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Chapter 95

 The kiss was very deep . Tian Yao held Yan Hui so tightly that she almost couldn't breathe . When Yan Hui started to push Tian Yao away because she couldn't endure it anymore, it was like he finally came back to his senses . He released her lips, letting her breathe . However, his hands were still unwilling to let her go .

He wanted to hold her, feel her heaving chest and rapid heartbeats . He wanted to confirm that Yan Hui was still alive, truly alive and by his side .

He returned to his sense with great difficulty . Yan Hui lifted her head and stared blankly at Tian Yao .  

Four eyes met . The two people stood there in silence .

 In the end, Zhu Li stepped up and broke the strange silence: "This . . . . . this is a public place!" His voice slightly shook . "Let go!"

Yan Hui snapped back to her senses . She hurriedly pressed at Tian Yao's hands which still held her . She wanted to get free from his embrace . However, he used a little more strength and pulled her back into his arms . Her chest pressed against his chest, and her head rested on his shoulder .

"You're still alive," said Tian Yao . "You're still safe and sound . "

Yan Hui was stunned by both his words and by his clinging actions: "Yes . . . . . . yes, I'm still alive and well . " She craned her neck back . "But you . . . . . . . " Tian Yao didn't wait for Yan Hui to finish her words before hugging her even tighter . He patted the back of her head like he was coaxing a small child .

"Everything is alright now . "

He seemed to let out a pent up breath . It was unclear whether those four words were said for him or for her .

Yan Hui fell silent at those words . She didn't ask any more questions and simply reached out to pat Tian Yao's back .

 The late autumn nights are very cold .

Yan Hui didn't understand the restlessness she felt in her body, especially the hot sensation on her lips . Her mind was stuck on what happened in the morning when Tian Yao suddenly kissed her .

Her heartbeat was like when she ate the fox lust fragrance in Yong Zhou city .

Huan Xiao Yan lightly floated to Yan Hui's side: "Master . " She softly called in Yan Hui's ear, but it still made Yan Hui jump . "What is it?"

"You look like an animal in heat . "

Yan Hui's face turned red . She lightly coughed and sat up: "Um, the last two days were a mess . I haven't properly thanked you for helping me out . " She looked Huan Xiao Yan up and down . "Did you grow up a little?"

"Of course . " Huan Xiao Yan proudly spun around in midair . "You just realized I grew up? Ever since leaving the illusion demon palace, I've been busy making all kinds of illusions for Qing Qiu's demons . Those who don't sleep well all want me to help . I grew fast on eating their emotions . Now casting illusions on demons one hundred times more powerful than me is even possible!"

Yan Hui more closely sized Huan Xiao Yan up . It seemed like it really was the case . Before the little demon looked like a child . Now she was a pretty teenager .

"But Master, we didn't finish what we were just talking about . . . . . . . " It was clear Huan Xiao Yan wasn't interested talking about herself . She turned the conversation back to the original topic . "Today when Dragon Demon Tian Yao kissed you," She lifted her eyebrows and assumed a very understanding air, "was it very nice?"

Yan Hui glanced as the demon . Huan Xiao Yan thought she was going to be chided, but to her surprise, Yan Hui thought about it and thoughtfully rubbed her lips: "It was pretty nice . . . . . . . . "

" . . . . . . . . . . . " said Huan Xiao Yan . "Master, you not being aloof really was beyond my expectations . I don't know how to respond now . "

Yan Hui laughed: "However, ignoring how my body feels, my heart still doesn't fully believe it . "

"What's there not to believe? It really happened . "

Yan Hui was silent for a moment: "I believed that Tian Yao would never love another woman in his life . After all, he was badly hurt in the past . . . . . . . "

Huan Xiao Yan curled her lip: "Isn't that because he isn't able to love men?"

Yan Hui: " . . . . . . . . . "

 Huan Xiao Yan grinned: "I'm kidding, Master . " She rolled her eyes and thought a little . "Master, you probably don't know, but before when we were in the illusion demon palace, I also cast an illusion on Tian Yao . He saw the two most unforgettable moments in his life . One moment was probably from 20 years ago when that other woman pledged her love to him, but what Tian Yao felt was strong bitterness and hate . Later, he saw another moment . It was about you . "

Yan Hui was shocked: "Me?"

"He saw you under moonlight, standing in front of him with a jian . Even after the illusion was gone, his heart was still filled with emotion . " Huan Xiao Yan scratched her head . "I think that the best moment in Tian Yao's life was meeting you when he was at the end of his rope . "

Meeting her . . . . . . .

When he was at the end of his rope .

Yan Hui could practically feel her chest warm up in the chilly night .

Turns out, she actually held such an important place in someone's heart . Turns out, she actually was needed like this . She never thought her own disappointing, worthless life would be so irreplaceable to a person .

Just thinking about it, she felt,

So good .

Fortunately, there was someone called Tian Yao in the world .

In an instant, Yan Hui felt somewhat stirred up . She immediately put on her shoes and ran out the door without putting on her outer robe . Huan Xiao Yan was baffled by Yan Hui's sudden dash . She chased after Yan Hui and yelled: "Master! Where are you going?!"

"I'm going to find Tian Yao! I want to see him!"

Huan Xiao Yan stopped when she heard those words and ruefully shook her head: "Twitterpated . " But when she turned her head, she saw Zhu Li dejectedly standing behind a pillar . The pillar's shadow obscured his figure, so that it was hard to see him .

Huan Xiao Yan rubbed her chin in thought . Then she walked up and patted Zhu Li's shoulder: "Little prince . " She brightly smiled at him . "Do you want to be with my master in your dream? I can give you that dream . You just have to let me eat your emotions at night . "

"No need . " Zhu Li brushed away Huan Xiao Yan's hand . "It's fine like this . "

He turned and left to go back to his own courtyard .

Huan Xiao Yan looked at his lonely back . She thought about it and then chased after him: "But right now you look pitiful like a dog who was splashed with water . "

"I don't . "

"Mm, you're even dragging your feet . You're dispirited, and your expression is crumbling . "

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"Shut your mouth . "

"If I shut my mouth, will you be happy?"

"That would be good . "

" . . . . . . . . " Huan Xiao Yan opened her mouth again . "I just shut my mouth for a moment . Are you happy now?"

Zhu Li eyes almost rolled into the back of his head: "Are you teasing me?"

Huan Xiao Yan blinked and bluntly said: "Yes . "

" . . . . . . . . . " Magic gathered in Zhu Li's hand . "Come here . Let's talk . "

"Bad person! I was only teasing you because I saw you were in a bad mood . Why do you want to hit me because I'm teasing you? I don't accept it!"

"If you don't accept it, then let's fight!"


Yan Hui, who had gone far, didn't know what state the courtyard turned into due to the fight . She single-mindedly ran towards the cold spring .

 Tian Yao was immersed in the spring in his dragon form . When he heard Yan Hui running over, he lightly lifted his head but didn't turn back into his human form .

"Tian Yao . " Yan Hui stopped in front of him, slightly gasping for breath . The dragon head moved in front of Yan Hui as if asking what was the matter .

But Yan Hui, still somewhat gasping for air, hugged Tian Yao's neck . Tian Yao was startled . His dragon eyes suddenly widened .

Yan Hui hugged him and said: "You like me, right?!"

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Tian Yao's tail suddenly rose out of the water .

Yan Hui buried her head on top of his head: "Become mine, okay?!"

For an instant, Tian Yao was stunned by those words . Close behind that, a light revolved around his entire body . Immediately, a person appeared in the cold spring . His restrained gaze leaked out a faint light revealing his normally hidden emotions .

Yan Hui took a step forward: "Become my person, okay?! I also like you!"

The light in Tian Yao's eyes slowly dimmed . He just calmly looked at Yan Hui . Yan Hui, who was quietly being looked at for a while, became a little uncertain: "Before, you asked me what would've happened if 20 years ago the one you met was me . At that time, I knew you started to feel for me, but I had no affection for you . But recently, I started thinking more about that question, what if I was the one you met 20 years ago . "

Yan Hui steadily looked at Tian Yao: "I don't dare say anything else, but if the one you met 20 years ago was me, you would only need to sincerely be with me . Then I would sincerely give my all to you . There will be no deception nor betrayal . "

Actually, if the best moment for Tian Yao was meeting Yan Hui when all was bleak, then for Yan Hui, her best moment was having Tian Yao when she had nothing else .

They didn't know when each other became a irreplaceable barrier in their hearts .

The scattered starlight in the cold spring's waters reflected in Tian Yao's eyes . He still didn't say anything .

Yan Hui waited for awhile until her patience was used up . In the end, she took another step forward . She hooked her hand around Tian Yao's neck and bit his lip . She left a deep mark and started to act like a rogue: "I don't care . I kissed you . I hugged you . I've seen parts of your body that I should and shouldn't have seen . In any case, I took your innocence . Say it, be mine . "

Tian Yao couldn't keep a straight face at those words . He dipped his head, looked away, and smiled .

"That was really you, Yan Hui . "

Yan Hui hooked her hand around his neck and fixedly stared at him: "Stop laughing at me . If you don't become mine tonight, I'm not letting you leave . "

Tian Yao laughed . He laughed for a long time before nodding: "I'm yours . " He repeated it again . "I'll be yours . "

Only then did Yan Hui smile . Her pretend serious face immediately softened: "You can't regret it . "

Tian Yao looked down at her: "That's probably what I want to say to you .

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