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Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074: Princess Yan and Her Men


"Oh~ Isn't this my younger brother, the one who has all things going for him and considered as the one appointed by the Ancient Emperor? You could even make it to the fourth level of the Ancient Soul Tower at your young age! How did you do it?" Wu Yu heard the voice of a young girl . It was lively and soft . The image he had in mind for the owner of the voice was a bubbly and cute little girl with some baby fat on her face, big, watery eyes, and extremely adorable . However, Wu Yu noted that she was addressing Prince Le as her younger brother . Therefore, she was most likely Prince Le's big sister .  

Moreover, Wu Yu could sense a certain level of threat, suggesting that she wasn't weak .  

When everyone turned around swiftly, Wu Yu could see four people walking towards them from the horizon . Perhaps they had been in the vicinity all along . The commotion caused by the Emerald Birds was huge, so obviously it would draw their attention to this place . Wu Yu and the rest had just arrived in this place and wouldn't be familiar with it after all .  

Wu Yu soon had a clear look at the one speaking . It was a girl and her appearance greatly exceeded what Wu Yu had imagined after hearing her voice . She was mature and enchanting, even more so than Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen . A mature-looking girl like her was likely wildly popular . With her looks and exquisite figure, one could easily envision her to be a gentle and caring lady .  

However, her outfit painted a different image . She was wearing a faint pink, flowery long dress with a butterfly knot in the middle and decorated with several youthful accessories . Her outfit was a little more similar to Wu Yu's imagination after hearing her voice . This gave Wu Yu conflicting visual information of her and he couldn't tell if she was still a young girl or an enchanting, mature lady .  

Through the "Yan" word between her brows, Wu Yu instantly identified her . He had not expected her to be the ninth princess, Princess Yan, that he heard about .  

Initially, the first ten princes and princesses, like Prince Yu, Prince Xiao, and Princess Xi, would receive more attention . They were older and were more experienced . When princes and princesses weren't that plenty, they enjoyed exceptional noble status . Moreover, they were younger then and their future seemed to be filled with endless possibilities .  

Over the past few hundred years, they had gradually aged . As their chances of attaining immortalhood faded, they started getting neglected .  

In the past, Prince Yu was widely known as the First Prince, Prince Xiao was known as the Second Prince, and Princess Xi was known as the Third Princess . They were the first three children of the Ancient Emperor . Their age gaps weren't huge - roughly 10 years between each one .  

Princess Yan, who was standing before them, could also be classified under the same batch . It was just that the difference in age between her and Prince Yu was over 70 years . She's ranked ninth among all princes and princesses and was once known as the Ninth Princess . When she was young, she was well-known . This was because of her unruly and capricious personality . In the process, she suffered greatly . Naturally, she made many people suffer as well . It was just that now that she had aged, she had become a little more mellow . She was now a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator .

Her cultivation level would be considered relatively high among the princes and princesses . After all, she had the advantage of having more years to cultivate . Among those that had entered the Ancient Soul Tower, she was a strong contender as well . There were only a few princes and princesses that were stronger than her .  

Princess Yan didn't enjoy a good name . When she was young, she was rude, unruly, and capricious . Now she was often the subject of criticism because of the men around her . As time passed, there would only be fewer people discussing her . Perhaps this was something that scared her .  

For example, the three experts that had her surrounded now and protected like a star were all men . The three men were all experts with similar cultivation levels as Princess Yan . In terms of age, they were likely close to Prince Yu . Compared to the trio, Princess Yan looked a little younger .  

When Prince Le saw her, he wasn't looking pleased, probably feeling the same as if he had met Prince Yu . Putting it simply, Prince Le probably felt like none of these old fogeys would be easy to deal with . Moreover, they shared a common thing, and that was jealousy and probably fear towards Prince Le . Perhaps this was because they were the group left behind by time, while Prince Le was the darling of the moment . Compared to them, Prince Le's greatest capital was his limitless future, while they were on the decline .  

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Since Prince Le had animosity against them, Wu Yu naturally had to pay more attention to them . The fourth level of the Ancient Soul Tower was extremely cumbersome . Even if they wanted to flee, they couldn't do so by flying and had to remain on ground . It was the same for battle . The other party had four experienced sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators . They would definitely be harder to deal with than Ling Han . If the four of them teamed up, it would be a tough and intense battle .  

The first man Wu Yu saw was a man as thick and tall as a bear . He was bald, had sharp and manly facial features, and exuded a violent beauty . His muscles were extremely well defined and he had a dense layer of hair over his body . Looking from afar, he was like a standing grizzly . When Princess Yan stood beside him, she was just like a little girl . The man had oddly huge palms that seemed capable of holding one's head and crushing it . When he walked, Wu Yu could even feel the earth shaking a little .  

"This is Queenmaker Yan, Xiong Zhan . Xiong Zhan is the tribe leader of a small tribe in our Yan Huang Ancient Country . It was said that he has an ancient bloodline that was passed down from a godly level demon from a long time ago . Although he is from a small tribe, he is extremely powerful . This is also the reason why he became Queenmaker Yan . " The gentle-looking Princess Yan had the ferocious-looking Xiong Zhan as her Queenmaker . This formed a stark contrast .  

Wu Yu noticed that the other man was a middle-aged scribe . He was wearing a silk robe and stood on the other side of Princess Yan . He was standing closer to Princess Yan and was holding a folded fan with a drawing of mountains and rivers . This was different from the Full Moon of Nanshan's drawing of beautiful girls . Overall, he looked like a solemn and orthodox man with the air of a well educated man .  

"He's the eldest son of Minister Jiang, Jiang Wenyu . He's also the Emperor's son-in-law and dao companion of Princess Yan . " Wu Yu took a closer look and felt like Jiang Wenyu didn't look like Princess Yan's dao companion . This was because they didn't seem to share an equal standing in their relationship . Instead, Jiang Wenyu was similar to Queenmaker Yan . Both of them crowded around her and were cautiously protecting and doted upon her .  

The last one looked a little like Jiang Wenyu . However, he had unkempt hair and messy clothes . He held a wine urn in his hand and was swaying side to side while walking . He was also wearing a weird smile, revealing his chest, and appeared unruly . Being at his age and yet appearing so sloppy, Wu Yu wasn't very fond of him .  

"This is the second son of Minister Jiang, Jiang Wuyu . He has been following Princess Yan for several dozen years . All three of them are really strong . If they teamed up, they could even make it to the seventh level . Why are they still loitering around the fourth level?" 

Prince Le felt like he was unfortunate to encounter them in this place .  

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Minister Jiang was an influential expert within the Yan Huang Ancient Country . It was said that he was close to becoming an immortal . However, he was really old and would likely pass away in less than 30 years . Jiang Wenyu would likely inherit his official title then .  

Prince Le looked at Princess Yan and said, "Truth be told, whether it’s her Queenmaker, the Emperor's son-in-law, or his brother, they are all her boyfriends! This woman has always been vicious and merciless . We have to be careful and not fall for her tricks . " 

Prince Le reminded the group .  

"Boyfriends?" This was an eye-opener for Wu Yu . Her dao companion, the brother of her dao companion, Queenmaker Yan, and Princess Yan could coexist peacefully? That was a different level of tolerance . At the very least, Wu Yu was impressed that the Emperor's son-in-law Jiang Wenyu could take it . Or perhaps Princess Yan had always been too domineering and Jiang Wenyu was just one of many men that she had since the beginning . Subsequently, she had given the title of Emperor's son-in-law to him .  

If that was the case, it was not hard to understand why he would keep a low profile at the side . Wu Yu could recall Princess Ying . Her Kingmaker was a female and they were really close . On the other end, the Emperor's son-in-law was cast aside . Therefore, having so many princes and princesses would truly be a little strange .  

Soon, the quartet had walked to the front of Wu Yu and the group . Along the way, the quartet had also been scrutinizing Wu Yu's group, especially Wu Yu . When they got closer, they finally got a better look . The quartet exchanged glances and their expressions turned solemn . Princess Yan looked at Prince Le and asked, "Oh my younger brother~ When did you reach the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm?" 

Prince Le wore a smile and replied, "It has been a while . It seems like Big Sister Yan hasn't been paying attention to me . " He knew he couldn't show any weakness in their conversation .  

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Princess Yan scoffed upon hearing Prince Le . "Brother Le, you are so dishonest at such a young age and even learned how to lie! I know clearly about your cultivation level before you came in . In that case, the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace is probably within the Ancient Soul Tower, right? And you brought outsiders into a place where your brothers and sisters could only dream of entering? That isn't too nice . Darling, what do you think?" 

Princess Yan threw a wink at Jiang Wenyu while wrapping her arms over his like a little girl .  

Jiang Wenyu said solemnly, "Prince Le, you should bring her to the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace as well . She has been dreaming of going there since young . For her, this is too important . " 

This was something that they had decided upon after seeing the changes in Prince Le .  

However, Prince Le shook his head . "That's not necessary . Prince Yu took me there and he told me that that place would only help those in the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm . You wouldn't have anything to gain from it . " 

Perhaps Princess Yan knew about this . However, she still showed a disappointed look while turning to Kingmaker Yan, Xiong Zhan . With a sobbing voice, she said, "But, but . . . I just want to take a look . " 

Every time Xiong Zhan so much as took a breath, his entire body rumbled like that of a colossal beast . Wu Yu could also pick up the smell of gunpowder sizzling between two parties .  

What they didn't know was that on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, the fourth mirror had not changed for the last thirty breaths of time .  

"The Ancient Emperor wants to show us the encounter between Prince Le and Princess Yan in full?" As a result, everyone's attention was drawn onto the fourth mirror . They finally saw Prince Le, Wu Yu, and the group .  

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