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Chapter 1576: don’t mess with those with skill, just rub it on the ground (2 update) _2

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after fu yu said this, lu fang would look guilty if she forced the curtains closed.

at this time, fu yu’s computer desktop appeared on the projection screen in the classroom. it had a black background and some program codes on it. those who did not know computer science would look like heavenly books.

her fingers flew across the keyboard and she entered an unknown page. a personal weibo introduction page popped up, and lu fang’s face turned green.

“are you familiar with this weibo?”

“what do you want to do?” lu fang was introverted and timid, so she began to tremble as she spoke.

” this is senior’s weibo. i’ve even followed her. ” the students who were watching outside the window said.

” i just don’t understand how i’ve offended you that you would do this to me behind my back. ” fu yu sneered. she put one hand on the table, her eyes lazy and playful.

“you’re invading my privacy. what do you want?” lu fang took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

lu fang’s weibo was very clean. the last message was posted two months ago, but fu yu’s finger moved slightly, and the page changed to the operation record of her weibo, and the information that she filtered out were all her reports.

the contents of the reports were all targeted at one person.

[ garbage marketing ], [ false news ], [ endangering national security ] … all kinds of reports had been reported.

“if that’s all you have, then it’s fine. i didn’t expect you to have so many smurf accounts.”

as soon as fu yu finished her words, the page began to scroll, and it was full of messages from some weibo accounts.

“these accounts didn’t do anything else, they just came to report me.”

” i’ve told you before. if you have anything to say, just tell me directly. isn’t it dirty to do this behind my back? ”

“i can count the people who know about this weibo big V on my fingers, you’re one of them.” when she went to the west for research, a male phd student asked her to pay more attention to it, and this matter was no secret. ” you always wear clean and bright clothes when you go out. why do you always do these things that you can’t see? ”

the students outside were already discussing fervently.

“she’s the verified user who was banned?”

“senior kept reporting her? that can’t be, i’ve followed this blogger, he really didn’t write anything, his three views are quite upright, this kind of report behind his back is really quite disgusting.”

“i don’t think senior would do such a thing.”

lu fang was already feeling guilty, and her mind was in a mess, especially when fu yu exposed her fake account. it was as if she was being pulled out from the dark, and all her disguises were exposed.

for an introverted person, this feeling was no different from a public execution.

“this … this … this is fake, it’s all fake!”

facing the solid evidence, lu fang’s mind was in a mess. her lips touched, and she could only spit out these few words.

” in order to avoid being accused of bullying, i have all the evidence here … ” fu yu tapped on the keyboard a few times, and an IP address appeared on it. ” when you changed your account, you didn’t even change your IP address, so it was easy for me to track you down. do you know how i felt when i found the exact location of the IP? ”

“i think …”

“you’re simply insulting my intelligence!”

“what right do you have to check on me? you’re invading my privacy!” lu fang was a little anxious. she wanted to turn off the projection, but fu yu was faster. when her fingers were about to reach out, fu yu stopped her.

“you’re talking about violation now? then i want to ask, when you maliciously reported me, did you not think that you were violating me?”

“do you think that no one will be able to find you if you hide behind the internet?”

” let me tell you, i can check every single comment you posted on the internet, even if it’s deleted. how many insulting words did you say to make me put it in front of these students and let them see? ”

” how did their counselor and senior attack me on the internet?! ”

” since you’re a student of beijing university, i’ll leave you some face. if you don’t want it, we can meet at the police station. do you really think that cursing on the internet isn’t against the law and that i can’t arrest you? ”

fu yu’s aura was there, and lu fang felt guilty. she felt her vision go dark, as if she was bound by an invisible vine, unable to move!

” also, the news about huaisheng and the female student. this was originally just an ordinary piece of news that someone posted on the internet. although there were good things to add to the speculation, it didn’t make it to the hot search! ”

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