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Chapter 509: Last Bit of Memory

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I’m not truly invincible yet?

Li Yu was slightly displeased. He thought that by rebuilding the Heavenly Court, he could be truly invincible and enter the Heroic Spirit Temple to understand the many questions in his heart and even recover his father’s lost memories.

However, things did not go according to plan!

Dad, Dad, why did you create this system back then?

Li Yu was helpless, but it was clear that Li Qingyun would not know anything if he asked him now.

Li Yu checked the system interface again and realized that the mission list had already disappeared. A new mission was eye-catching.

Find Kunlun Mountain!

The mission was simple. There were only a few words. There was no detailed explanation or guidance.

As for the mission reward, there was no mention of it.

Li Yu was familiar with Kunlun Mountain. It was the place where he was born when he arrived in this world. It was also the place where he had found the Great Dao Green Lotus and seen his infant soul fragment.

However, after he obtained the Great Dao Green Lotus, he could no longer find it.

Is the system trying to guide me to find the last portion of the soul fragment and retrieve the remaining memories?

Li Yu guessed.

However, it was clearly not that easy to find Kunlun Mountain.

The dust had settled on the Investiture of the Gods. The reconstruction of the Heavenly Court was basically completed, and the new order of the Three Realms began to operate.

The Heavenly Court transformed into the Heavenly Realm, while the Primordial World became the Human Realm.

The original Burial Earth World was classified as the Earth Realm, which was the netherworld.

Then, Li Yu used the three Primordial Treasures to upgrade the Qingyun Sect to the Heavenly Realm. It would become the Dao Mountain of the Heaven Realm and the Holy Land of the future cultivation of the Heavenly Realm.

As for the Emperor Yu Academy, it was still the bridge between the Human Realm and the Heavenly Realm. As the platform from the Human Realm to the Heavenly Realm, the Ancient Road to Heaven was set as a place to select talents.

He placed the Door to Heaven in front of the Southern Sky Gate of the Heavenly Realm.

Days passed, and the new order of the Three Realms operated steadily. Li Yu expanded his manpower according to the organizational structure of the Heavenly Court he had created in his previous life.

The Heavenly Realm already had hundreds of thousands of soldiers and immortals in charge of various divisions.

If the immortals in charge of the netherworld and the mortal world were included, there would be even more.

At the same time, Li Yu ordered the Three Realms to search for all clues regarding Kunlun Mountain.

However, after half a year, Li Yu did not obtain a single clue. During this period, he had searched for it himself, but he had also found nothing.

“The Primordial Space and the Ten Realms Rift!” Li Yu thought of the Ten Realms Rift and the Primordial Space again.

Perhaps there would be a clue there.

At the thought of this, Li Yu immediately led Tai Ri, Huang, Changjiang No. 7, the Primordial Pearl, and the others to the Ten Realms Rift.

When Li Yu arrived at the Heroic Spirit Mountain again, his mood had already undergone a tremendous change. It was not the first time he had come here in his memories.

This place had an extraordinary meaning to him. In his previous life, he had come here to find his father.

Now, in order to find some truth and lost memories, he had returned here.

However, to Li Yu’s surprise, when he arrived in front of the Heroic Spirit Temple again, the system popped up another notification to prohibit him from entering.

“It’s still not enough? Do I really have to wait until I’m completely invincible?” Li Yu’s heart sank, and he felt slightly helpless.

In his previous life, he entered there and encountered a terrifying spatial storm, causing him to lose many memories. In the end, he reincarnated. Although he had found his father, the price he had to pay was huge.

Li Yu was not sure what would happen in the future if he encountered another mishap. Would all his previous efforts be in vain, or would he obtain new benefits?

He did not dare to take the risk, nor did he want to.

‘Let’s find Kunlun Mountain first!’ Li Yu thought, and then he left Heroic Spirit Peak again to lead everyone to search for clues about Kunlun Mountain in the Ten Realms Rift.

Days passed. Li Yu and the others searched almost every corner of the Ten Realms Rift, but they still could not find any clues.

“No, there’s still a place we haven’t gone to!” Li Yu suddenly said.

Everyone looked at Li Yu curiously.

“The Ziji Black Domain?” Tai Ri asked in surprise.

“No, it’s the Void River!” Li Yu replied.

“Void River!” Everyone came to a realization when they heard Li Yu’s words. Indeed, the largest space in the Ten Realms Rift was not the Ziji Black Domain.

It was the Void River, a special river that connected countless spaces and worlds. It was vast and untraceable.

The main reason was that it was extremely dangerous inside. Few had the courage to enter the Void River. As for those who had investigated it clearly, they were unprecedented.

“Follow me into the depths of the Void River to investigate!” Li Yu said and immediately flew towards the Void River.

Everyone followed closely behind and quickly flew into the Void River that seemed to be formed from fluorescent particles. It was gorgeous, but it contained terrifying destructive power and spatial turbulence.

The vastness of the Void River was indescribable. It was like traveling through a boundless galaxy.

The Void River had many branches. It was like the meridians of a human body that spread through the spatial cracks of the entire universe and interwoven between countless worlds and space.

As Li Yu continued to enter, the scene he saw became more and more shocking. He even saw countless worlds appear in front of him at the same time.

It was as if the endless universe and the billions of planets were clearly presented in his field of vision.

After flying for an unknown period of time, Li Yu and the others had already forgotten the time and the direction they had come from. Their surroundings were filled with a fluorescent and gorgeous brilliance.

It was the vast void like a nebula.

Suddenly, Li Yu’s gaze was attracted by a light screen in the distance, and his expression changed.

On the light screen, rows of numbers formed by the numbers 0 and 1 flickered.

Li Yu was shocked when he saw this.

This was a symbol that had never appeared in this world, let alone the binary sequence.

“Did you see that light screen?” Li Yu asked Tai Ri and the others.

Everyone looked in the direction Li Yu pointed, but they saw nothing.

They could not help but shake their heads. “I didn’t see anything!”

Li Yu was even more surprised by everyone’s reaction. He took a closer look to confirm that he was not mistaken or hallucinating.

Therefore, he quickly approached it. Upon closer inspection, the light screen was still there, and the numbers 0 and 1 were becoming clearer.

Li Yu had a serious and nervous expression as he reached out to touch the light screen.


The moment the light screen was touched, it instantly disappeared. However, everything around it disappeared, including the others, the nebullike energy, and all the voices.continue read new chapter at B0n n0vel.c0m

However, in front of Li Yu, the scene that had appeared when he was searching for the Great Dao Green Lotus appeared again. Countless familiar scenes, cities, and countless living beings stood on the spot.

He was the only one who could move. He was the only one who could see and sense everything.

The scene in front of him was something he was familiar with. He flew in the direction he was familiar with and headed for Kunlun Mountain.

This time, he successfully arrived at Kunlun Mountain. There, in the Divine Pool at the top of the mountain, he saw the baby again and the soul fragment that belonged to him.

“Did it work?” Li Yu’s heart raced. The strange light screen he had just seen made him suddenly doubt this world.

What is this place?

Why did my father and I come here? How did we get here?

Countless questions filled Li Yu’s mind, and he could not wait to solve them. The answer might be hidden in this last soul fragment, in this portion of his memories.

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