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Chapter 826: Fu Family’s Father and Son Fight, Xu Yuanfei’s Identity Exposed?

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The time of Fu Chen and Song Fengwan’s engagement banquet was determined to be on the 21st of the twelfth lunar month. The lunar date was 12.21, which meant I love you.

Because they were preparing for the engagement banquet, Fu Chen had specially created a family chat group. Even Fu Shinan and the others were in it. When the date was confirmed, a certain someone was criticized for a long time for being unreasonable and mushy.

In the past, they had thought that he was boring and even wondered if he would become a monk because he believed in Buddhism.

In Duan Linbai’s words, a person like Fu Chen was outwardly cold but inwardly passionate. When he was flirtatious, he could feed them so much sugar that their waists hurt.

Song Fengwan stayed quietly in the group chat and rarely spoke because there were many elders inside. Occasionally, she would send cute emojis.

On the day she joined the group chat, Fu Shinan and the others even sent her a red packet, saying that they were congratulating Fu Chen and her on the successful proposal.

There were two red packets, one for her and one for Fu Chen. They didn’t have much money, and they were just having fun. But Fu Yuxiu and Shen Jinye were quickly ordered.

Fu Shinan said directly: [Spit them out!]

Even through the screen, they could feel the oppressive pressure.

The two of them were so frightened that they trembled and gave out red packets again. Song Fengwan laughed until her stomach hurt. You can’t be cheeky in this group chat.

[How old is Wanwan? Snatching her red packet? How shameless!]

The two of them wanted to cry but had no tears. They usually said that she was their third aunt and an elder, so they should respect her. But now that they snatched her red packet, they said that she was young and that they were bullying the weak?

How could he have such double standards?

Although Fu Shinan was strict and rigid, he was very easy to talk to in private, especially to girls. Coupled with Dai Yunqing, Sun Qionghua, and other female relatives mediating in the group, the atmosphere in the group was always good.

But the most devious person was still Fu Chen. After the red packet snatching incident, he shared a link in the group chat that taught people to read the Tao Te Ching.

Fu Yuxiu was already overseas at the time. When he saw the link in the middle of the night, he panicked.

Third Uncle is really devious to the extreme. Isn’t he indirectly saying that Jinye and I are immoral?

He’s indirectly scolding me.

But he couldn’t refute. Who asked him to be so unlucky? He wanted to order red packets the moment he saw them.

Fu Chen’s engagement banquet would have five tables for guests in a hotel. They were all close relatives and friends, and they were very low-key. Even if the outside world wanted to dig deeper, they couldn’t.

During this period of time, Song Fengwan was busy studying for her exams. University exams were different from high school exams. It was basically always a rush at the end of the semester. Moreover, she had a design class this semester and needed original design drafts, which took up a lot of her time.

During Beijing University’s review week, everyone was stuffed with dog food.

Song Fengwan worked in her dorm room at night and usually stayed up until two or three in the morning. So she couldn’t wake up early the next day to go to the library to get a seat.

Then everyone discovered that a certain master, who should be high and mighty, actually went to the library every day to reserve a seat for his little wife.

It seemed he had borrowed a card from a professor and could enter and leave the library freely.

Everyone was very surprised at first, and this matter was at the top of the forum for a long time.

“On the third floor of the library, at the third row on the left by the window, Third Master Fu is here.”

“He’s occupying a seat for Song Fengwan. He even brought a hot water bottle and hot milk tea. He even brought some for her roommates. I want to be her roommate.”

“Can I say that when I look at him up close, he’s so handsome that it’s infuriating? I can’t even see the pores on his face.”

“Previous poster, are you insulting other people’s faces?”

During this period, there were also people who wanted to greet him. Fu Chen sat quietly with Buddhist scriptures in his hands or his work laptop, so they were too embarrassed to disturb them.

Actually, as time passed, everyone understood that even though Fu Chen had Old Master Fu’s halo on his head, he was just an ordinary person. He had emotions and desires, and he also doted on his girlfriend.

It seemed that Third Master Fu was no longer just a name but a real person.

This made Fu Chen quickly become popular online. The number of people signing in and posting on Weibo on him every day once surpassed posts about Duan Linbai.

This made a certain someone extremely unhappy. “What’s wrong with these girls nowadays? I’m single. But instead of staring at me, they’re actually staring at someone else’s boyfriend?

Then Duan Linbai posted selfies for a week in a row.

As a result, all the comments in the comments section were:

“Everyone, start leaving comments and reposting for Baibai. He’s definitely envious of Third Master.”

“Tsk, what a little fairy who lacks love.”

“Don’t let him be outdone by Third Master Fu. Raise his popularity.”

His thoughts had long been seen through by his fans. Duan Linbai was so angry that he stomped his feet.

He kept sighing. It’s really difficult to manage fans nowadays.

Although the engagement banquet was an internal affair, they still invited people they were familiar with. Moreover, the process was very formal and rigorous. They even specially made invitations. Other than those who were overseas, Fu Chen personally invited all those who lived in the capital.

That day, he and Song Fengwan had dinner at the old residence. Although the words on the invitation were printed, Fu Chen had personally signed them.

His calligraphy was beautiful, neat, and elegant.

The invitation list was one page long. After Fu Chen drew it up, he handed it to Old Master Fu to take a look. But at the end of the list, a name was added:

The Xu family.

“Dad…” Fu Chen pointed at the name list. “This is… Master Xu?”

“Yes.” Old Master Fu was holding tea leaves and preparing to make tea with a relaxed expression.

“You want to invite Master Xu?”

“We met when I went out some time ago. He knew that you were getting engaged, so he congratulated you. He even got someone to deliver a gift the next day. It’s not good not to invite them.”

“The Jing family will come too. I’m afraid…”

Old Master Fu narrowed his eyes at him. “Didn’t you arrange it the same way during Sinian’s wedding? Everything went fine that time. Nothing will happen this time.

“Are you afraid?

“As an elder, can’t you compare to your nephew?” Old Master Fu mocked.

Old Madam Fu was watching TV at the side and watching the father and son fight from the corner of her eye.

He’s already so old. Why does he still want to mess with his son?

He even used goading. Does he have any shame?

Fu Chen bit his cheek. “Did you already invite Master Xu?”

“I said that you got engaged and invited him to the banquet. Although it’s just a formality, you still have to send this invitation. Make a trip there.”

“Third Son, I’ve told you this since you were a child…

“When you come out to mingle, you have to pay for some things.”

Fu Chen smiled. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his father’s actions, but there was nothing he could do. “I’ll send it later.”

Although he liked to watch drama, he knew very well that the matter between Jing Hanchuan and Xu Yuanfei probably couldn’t be covered up anymore. He thought that it was better to call and inform Jing Hanchuan.

He called a few times, but no one answered.

He called the Jing residence and was told that Jing Hanchuan had left in the afternoon and wasn’t back yet.

Fu Chen looked at his watch. It was already eight in the evening. Is he on a date with Xu Yuanfei?

Alright, I’ll go to the Jing residence tomorrow.

In fact, Jing Hanchuan wasn’t on a date with Xu Yuanfei at this moment. Instead, he was sitting in a car outside the train station with a stack of documents in his hand.

It was still a pile of useless paper.

Jing Hanchuan had investigated Xu Yuanfei before, but their relationship hadn’t reached that point at the time. Even though he had found the information, he didn’t investigate further. Now that he was analyzing carefully, he realized that there were too many flaws in all kinds of information.

Moreover, there were traces of erasure in the information.

Is she deliberately hiding her identity and getting close to me, or is there a deeper reason?

Although Jing Hanchuan didn’t say anything, the Jing family members knew very well that he was extremely uncomfortable now.

“Sixth Master, we’ve found Miss Xu’s current location.”


“In a hotpot restaurant.”

“Hotpot restaurant…” Jing Hanchuan rubbed the documents in his hand. “With a friend or by herself?”

“With others…” The Jing family member hesitated. “Including a group of boys…”

“Drive to the hotpot restaurant.”

The Jing family members hesitated. Young Master Xu is among them!

On the way to the hotpot restaurant, a Jing family member couldn’t help asking, “Sixth Master, do you think Miss Xu’s identity is fake? Did some enemy arrange for her to come?”

The Jing family had formed a lot of grudges with people.

“Huh?” Jing Hanchuan narrowed his eyes at him.

“She could be a trained assassin, and she specially came to seduce you, and then… But she fell in love with you and developed real feelings for you.”

“Are you stupid? I told you to watch fewer melodramatic TV shows when you were bored, but you didn’t listen. What nonsense are you spouting? Do you think we’re in a TV show?!” The person at the side immediately kicked him.

Jing Hanchuan’s expression was cold. He didn’t say anything, making him look even more terrifying.

At this moment, Xu Yuanfei was still happily eating hotpot, completely unaware that danger was approaching.

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