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01 Dig a hole and bury myself

The moment Sheng jianian' s eyes looked into Jiangxi's,he knew immediately then that he was being lied upon, lied upon by xie wanqing for many many years now。

The night light wanes, and the lanterns were lit。

Jiefangxilu is the town's famous street for its bars,with Royal bar and club being the heart of it all,wielding an air of dominance。

At that time, a carriage vehicle with an outstanding price tag stopped just outside the bar, from the carriage came down a man straight and tall with an  upright pose, As he came down he glimpsed at the time.Jiangxi saw a good chance, sneaked up in a haste from the sideline to be close enough in order to tail him  "Mister, want a condom? imported from america! Will give a surprisingly good climax , thirty for a box, fifty for two."

Jiangxi rattled on, her huge smiling eyes gazing into his, waiting for his reply  

Shengjianian dont come to those places often, but today was the return of his nephew from his studies overseas, and he came and lowered himself only so that he can threw his eldest nephew a warm welcome party

But then…

   He raised his thick eyebrows,swept a disapproving look to the girl coming up to him

She had a garish makeup on, it was hard to see what she really looks like  but it was that pair of smiling eyes, so clear and unusually sparkling

Years before, there was once a pair of eyes like hers appearing in his time of crisis    

Sheng jianian stared at her eyes for seconds long, and nonchalantly moved his gaze away, making big strides into the bar

      Jiangxi upon seeing that she is about to lose business, immediately shouted: "fifty for three, three for…"

It must not have been two steps into her chase, before she was blocked by a wall of two buffed up bodyguards

  " Hey hey ….. If you missed out on me,others wont offer you as cheap !"jiangxi stood at her toes and gazed inside   her left and right were blocked off by human wall. finally, realizing that she is without luck , she moved back two steps with a begrudging look

To these two big brothers, those middle aged women selling flowers came in and out infrequently but was never stopped, why do you stop me now?

   The two men in their all black attire, were unmatched in coolness   

Jiangxi stood there a little while

"Everyone had to do business…." as she stepped forward, again she was blocked   

It finally infuriated the little lady and she waved her hand as she walked away:"No need to enter anyway i can do business with some others  !"

Jiangxi carried her anger inside as she headed for other hotels, but alas just not more than a few steps , someone from her behind grabbed her and dragged her away, before she can figure out what is happening in her spinning world, she was already being stuffed into the car at the very next moment   


Car door closed up momentarily

   Jiangxi  who was in shock : what on earth..    

  Without caring that she is dizzy and blurry eyed, immediately she climbed up to push the door but it was already loocked , and so she grabbed hold of the driver and asked : "who are you guys? "

Before she could speak out her words, she was already struck unconscious by a hand knife

Its ten at night at a villa in lu mountain

       Shengjianian's car drove into the compound.

The entrance was guarded, it was the two bodyguards from outside the bar

   Shengjianian raised his head, the two 1.9m tall 208 pounds weight bodyguards have lines of red and bloody marks all over their face

   weileng:from nail scratches?

   "Where is she?"


   The bodyguards went out on initiative。guarding from outside

   Shegnjianian walked into the living room,sitting on the sofa was a ninteen year old girl,with a dirty face,in tattered clothing,and messy hair topping her head

It was this image, that didnt register with the ones he had in mind

  "name?"shengjianian sat opposite her and queried

       Jiangxi looked up,when she woke up she was already locked in here,briefly fought a few rounds with the two fatty bodyguards,but failed completely。

  Devoid of any energy, she had to accept sitting here alone,  preparing to be executed。


Briefly she raised her head and then burying it again

Shegnjianian  again try to match her gaze , and his suspicion gradually decreases bit by bit

   Age, address,why be selling such things on the street?"shengjianian said coldly, as if he was interrogating a criminal

   Jiangxi put down her heart to think bust she still cant fathom what this person means

   "Why,checking up on where i live?i have already reported to the police,if you are not afraid you can wait here。"jiangxi  shrugged nonchalantly。

   Shengjianian winced,if police are coming,and the matter spread it really wont sound good。

   He slowed down his speech:"you just seem so much like my long-lost sister,no other intentions,you just need to reply to what i will ask you。"

   "Liar!"jiangxi sneered。

   "Why are you selling those stuffs there?"shengjianian asked again

   "To earn money。"jiangxi started sounding impatient:"so what is it that you guys want?i want to go home!"

   "Are you from yindu?"asked shengjianian。

   Jiangxi was silent,shengjianian rose up,"go get your face washed。"

   "Why should i wash my face,are you going to sell me based on my looks?"jiangxi humped lightly,with an unco-operative look。

  Shengjianian said:"you better co-operate,otherwise if i let people help you,then it wont be pleasant at all

   "Are you threatening me?"jiangxi rose up immediately,matched his gaze and explosiveness weakened right away:"fine。"

   The cops are going to be here soon anyway。

   Shengjianian waited outside the bathroom for full ten minutes,cant take it any longer and knocked:"jiangxi,have you not finished you shower yet?"

   Nobody answered,shengjianian was silent for a while,out of sudden he kicked the door。


   Door has been kicked open,water tap was still running,but the person was gone。

   Shengjianian looked up,ventilation window was still open。

  Sheng jianian stood inside and watched for quite a while,such a small exit hole, it really is a wonder how one can ease oneself out of that hole。

   On the other side there was jiangxi who had escaped from the villa,and hey,what a coincidence,to have come into finding a modified heavy duty motorbike parked just outside the entrance

   In reality the owner of the vehicle had just gotten off from his bike,he was squatting there and it was not clear what he was doing exactly and it was under such circumstances that she discovered him and his bike

   Jiangxis'eyes lighted:so nobody around?

   Instantly jumped on the bike,turned on the ignition,and ran off with the bike。

  And the man squatting who was the owner of the bike instantly panicked , he stood up and he can just watch his harley flew away, took off flying!

  Jiangxi rode the motorbike wildly on full speed all the way,but a small buildcannot control big bikes well,almost fell into the water pit。

  What it means to lift up a heavy stone and smash it onto your own leg,jiangxi has finally knew that feeling

  Reported to police on her own,but in the middle of mountains'road was captured by police herself.

  After one hour,jiangxi met again with sheng jianian and  another man。the investigation were now completely finished,just waiting for someone to get her。

   Sitted in the opposite side of jiangxi ,one was sheng jianian. another one,with the angry expression on his face,must have been the,a big city area like yindu,which heavy duty vehicle are allowed to roam freely?

   Jiangxi was looking at everywhere else,except where there is other people

     Shengjianian voice was none lighter than morning in a spring season ,chilled and breezy,he gave his nose a snort,"stealing cars?"

 Jiangxi mumbled:"i did not know it belongs to someone,i thought it belonged to no one。"

   The young man sitting beside sheng jianian burst out  :"no one's?do you know how much is a harley?do you think it costs something like those electronic horses you rode on?

   "yet wont it still be a two-wheeler?"jiangxi retorted。

   Sheng jianglai was speechless,whispered under his breath:"fourth uncle,why do you even care about this kind of people?let police kept her locked up for ten days or even a month or so and she will come out decent again for sure

  Jiangxi upon hearing this,instantly looked straight at sheng jianian:"have you come to rescue me的?then you should brought me outside,i am a good person,and i see that you dont seem to be the those evil deeds committing bad guys either,if you do help me out,then i would not be mad about you tying me up tonight ,your sin will be written off。"

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