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Chapter 11-relationship

Next day, in accordance to the contract, Ye Xiaochen delivered a load of vegetables to the Food Cube.

The vegetables requirement of Food Cube is very high, after picking vegetables it will not enter the cold storage, although it can keep the fresh appearance but it will impact on the taste of vegetables.

Recently, the weather has been hot. And due to the heat, Ye Xiaochen can only deliver his vegetables before sunrise for maximum efficiency.

Today, Ye Xiaochen did not go to logistic department of Food Cube ,but went to meet the boss of Food Cube ,Chang Xu.

Chang Xu introduced himself to Ye Xiaochen in the office.

“Brother Ye, I really Thank You for Yesterday’s matter”

Chang Xu offers Ye Xiaochen a cigarette.

Ye Xiaochen politely refused.

He doesn’t drink, smoke, or chew betel nuts.

Why thank him?

He saved the son of Wang Shuisheng.

Chang Xu saw Ye Xiaochen doubting. He immediately said, “The incident happened in our Food Cube parking lot. If something had happened, the impact on Food Cube would be very large.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly understood. If anyone were to die near the entrance of the new-found hotel, it would have a bad reputation.

Suddenly office phone rang, which was on the table. Chang Xu picked up and answered, there was smile on his face then he said, “It was’s phone, I urged him to come faster, Brother Ye, you just sit here.”

After saying that, he got up and walked towards the door.

Shortly, Chang Xu, with the middle-aged man dressed in casual clothes came in.

The last time Ye saw that man was right outside the Food cube.

The middle-aged man was a little bald-headed. His head was held high, and a bulky figure. His walking posture was very impressive, giving a vigorous and majestic feeling.

“Ha ha,so you are Ye Xiaochen.Brother, I am Wang Shuisheng. Thank you for saving my son’s life yesterday. I, Wang Shuisheng repay kindness with kindness, and, revenge with revenge, from now on, brother Ye, if anything bothers you, find me as soon as possible.”

The middle aged man saw Ye Xiaochen come near him, so he took his hand and shook vigorously.

Ye Xiaochen, seeing Wang’s enthusiasm, did not know what to say.

Wang smiled and said, “brother Ye, I am a very straight forward person. This old man understands me. I never deceive a person”.


Ye Xiaochen was saying.

“What? Mr. Wang??, I’m  older than you. You call me brother wang, this is my name card. If there is any matter, call on this number.”

Wang Shuisheng waved his hand and took out a piece of silver card.

Ye Xiaochen experienced Wang Shuisheng’s aura. Speaking to such person, everywhere you can feel a restraint

However it is no wonder that he can become Yang Shi’s richest man with a character like that. Ye Xiaochen is a chick who has just graduated 1-2 years back, there’s huge difference in their status.

Even the Food Cube’s boss Chang Xu is only a foil in front of Wang Shuisheng.

“Brother Ye, if there’s a another chance, let’s talk more. Also don’t you have a farm?sales will not be a problem, you can depend on me.”

Wang Shuisheng said to Ye xiaochen. He patted on his shoulder and left as there are important matters to attend in the company.

Beside Chang Xu seeing the scene , he was feeling very jealous on Ye Xiaochen’s luck.

Afterwards  when Ye xiaochen returned home, continously various natives of Yang Shi city called him,saying that Mr. Wang recommended to him and they want to discuss the purchase of vegetables with Ye Xiaochen.

These people are the boss of supermarket and restaurants.

It’s clear, it is all due to Mr Wang.

Ye Xiaochen was pleasantly surprised, he immediately rode the motorcycle and went directly to Yang Shi city. He made agreements with the bosses on purchases of vegetables and fruits.

These bosses purchasing prices are not low,but Ye Xiaochen was polite. It is clear they were giving face to Wang Shuisheng.

Ye Xiaochen in his heart was sighing with emotions,Ah! The benefit with the relations is very big!

He secretly determined that he must take this opportunity to establish his own connection and advance his official career.

With Shennong system this goal is definitely achievable

Because now sales is not a problem, the matter of going to market to sell vegetables has come to an end.

However, now the problem of distribution has appeared.

He cannot continue to deliver vegetables riding tricycle.

Presently, now he has to deliver 5 to 6 places and especially there are two supermarkets, the demand is not small.

Finally, Ye xiaochen decided to go to town and hire a refrigeration truck, specially for his deliveries.

On the farm

Three people from Ye Xiaochen’s family,  his uncle,aunt, sister-in law and several other people are picking vegetables.

“Xiaochen, the cucumber from the vine has been  picked over dozen of times, how come it doesn’t show any sign of collapse?instead it is becoming more lush?”

Aunt moved out the big basket of cucumber and asked Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen was drinking water.

In general, after taking out seven or eight batches of cucumber, the output will straightly decrease and the cucumber vines will begin to turn yellow.

But Ye Xiaochen’s vines are keep getting better and better.

Not only cucumber vines but other vegetables also.The sauted green beans, long beans spinach and so on are becoming better, their appearance are very good.

Ye Xiaochen also looked, he knows this is all because of his own Shennong talent and immortal land is also  one of the reason.

This is very good.He can get higher profit as the supply has become more sustainable.

He went to another greenhouse ,here melon vines are placed.It is filled with big fat melon and is estimated to be at least dozens of kilograms. The appearance are very good,it will sell very well.

“Oh, it seems the melon can also be picked.”

Ye Xiaochen was feeling very happy seeing his fruit of labour.

Originally for this melon to mature and pick it should take at least more half month, but now because of Shennong talent its growth rate has promoted.

Not only muskmelon, in pumpkin vine also there are big disc size of pumpkin everywhere.

In other side of greenhouse, muskmelon and watermelon are ready to be picked.


The appearance of this fruits are very good, they are very big.

Ye Xiaochen entered the greenhouse.He took a complete muskmelon and watermelon, which was growing in the greenhouse, with fruit knife he cut the fruits.

Muskmelon was fleshy white giving out a strong scent.

The watermelon inside was red blood.

Ye Xiaochen asked the father to rest early and ate the fruit with him.

“Wow, the watermelon is really sweet.”

Mrs lin also taking one mouthful said, “ Xiaochen, you planted this watermelon not long back, how come it has matured this quickly, it should actually need one more week to fully mature.”

“Ha ha, Xiaochen specially studied this line,he must have better technology.”

The aunt also liked the taste of muskmelon. This muskmelon is much more sweeter than the common muskmelon, she has already eaten several blocks.

“It seems planting vegetables and fruits, he must have used scientific means!”

Mrs lin nodded and said.

The vegetables and fruits in the farm are very good example, can even the seasoned farmers can plant vegetables and fruits so well?

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