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Chapter 122
Chapter 122- Partnership
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In the afternoon, Ye Xiaochen went to Taiping Town and couriered all the online shop orders he had accumulated in the past two days .

Since the time he restricted daily sales, his online shop has become more and more popular .

Every day the orders were reaching the upper limit .

Many customers have sent messages to Ye Xiaochen, hoping to buy some more .

Ye Xiacohen refused .

Of course, in order to take care of these people’s emotions, Ye Xiaochen has experimented with the pre-order method .

In other words, the customers could place an order .

However, Ye Xiaochen would not ship the goods in sequence .

Only when it was your turn, the goods would be delivered to you .

In addition, Ye Xiaochen has made an order expiration time, which was one week . If within a week if that customers turn doesn’t come then the customer’s order will expire and the customer must re-order again .

After the trial of this scheme, Ye Xiaochen’s online store has become less chaotic than before and the complaints have also reduced, at least those swearing messages were much less .

In fact, Ye Xiaochen has other plans .

Online store sales were an only temporary thing, once the restaurant chain opens, he needs to stop the online sales of pickled vegetables .

The pickled vegetables should be first served in the restaurants .

Next morning .

Ye Xiaochen drove his car and went to Taiping town .

“Brother Ye, I wondered whose car it was, and it turns out it is yours . ”

Ye Xiacohen parked his car outside Qingtian supermarket, not long after that, Liu Fusheng came out of the supermarket .

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He was amazed by the car Ye Xiaochen drove .

He knows a little bit about the car models and knows that the Porsche Cayenne needs at least two million yuan .

Although he has worth ten millions of yuan, he was still reluctant to spend two to three million on a car .  

In his heart, he was amazed, Ye Xiacohen was not the same as before . He thought of the time when a few months ago he was still having the problem for the sales of farm products, and now, he has become a famous figure of the Yang city .

Even the farm was rated as the provisional level super grade farm .

This trademark has a very high value .

He regretted that he hadn’t continued to use Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables .

Since the time when Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables exited the supermarket and were replaced with the original vegetables, the supermarket sales have become a little sluggish .

The main reason was those customers found the vegetables were not as tasty as before . And, later customers would often ask about those vegetables .

Fortunately, he had helped Ye Xiaochen in the past, had created goodwill, otherwise he wouldn’t have had any chance to cooperate with him .

He thought to himself, the impact of the accidental decision was too big .

“Hehe, this car can’t compare with your status . ”

Ye Xiacohen smiled .

“Brother Ye, you are joking, your ability is beyond mine . ”

Liu Fsuheng smiled and said .

As long as the vegetable restaurant chain opens up, it would become popular, at that time, Ye Xiacohen who has the largest share would have a huge source of wealth .

Moreover, he didn’t believe that Ye Xiacohen doesn’t have any other source of income .

Take this car, it was in millions!

How long did it take Ye Xiaochen to get such a good car? It couldn’t be said that the money came from the air .

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After chatting a few words, Liu Fusheng got into his Audi car .

The car was relatively high end, but compared to Ye Xiaochen’s Porsche Cayenne, it was shabby .

This time’s gathering was still in Lin’s private kitchen . A few days ago, master Lin closed Lin’s private kitchen .

Since they were going to open a vegetable restaurant chain, Lin’s private kitchen naturally couldn’t be opened anymore .

The atmosphere of the dinner party was quite different from the previous one .

Li Jiaren and others attitude towards Ye Xiaochen had undergone a great change, there was a faint sense of flattering .

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, this fame and fortune was really a good thing, no wonder everyone likes it .

The negations that followed became very simple .

Ye Xiaochen has the 49 percent shares in the company .

Ye Xiaochen’s shares wouldn’t get diluted even with the addition of funds, which would ensure his absolute control .

As for other people’s share allocation, it was for them to decide .

The total investment was 30 million .

First, open a restaurant in Jing county as a pilot one, and then wait until it gets famous and open branches in other places .

As the investment was not small, so before opening, they must register as a catering company and has to facilitate the management .

There were also things like restaurant location, floor decoration, staff recruitment and so on .

These things would be done by Li Jiaren and others, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t need to do anything .

On the same day, they signed the partnership agreement .

The partnership agreement was very detailed . The rights and obligations of both parties were clearly defined . Joining, withdrawing, profits and losses were clearly stipulated in the agreement .

Since the company was registered as a limited liability company, it still requires the articles of associations . The capital contribution, dividends, and other important matter could be written in the articles of association .

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The charter must also be filed in the Trade and Industry Bureau, binds the shareholders, companies, and legal representatives .

The partnership agreement came into force when everyone signed it .


Today was a full moon .

The moonlight like water covered the whole farm .

Tomorrow was August 15 and the Mid-Autumn festival .

Ye Xiaochen was still busy in the immortal land .

Since the partnership was completed, Ye Xiaochen has devoted most of his energy to the farm .

As for the pollination bee pupa in the immortal beehive, there was no movement at all, do not know when it could break the shell and come out as bee .

The twelve yellow immortal beans tree bean pods haven’t cracked yet, making Ye Xiaochen helpless .

On the contrary, the recently planted immortal plants were growing well .

The only plants that were growing slowly were Fusang plant and wind immortal grass .

The mature wind immortal grass should be at least a foot high then only will it have a leaf which would be like a screen,

Strange .

With the current growth rate, how long will it take to grow a foot high?

Ye Xiaochen pondered, whether should he buy some water property immortal fertilizer or not .

It was just that this immortal fertilizer was too expensive . In order for this single immortal grass, the immortal fertilizer would cost 100 immortal yuan, it was not worth it!

Only when he thought that this immortal grass represents hope for Wang Xinyi’s ears, he bit his teeth and wanted to try a package .

 Click… .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen heard something .

Then as if it was a signal, there was a series of slight cracking sound .

Ye Xiaochen seemed to realize something, he suddenly walked towards the twelve immortal bean plants .

“God, you finally cracked . ”

Ye Xiaochen was full of emotion .

He simultaneously planted all the seeds but these twelve immortal beans were a week slower than the previous fourteen .

However, they have finally matured .

He quickly picked a bean and used the same method to take out beans intact .

These immortal beans compared to size and appearance couldn’t be compared with the previous one, these look like they have malnutrition .

Ye Xiaochen cut a bean, and sure enough, there were only two rings .

He couldn’t help shaking his head .

He was not going to leave the few seeds and plant them again . The third generation of immortal beans would definitely get worse and would be meaningless to plant it .

Soon, he put all the immortal beans in Store for selling .

The total was 1748 beans .

Compared to the previous fourteen plants whose yield was more than three thousand beans, it was much worse .

Soon, the identification was completed .

When Ye Xiaochen opened the identification list, he was shocked .

“God, what is going on?”

His eyes widened and revealed a color of ecstasy 

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