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Yang City, Xinhong Company office building.

This company was famous in the fertilizer industry in the whole province, not only for the fertilizers but it was also famous for the pig feeds, fish feeds, chicken feeds and duck feeds.

In addition, it was also involved in real estate.

Take this office building as an example. It was built by Xinhong real estate company, a subsidiary company of Xinhong group.

Cao Xinhong, the owner of Xinhong group, was Yang city's one of the famous tycoons.

There was a rumor that Cao Xinhong was once an underground gang leader but afterward washed white.

At this moment, in the high-class office of Xinhong Building, a sound of broken Ceramic was heard.

If it was not for the soundproof facility, the Cao Xinhong's angry roar could be heard throughout the building.

"Damn, why did my inspection quota got canceled?"

Cao Xinhong's eyes were red.

He was of medium build and robust, and wears gold chains around his neck, giving an impression as a parvenu.

However, this parvenu like person possesses wealth which comes in the top three of the Yang city.

In the office, there were several men and women who were quiet.

"Bullshit group of experts. What qualification do they have to cancel it? "

Cao Xinghong dropped several more things, which made him happier, then after that, he sat down. His face became calm as if nothing had happened just now.

The floor was littered with glass and ceramic piece, that indicated what had just happened.

"Boss, what do we do now?"

A middle-aged man asked carefully.

"What else can we do? Can we force experts group to come to us? Hpmh, if they do not want to come, let them not come. Without experts, I can still develop Xinhong."

Cao Xinhong sneered, "However I want to see, in the end, who caused this mischief?"

He does not believe that the experts’ group would cancel his qualification for no reason.

Jing County suddenly entered into the Experts group eyes. If there was nothing dirty about it, then he would not believe it.

Because he was an expert in this.

The whole city was shocked when the news broke out that the Jing county got the inspection quota.

According to the secret news, originally the Jing county was excluded from the quota list.

Later, the group of experts modified the quota and removed the Xinhong from the regular quota.

Now the Xinhong company has become a joke, do not know how many people were secretly discussing it. In the end, no one knows, what means Jing county used to grab the quota from the Xinhong company.

Jing County, who got the jackpot without any reason was happy.

On the same day, the county government held a meeting to make the full preparations in the county with the matter of health, public security, traffic, and other aspects, all the task were assigned strictly.

There was only one purpose, to prepare for the experts’ group inspection.

This has become a political mission.

The expert group coming, naturally also made the county thoughts to drift.

After all, it was said that experts group were coming to visit the county, as for what they were going to inspect, it was not the county's arrangement.

Furthermore, it was a great opportunity to accompany the experts’ group.

Even some old comrades, who had already retired were eager to jump in.

In a district of Jing County

"Dad, can you use your relationship and let the experts’ group visit our supermarket?"

Li Yan said to a white-haired old man.

This old man was her father and Chen hao's father in law, Li Minzhu, who had stepped down from the health bureau and joined county CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) and held a sinecure post.

Since the group of experts was coming to the county for the inspection, Li Yan's mind had a thought, if the experts’ group could come to their supermarket, won't it become a big advertisement?

She immediately rushed over with Chen hao, hoping that her father could help her.

"Child Yan, even if I didn't get retired, what you are asking is impossible."

Li Minzhu shook his head with a wry smile.

Only the leaders of county government could arrange the schedule of the experts’ group.

He was at loss for her words.

What was more that there were so many eyes staring in the county, how much chance would he get a bald old man who has retired.

He was mature and has a clear view of the situation.

When he was in the prime of his life, many people would come to his family, but now you can net sparrows at the door.

(TN: you can net sparrows at the door (idiom)- means completely deserted)

Nevertheless, he has already retired and only wants to concentrate on enjoying his retirement.

"Just try for it."

Li Yan did not give up.

"Wife, forget about it, don't trouble father."

Chen hao Hurriedly said.

He could see the situation better than Li Yan. Now the father-in-law didn't have many connections.

"Why are you talking like this, Am I not doing this for our supermarket?"

Li Yan fiercely stared at Chen Hao but was still begging with her father.

Li Minzhu had a wry smile, his daughter was very precious to him. Helplessly, he made a phone call to ask.

The result, there was no hope at all.

Finally, Li Yan and Chen hao left with disappointment.

Early Morning.

Ye Xiaochen delivered the vegetables and went towards Wang Shuisheng's villa.

He did not see Wang Xinyi for a few days and was quite missing her. Although they chat every day in Wechat or even do video chat, they didn’t see other n.

Recently, Yang city has changed a lot.

The roads were clean.

The traffic was moving more orderly.

The motorcycles and electric vehicle that used to move here and there were almost gone.

The traffic police in yellow vest kept the order at each intersection, and everything seemed to be in regulation.

Driving all the way, Ye Xiaochen was stopped twice by the traffic police.

Finally, he arrives at Wang Shuisheng's villa.

Wang Shuisheng was not at home.

Chu Qingqing and Xibao were at home.

"Your Wang brother went to the company, today experts group would be coming to his company."

Chu Qingqing said with a smile.

"Experts group?"

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

"Yes, your Wang brother for this inspection visit worked painstakingly, it was not easy to get. And, it seems that Your Jing County also got an inspection quota."

Chu Qingqing said.

She spoke briefly to Ye Xiaochen and also mentioned about the matter of Xinhong getting replaced by the Jing county.

Now, she considers Ye Xiaochen as her family.

And have become closer.

Ye Xiaochen also felt that in the past Chu Qingqing would always be smiling but would always have a vigilant heart.

He talked with Chu Qingqin for a while, then he took Xibao and went towards Wang Xinyi's courtyard.

In the evening.

The Farm.

Ye Xiaochen was watering the immortal plants with the sprinkler.

The newly sprouted immortal plants were growing very well.

The thirty immortal red beans were the most eye-catching thing, the blood-red buds were just like a mass of flame.

Just as he was pouring the water, suddenly his phone rang, Ye Xiaochen took a look, it was Fang Yuan

"Xiaochen, tomorrow I will be coming to your Jing County."

He pressed the answer button and a loud voice came out.

"Well, tomorrow, I happen to be free, are you bringing your girlfriend?"

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

"No, No. No, I am not coming to play, there is a task, Aren't experts group coming to your Jing County for inspection? I have become miserable, I am running errands and must follow the experts’ group."

Fang Yuan said.

"Forget it, it's not that bad, it means that the leaders trust you more."

Ye Xiaochen laughed and scolded him.

"Damn, you don’t know how much tired I have become this time, I am not having proper meals and not able to get a proper good night sleep. I just want to hurriedly send the group of experts away."

Fang Yuan said

"Don’t' wine about it. You don't know how many people don’t have this chance. "

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

"Okay, leave it. I’m going to dinner. I'll see if I have time tomorrow and will contact you."

Fang Yuan said.

"Okay then."

Ye Xiaochen hung up his phone, he stroked his chin was thinking.

Tomorrow the experts' group will be coming to Jing County, Do not know how they will contact him?

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