It was a pleasant surprise .

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He thought he would be losing a lot this time, but who could have thought it would turn out to be a great harvest!

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen hit his forehead, he was very upset because he sold all the seeds .

“Damn . Its a tragedy, if I had known earlier, I would have left some to use as third generation seeds . ”

Ye Xiaochen was depressed .

Who knew that these inferior quality seeds were more expensive?

What a blunder!

He shook his head, then Ye Xiaochen looked at the white radish planted in another side of the immortal land, and thought in his heart, should I leave some seeds?

Currently, the white radish already looked very lush, in less than half a month it would be ready for harvesting .

If he wants seed then perhaps it would take one or two months .

“Well, it will be a wise choice to leave some and cultivate own seeds . Not only I will not be spending the immortal yuan but also its price will increase . ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly made the decision .

 As the number of immortal lands was increasing, so was the amount of immortal yuan needed to spend on seeds .

Naturally, cultivating own seed was the right path .

The consignment of the yellow immortal beans was very fast, and five hundred and eighteen immortal yuan quickly arrived .

Now that he has immortal yuan, if he doesn’t spend them, Ye Xiaochen would feel uncomfortable .

“Currently I have seven immortal land and two immortal spring which is not less . If I have too many, then I will not be having enough energy to take care of them . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart .

Currently, more than 90 percent of his time and energy was spent on immortal plants, as for ordinary vegetables, he seldom cares about it . His present Shennong talent, the immortal qi in the air and the water of immortal spring could guarantee the output of high-quality vegetables .

“It’s time to buy other things . ”

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it .

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The two immortal spring was enough, so there would be no addition to it .

The immortal land, after all, represents income, so it can be added .

Moreover, there were several other constructions in the Shennong system, such as warehouse and fence .

The warehouse could be used for storing vegetables .

Both immortal and ordinary vegetables could be stored in it .

The warehouse also had a very unique function, it could keep the vegetables, immortal plants in the state just when they were harvested, without any loss of nutrition and immortal qi .

Take ordinary vegetables as an example, if it was left for a long time, they would rot, would have nutrients loss and appear dry and discolored .

If put in the warehouse, absolutely nothing like this would happen and could guarantee the best condition .

As for the fence, it also has very strong functions . In addition to stopping the invasion of insects, birds, and animals on immortal plants, it could also slow down the rate of loss of immortal qi on the farm .

Once the whole farm was enclosed by the fence, it could completely lock up the immortal spirit qi .

“Well, let’s buy one by one . ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly made the decision in his mind .

An immortal land, a warehouse, and a fence .

Warehouse and fence, like immortal spring and immortal land must have something to attach to it .

When Ye Xiaochen had constructed the tin house, he had already planned to use it .

As for the fence, there was already an existing fence .

Soon, Ye Xiaochen bought a piece of immortal land, a warehouse, and a fence .

The space of the first-grade warehouse was not that large . Its length and width were three meters and has a height of 2 meters . Only within this range, the functions of the warehouse could be effective .

YE XIaochen had already decided the place for the warehouse long ago .

As for the first-grade fence, it was one meter high and ten meters long .

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Naturally, such size was far from enclosing the whole farm .

However, the fence was magical and could do functions, such as slowing down the rate of loss of immortal qi on the farm .

Soon, Ye Xiaochen put the immortal land, warehouse, and fence in its proper place .

He went to the tin house first .

He entered into the standard warehouse, as soon as he entered, he immediately felt something different, it felt as if the surrounding space was cool and refreshing, and there was a natural air conditioner .

“Well, all the vegetables that are harvested in the future can be placed here . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction .

In the past, every day he had to pick vegetables . If some urgent works come up, he had to delay picking .

Now that he has this magical warehouse, it doesn’t matter if he picked vegetables in advance, he could just put them here .

He went to the place where the fence had been placed .

This was the place where he had caught the Hare last time .

On the outside, the fence doesn’t seem to have changed much, but he was surprised to find that the previously patched area has been completely repaired .

When he touched the fence, he felt the difference .

It was strong!

Originally, this barbed wire, if used huge force could get deformed easily .

However, now, even if he was trying very hard, this section of the fence has not changed, it was very strong .

“Haha, it seems this quality is pretty good . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction .

It was only ten meters long and compared with the large farm it was very short, but in the future, one day the fence will cover the whole farm .

Moreover, according to the introduction, once the fence encloses, there wouldn’t be just simple functions such as blocking the immortal qi, but also there would be some other changes .

“I have purchased a piece of immortal land, a fence, and a warehouse . I have spent nearly three hundred immortal yuan, there is still more than three hundred yuan left . How should I spend them?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it .

Now that there was an immortal land, the seeds could not be lacking .

He regretted that he didn’t leave some immortal beans, then he wouldn’t have needed to buy the seeds .

“Well, there is too little experience points . Let’s increase them first . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart .

After several harvests, his total experience point has reached 23, and he was still lacking 77 points to upgrade .

The mission was still quite heavy! 

Therefore, he chose a new type of immortal plant, the immortal grass .

This immortal grass could be used as food for an immortal beast such as an immortal horse .

 A packet of seeds was sufficient enough to plant in one immortal land .

Temporarily there was no green manure, so Ye Xiaochen bought a pack of common immortal fertilizer .

Fifty immortal Yuan a pack .

It was half the price of attributed immortal fertilizers .

In addition, Ye XIaochen bought an immortal sickle, mainly for harvesting immortal grass .

This immortal grass was different from the ordinary immortal plants, as it could be harvested many times .

When mowing the grass, special immortal sickle must be used .

Furthermore, special locking spirit liquid needs to be applied on the sickle, to prevent the loss of nutrition and spirit of immortal grass .

An immortal sickle was fifty immortal yuan, and one locking spirit liquid bottle was thirty immortal yuan .

In the end, Ye Xiaochen was left with less than seventy immortal yuan .

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