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When talking about why Yan Hui was expelled from Chen Xing Mountain, part of the reason was because of letting the demons out. The other major reason is probably because of Yan Hui's explosive temper......

Ling Fei investigated the escape of the fox demons and very quickly determined the culprit to be Yan Hui. Yan Hui gritted her teeth and wouldn't admit it was her even if she were beaten to death.

After Bai Xiao Lu had been recaptured and cruelly punished, the girl in the end dizzily confessed it was Yan Hui.

Ling Fei immediately ordered people to drag Yan Hui back to the prison to confess in person. Ling Fei also didn't forget to invite some shifus recognized for their honor and credibility to watch the proceedings.

When Yan Hui was brought in by some disciples, she saw the prison atmosphere was as solemn as if it were a Three Halls Court.

Yan Hui snuck a peak around but didn't see Ling Xiao. She immediately knew that Ling Fei was seizing this opportunity to use her own wrongdoings to deal with and punish her.

The little fox demon was strung up in the prison cell. Her body was covered in wounds from the beatings. Yan Hui saw this and frowned. However, when she saw all the disciples and shifus all looked like they agreed with what was happening and even expected it to occur, Yan Hui could only stay silent and not react.

Ling Fei stood calmly in front of Yan Hui. Her opening words were very strict: "Yan Hui, you colluded with the demon race. You released demons from Xin Xiu Peak's prison. Do you admit your crimes?"

Yan Hui was silent for a brief moment, trying to organize her words. Who would've thought that in that short moment, Ling Fei gave a signal to the disciple standing in the cell. The disciple nodded in acknowledgement. He pulled his arm back, and a whip lashed onto Bai Xiao Lu's body.

The lash was extremely painful, and the girl cried out in pain. She woke from her stupor.

Bai Xiao Lu's confused gaze roamed around the prison. When she saw Yan Hui, her eyes suddenly brightened. However, she saw the area was filled with xian and sensibly shut her mouth, not uttering a peep.

Ling Fei noticed Bai Xiao Lu's gaze. She coldly said: "Fox demon, repeat what you confessed in front of her."

Bia Xiao Lu timidly glanced at Yan Hui. She clenched her jaw and, same as before, did not say a word.

Ling Fei eyes chilled. The disciple in the cage raised his hand again.

"Stop," Yan Hui shouted. "Yes, I released those fox demons."

The shifus that were here to observe and judge started to quietly whisper amongst themselves.

"Very good, Yan Hui," Ling Fei coldly laughed. "Senior Classmate Ling Xiao brought you to Chen Xing Mountain because he pitied your sad life. He carefully guided you, yet this is how you repay the sect? Colluding with the demon race, releasing those monsters, conspiring with them to steal treasures......"

Xin Xiu Peak had lost treasures?

"Wait." Yan Hui didn't wait for Ling Fei to finish. She interrupted Ling Fei and raised her head, staring at Ling Fei: "I did release the demons, but I didn't collude with the demon race. And I didn't conspire with them to steal some treasures."

"Oh, then if you didn't collude with the demon race, then tell me, why did you release the demons?"

"......" Yan Hui looked at the ceiling. She expressionlessly said: "It was a group of young demons. They haven't even finished growing. I thought they were pitiful, so I released them. I didn't collude with demons."

Yet Ling Fei coldly laughed again: "Do you really think we are some three year-olds, so easily tricked?"

Yan Hui frowned: "Alright, I'll tell the truth. Her mom came into my dreams, pleading with me to save her daughter. I was harassed and had no choice, so I released her daughter. Look, the mom is standing behind you right now. She's staring at the back of your head."

"Insolence!" Ling Fei's expression darkened, and she berated Yan Hui. "You still dare to spout such nonsense!"

They didn't believe her when she lied. They didn't believe her when she told the truth. Yan Hui simply looked up. She clammed up and refused to speak.

Ling Fei controlled her emotions and continued to question: "Which demons did you collude with to steal Xin Xiu Peak's treasures? Where did they go? If you tell the truth, then I'll consider it as atoning for you mistakes. I and your shifu will be lenient in your punishment."

"I don't know," said Yan Hui. "I don't even know what treasures Xin Xiu Peak has."

Ling Fei arrogantly looked at Yan Hui for a while. Then she slightly looked to the side where Bai Xiao Lu was suspended in the cell: "She isn't willing to speak, so someone else will naturally speak for her."

The disciple in the cage understood Ling Fei's look. The whip directly "cracked" and fell on Bai Xiao Lu's body a few times.

Bai Xiao Lu yelped in pain. In the entire prison, aside from Yan Hui's frown, no one had any objection to this kind of treatment.

"Since Yan Hui wants to save you, then you must be part of the plot. Reveal where Xin Xiu Peak's treasures are." Ling Fei turned and, true to her character, haughtily walked in front of the cell. She looked at Bai Xiao Lu, who was inside. "If you don't tell the truth, I still have ways to make you feel ten times the pain."

Bai Xiao Lu was starting to go hoarse from crying. Because her mind was becoming clouded by the pain, she shook her head and cried, "I don't know" but also said, "Sister, save me."

Her words made everyone in the room briefly rest their eyes on Yan Hui for a moment.

Ling Fei glared at Yan Hui with three parts provocation and seven parts contempt. Yan Hui knew what that look was saying. "You're a lowly ant. You actually tried to futilely duel with me. Let's see what trick you can pull this time."

Yan Hui didn't like being wrongly accused, didn't like being provoked, didn't like being seized. And of those dislikes, Ling Fei managed to accomplish all at once.

"Stop." Yan Hui's expression slightly darkened. "You all dare to bully someone's daughter. Do you not fear the mother seeking you out at night?"

Ling Fei coldly laughed: "As Xian Cultivators, Dao Cultivators, what need do we have to fear those evil races, demons, and malicious spirits. Alive, I don't fear. Dead, there's even less to fear."

Yan Hui looked at the three-tailed fox demon's soul: "You heard her. Don't come to me at night anymore. Go find her."

Ling Fei disdainfully swept her gaze over Yan Hui. She looked at Bai Xiao Lu and saw the girl was still muttering she didn't know. Ling Fei frowned impatiently: "Since you won't confess, then there's no use in keeping you here. Slit her throat and toss her out of Chen Xing Mountain."

When she finished, the disciple in the cell promptly said, "Yes."

Yan Hui's heart tightened and she immediately shouted: "Wait!" She said, "You don't believe my words, whether they were the truth or lies. You only want to hear what you want to hear. Fine. Tell me what you want to hear, and I'll tell it to you."

Ling Fei coldly looked at Yan Hui: "As a disciple of Chen Xing Mountain, yet you actually side with a demon. Yan Hui, whether you admit it or not, the truth is written on your face." Ling Fei turned her head and addressed the shifus, "There's no need to review the case again. It's already true that Yan Hui is covertly helping the monsters. Since the locations of Xin Xiu Peak's treasures won't be revealed, I'll personally look for them. This fox demon will be killed and thrown out of Chen Xing Mountain."

"Who dares kill her!?" Yan Hui's fury was sparked by Ling Fei's words that didn't care what was right or wrong. She raised her head. A fire burned in her eyes, and a blaze ignited at the bottom of the whip of the disciple who was carrying out the execution. The whip instantly turned into ash.

Yan Hui actually dared to act in such a manner to shield a demon in front of so many shifus......

Everyone was stunned.

Ling Fei grew indignant at the sight: "Insolence!" With that word, she threw out a magic spell to teach Yan Hui a lesson and to also establish her own reputation. However, to everyone's shock, the spell Ling Fei threw out was blocked by the firewall Yan Hui erected.

Yan Hui looked at Ling Fei from behind the firewall. She smirked in disdain: "Shifu Ling Fei needs to cultivate more diligently."

Yan Hui finished talking. While everyone still hadn't reacted to her words, she changed the fire wall into a fiery dragon. It swept away Ling Fei's magic. With crushing ancient power, it struck at Ling Fei. She was tightly pressed against the cage bars.

No one thought Yan Hui would block Ling Fei's magic. No one even had to nerve to imagine Yan Hui would, without hesitation, use her power and return the attack......

And strike Ling Fei into such a sorry state......

Everyone in the room stupidly watched as Yan Hui's fiery dragon roasted Ling Fei's clothes and lit her hair on fire. Then they saw Ling Fei's haughty image be utterly destroyed as she frantically flailed about to extinguish the flames.

Yan Hui watched Ling Fei hop around like a monkey. Yan Hui only coldly said: "Shifu Ling Fei, where did your mind wander when you were cultivating? You still dare say you don't fear monsters?"

The pathetic looking Ling Fei finally put out the fire. She was Zhenren Su Ying's little sister. When she came to Chen Xing Mountain to cultivate, she wasn't an ordinary cultivator. She practically was the symbol of friendship between two sects. People always treated her with ceremony. But today, her clothes and hair were actually set on fire by a disciple a generation younger than herself. This was completely humiliating!

Ling Fei was in a towering rage. She raised her head; magic gathered around her palm.

Yan Hui's gaze deepened when she saw this. Yan Hui also started to circulate her inner breath. However before Ling Fei could let loose her magic, a magic wall suddenly sprouted from the ground between the two.  It blocked Ling Fei's magic. At the same time, Yan Hui's hand was restrained in a blink of an eye.

Yan Hui froze. She felt a bone-chilling cold stab into her bones. She raised her head. The one who captured her wrist was none other than her shifu, Ling Xiao.


"Senior Classmate!"

When Ling Fei saw Ling Xiao, she ranted: "Yan Hui is too insolent!"

Ling Xiao cast away Yan Hui's hand. Her wrist limply drooped down. It was encased in ice, but it wasn't as cold as Ling Xiao's icy gaze.

"Attacking your sect's shifu! You're being more and more unprincipled! No respect for your superiors!"

The fire in Yan Hui's heart still hadn't subsided, but she silently accepted Ling Xiao's scolding. No one else could make Yan Hui feel wronged, but Ling Xiao was different because........he was her shifu.

"Senior Classmate, this time, Yan Hui colluded with the demon race, released those monsters, and stole Xin Xiu Peak's treasures. Now her aggressive temper can't be disciplined! All the disciples and shifus here have seen it. This can't be tolerated!"

Ling Xiao fixed his gaze on Yan Hui. He didn't say a word.

A bearded Zhenren, who was standing off to the side, spoke: "Younger Classmate Ling Xiao, your disciple is indeed too brazen."

Ling Xiao was silent for a few moments. He asked with a low voice: "What do you have to say?"

Yan Hui raised her head and looked at Ling Xiao: "I did release the demons, but I didn't collude with the demon race. And I even more did not conspire with them to steal Xin Xiu Peak's treasures."

Ling Fei coldly snorted: "Still arguing over trivial details!"

Yan Hui turned her gaze and looked at Ling Fei with cold disdain: "As for Shifu Ling Fei.......yes, I hit her. I also didn't think that she wouldn't be able to withstand it to that extent."

With those words, everyone present fell silent. one thought that either.

No one could figure out if Yan Hui was that strong or if Ling Fei didn't cultivate well......

"Yan Hui does not respect her superiors. She is impudent and rash. Twenty lashes is her punishment. She will be brought back to Liu Xiu Peak and imprisoned for ten days. Then she will receive further penalty."

In the end, Ling Xiao meted out the punishment. Yan Hui was brought back to Liu Xiu Peak. After ten days, she received the penalty. For the charge of colluding with the demons, she was expelled from the mountain.

Yan Hui had no need to inquire about other matters. She knew that Ling Xiao always believed Ling Fei's words. He set the charge.

Ling Xiao did not believe her.

Yan Hui stopped talking about the situation. Her expression didn't change much. She only pursed her lips: "Then when I left, I didn't have any money. I heard from a friend about the hunts, so I took a mark. I planned on capturing troublesome demons to make a living. I didn't expect to meet you." Yan Hui sighed. "Fate is cruel."

Tian Yao heard her but didn't care about Yan Hui's accusatory words. He only asked: "What about the fox demon girl?"

" I was imprisoned. How would I know what happened to her? But looking back at the situation, I thought that she was killed......" Yan Hui sighed again. "But now it seems like she is still struggling to live. Otherwise, her mom wouldn't be bothering me again."

"She wants me to find Ling Fei. But as an expelled disciple, what help can I give......?" Yan Hui scratched her head. She clapped her hands together: "In any case, I can't hide from the fox demon. I might as well seek her out and have a chat."

Tian Yao was slightly startled: "Seek her out?"

Yan Hui turned her head and sweetly smiled at Tian Yao: "You haven't seen a ghost before, right?"


"I'll let you experience it."



Ling Fei is pure evil......torturing a kid.......disgusting

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I stuffed myself with food. Yum~~ I also already broke one of my resolutions haha...

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