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Even Su Feihun himself did not know when that word was written on his forehead, so why did he not notice it at all?

Logically speaking, how could an expert of this level not feel someone had written something on his forehead?

In reality, the word 'An' was not written by the word 'An', but by the word 'An'.

Dust filled the air as An Zaiyue shook out a character that was written in the air. Then, the dust landed on Su Feihun's forehead.

Although it wasn't written on Su Feihun's forehead, it was still better than Su Feihun's sword.

After all, the speed at which An Zhe had written a single word was slightly faster than when he had stabbed out with his sword.

The crowd fell silent, as if the world had suddenly shut down.

Immediately after that, there was a huge clamor. It was as if the sea water had rushed into the room, smashing everything in its wake.

The excited people began to get restless, not knowing how to find their outlet.

They were gradually going crazy because this battle was perhaps the most exciting and memorable battle they had ever seen in their lives.

Su Feihun's lonely figure calmly left.

Two people walking with their backs to each other, this scene is bound to become an eternal classic.

The chubby, even a little clumsy, official of the Rites Department looked at An Zeng's back and sneered, ""Even if we win this time, it doesn't mean that he's going all out.""

""Who isn't?""

The official from the Ministry of Rites shook his head. ""How arrogant. I can't save him.""

An Zhan suddenly turned around. ""Who the hell are you?""

That fellow actually grinned and said, ""I said that you would see me at the Autumn Festival.""

""Sure enough, it's you.""

The fatty turned around and no longer looked at him. Instead, he shouted loudly, ""Be quiet. The competition is not over yet.""

All of you, quiet down! Do you hear me? I'm going to continue fighting against the chief challenger. It's only the first round. Do you think it's over? ""

Only then did everyone realize that this was only the first round.

Anjou won over Su FeiLun, but he still hadn't gotten the top scorer.

An Zaiyue turned his head to the side, wondering if the battle between Nie Qing and Feng Xiuzhu was over.

The place the two of them chose to fight was at the peak of Empyrean Terminus Palace. It was unknown where their sudden interest had gone to now.

For the sake of sparing no effort, they didn't want to stay in a place with more people. That battle would definitely be even more dangerous than the battle between him and Su Feihun.

An Zeng walked on the potholes on the ground, one step deep and the other shallow.

Only now did he realize that he and Su Feihun had already shattered the entire plaza.

Just as the fat official was continuing to select the people to fight, chaos broke out in the vicinity of the South Gate of Heavenly Temple on the north side.

An Zhe looked in that direction and saw at least a dozen people dressed in ordinary civilian attire rushing towards the city gate. It was obvious that they had made their move against King Yan, Mu Changyan.

On the city wall, the imperial guards were engaged in an intense battle with the assassins. The scene immediately turned chaotic.

No one had expected that someone would dare to assassinate the King of Yan at this time. This was simply insane to the extreme.

However, An Zhe's eyes could not help but turn towards the bottom of the city gate, then he pounced over like an arrow shot out from a feather.

By the time he reached the foot of the city gate, at least three military officials had been killed.


Assassinating a Swallow King was just a pretense. It was impossible for those people to kill a Swallow King with just their skills.

They were deliberately attracting the attention. Everyone was rushing towards the Yan King's side. Who would care about these military officials who were prisoners?

Even though Mu Changyan had An Chengli arrange some men to protect these people, when the Swallow King was attacked, these people didn't have the mood to take care of those military officials. They all rushed towards the assassins.

An Xuan sighed in his heart. This man had not only killed a lot of military officials, but had also forced the potential strength of the King of Yan out of his body.

One of the assassins raised his long blade and chopped at Chen Zeyan's neck, ""Don't blame me, Mr. Chen. You can find whoever you want to find after you die. I am following orders!""

The blade rapidly descended, heading straight for Chen Zeyan's neck.


A stone shot over and hit the longblade, knocking it away.

The long blade swung down to the side, chopping a piece of limestone behind Chen Zeyan with a loud bang.

That person was stunned for a moment. He hurriedly raised his blade again to slash at Chen Zhiyan. By the time he did, it was already time for An Zaiyan to arrive.

An Zaihai's fist punched out, and the explosion of Qi exploded on the assassin's back. Under the huge force, the assassin was thrown forward.

When he tried to struggle to stand up, An Zeng kicked him in the shoulder. The assassin's knee couldn't help but completely fall on the ground with a thud, shattering the stone floor underneath with his knee.

An Zeng's knee followed closely behind, colliding with the assassin's temple. In that instant, the assassin's eyeballs popped out, and his head tilted to the side.

An Zaiyan rushed back, picked up a long blade from the ground, and swung it at Chen Zeyan … Pa! The chain on Chen Zeyan's hands and feet was cut in half.

He pulled Chen Zaiyan away, and at least a dozen of the assassins pressed their way over.


An assassin with his face covered said sinisterly, ""This matter has nothing to do with you. You should know that with just your strength alone, you won't be able to stop us.""

""It is just a waste of your life. A wise man knows when to retreat. It is better for you to get out of my way.""

""Come in and tell me.""

The assassin coldly said, ""You chose this yourself. Do you really think that you're invincible after winning against Su Feihu?""

""You youngsters who haven't even grown any hair yet, you really don't know how high the sky is.""

Chen Zaiyan pulled her back, ""Hurry up and leave, this person is too strong.""

An Zaihai looked forward and realized that not all of the guards had left.

The young cultivators that Mu Changyan had secretly trained also had a tacit understanding of each other. Some left to save the Swallow King, while some stayed behind.

These young cultivators were all lying on the ground with their heads separated from their bodies.

It was precisely because of their obstruction that these assassins were unable to kill Chen Zeyan's group.

An Zhan took a deep breath. ""We'll talk after we fight.""

During his fierce battle with Su Feihun, he had expended a lot of his cultivation and strength. As he spoke, he grabbed a handful of medicinal pills from the Blood Training Pearl's bracelet's storage space and swallowed them in one gulp. ""I was already prepared for this fight.""

The leader of the assassins waved his hand. ""Kill them!""

More than a dozen assassins attacked at the same time. All of them had high cultivation realms.

An Zhe knew that Empress Dowager Su would spare no effort to get rid of Chen Zaiyan and his sworn enemies. He just hadn't thought that amongst these assassins, any of them had the strength of the Sumeru realm, and their ranks weren't low either.

An Zaixin dealt with a dozen or so people by himself, and after a while, he appeared to be in a sorry state.

In terms of cultivation level, these people were all at a higher level than An Zhan.

If it was anyone else, they would have already chopped him into pieces.

Even An Zaiyue only lasted for a short while before he lost a lot of his strength.

More than a dozen people with a higher cultivation level surrounded him. He was able to use all of his opponent's offensive techniques. This was equivalent to spending more than ten times the power of his opponent's cultivation. This was simply catharsis.

The recovery power brought by the medicinal pills only lasted for a short while before becoming empty again.

He then summoned the four scales to surround Chen Zaiyan. ""Run if you can,"" he ordered.

Chen Zaiyan knew he was a burden, but how could he possibly escape?

As long as he was out of the range of the conflict, he would be chopped into pieces in an instant.

If there was really no other way, he thought to himself, he would have to use the sword of sadness that Xu Mei-Dai had left for her.

However, once this item appeared, he didn't know how many experts were watching from the shadows. Even if they couldn't hide it.

It was a purple grade divine artifact, capable of bringing calamity to those of the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect.

If An Zhe were to reveal his current strength, it would be akin to a child holding a big gold ingot in his arms and swaggering around in the streets. Even if no one tried to snatch it from them, they would secretly attract a lot of people.

Puff! An Zeng's chest was cut open by a blade qi, and his clothes were cut open. There was a long cut on his body, and blood started to gush out in an instant.

Chen Zaiyan said loudly, ""Go first, An Zeng.""

""I will definitely die, but this country still needs young people like you. In the future, the Great Yan Empire's revival will depend on you!""

""Shut your f * cking mouth and stay behind!""

Chen Zaiyan opened his mouth, but eventually, he did not know what to say.

An Zaiyue retreated as he fought, and soon, he would reach the foot of the city wall.

Once he and Chen Zaiyan retreated to the city wall, they would not be able to hold on for long.

An Zeng held his long blade with one hand and summoned the Dark Sword with the other.

The dozen or so people attacking him became more and more violent. So many people attacking a youth, yet they still hadn't taken him down. They were already furious.

More and more fierce attacks came at them from all directions. In a split-second, several more wounds appeared on An Zhe's body; one could see the depth of his bones.

An Zaixin sighed. It seemed that King Yan, Mu Changyan's underling, was pitifully few in number. He had persisted for so long without anyone coming to help him.

Perhaps, those people really wanted to take the chance to kill Mu Changyan.

At this critical moment, An Zhe even thought about why Feng Xiuzhu wanted to take Nie Qing away … … So everything was planned.

After leading Nie Qing away, the number of people protecting Chen Zaiyan decreased yet again.

Perhaps An Zaiyue wasn't even one of their goals in the first place, because An Zaiyue hadn't displayed a strength that was on par with Su Feihun and the others.

If those people had known that the struggle for peace was so strong, they would have already thought of ways to get rid of it or lure it away.

Then, An Zhe couldn't help but think that the battle between Feng Xiuzhu and Nie Qing was drawn by that fatty from the Ministry of Rites. It was obvious that this guy was disguising himself as Chen Shaobai. Could it be that Chen Shaobai was also involved in the assassination of Yan Wang and Chen Zaiyan?

While his mind was still thinking about these things, there was no longer any idleness in An Zhe's hands. However, the enemy's attacks were surging towards him like floodwaters. An Zeng had already been injured at least a dozen times, and blood was flowing profusely.

Just as he was about to release the powerful sword intent from the Dark Sword Sword, he felt a sudden pain on his wrist … It was as if something had pierced his skin.

Faintly, An Zaiyue felt like he was hearing a voice in his mind.

""So troublesome … I only chose you because I saw your good blood and energy, I hope you can help me recover. I've already given you a gift as a thank-you gift … But why do you like to stir up trouble so much? Can't you properly cultivate and grow up? Why do you have to get involved in all these messy things?""

""If it wasn't for your death, I wouldn't be bothered to care about you … Take it, return the power you have helped me recover in the past few years back to you for now. It's only temporary, enjoy it properly, you probably don't even know how much you've accumulated with me …""

The voice was intermittent and seemed to echo in An Zaihai's mind, but he could not catch it at all.

Then he heard the low creak of the door, as if the great bronze door had opened again.

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