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Chapter 31

Editor: Aaghna

After the incident, Flower Girl visited the restaurant again a few times . Fortunately, she seemed to have completely adapted to the team again .

She was as bright and cheerful as ever .

She looked very cute when she talked about her team captain .

Her real name was Yu Jia, a very pretty name . But no one called her by that name .

That’s why Cheol-ho also called her Flower Girl .

Flower Girl ate a lot of meat today . Then she removed a dollar from her pocket .


“Are you sure this is okay?”


“Yes, it’s all right . ”

Cheol-ho demanded plant seeds instead of money for food . Flower Girl held out the seeds with a wry look on her face .


“It’s for sale at the market . ”


“You’ve chosen a good seed, haven’t you?”

Flower girl grinned .


“Yes, the best seeds . ”


“That’s enough . Thank you . ”


“Here you go . ”


“Good-bye . ”


“Thank you for the meal today!”

Flower girl swiftly turned her head and left the store .


‘Here we go . ’


Flower girl was today’s last guest .

Cheol-ho’s daily routine had changed a little .

In the past, he enjoyed a very leisurely and peaceful night . But these days, one more thing had been added to the schedule .



The small gate in front of the restaurant was blocked from view with the help of Cheol-ho’s ability . It was also impossible to enter . However, Cheol-ho was free to go in and go out .


Cheol-ho entered the gate and appeared in the labyrinth .


The minotaur had a secret .

Even after 10 years, they still had monsters living there . Their fighting abilities were still moderate in class . Is that possible in a labyrinth with nothing in it?

Awakened people that are weak will starve to death, and their muscles will disappear .

So, of course…

It meant that an ecosystem is built there .


When Cheol-ho entered the labyrinth, the Hell Cow, who was working hard to break the wall, stood up . The Hell Cows stood upright, wearily .

Then carefully opened his mouth .




“Well . ”

Cheol-ho walked while receiving their respective greetings . Most of the walls in the labyrinth were already falling apart .

Cheol-ho walked towards the Minotaur who stood in the heart of the labyrinth .


“Oh you’re here, big brother!”

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“Who is your brother?”

Cheol-ho replied in a nonchalant manner .

The dungeon had a strangely different atmosphere .

The dungeon’s sky was filled with bright light, but it was not from the sun . Cheol-ho could see a large field through the collapsed walls at the other side of the labyrinth .


“Are Hell Cow’s originally vegetarian?”


“Of course!”


“You don’t eat people?”


“I used to eat manure . These days, no!”


“Uhm…… . ”

That’s an honest answer . Cheol-ho folded his arms and nodded after hearing such an unexpected answer .

Cheol-ho didn’t kill Minotaurs on purpose the last time he entered . Actually, monsters that talk are rare to find and Cheol-ho thought they could be quite useful to him .

Above all, this dungeon…

This dungeon was a living ecosystem .

For Cheol-ho, the dungeon, which he hid as an absolute necessity, could be used as a huge warehouse and farm .




The Hell Cows plowed the field over there .

Soon the ceiling rumbled and dust fell down like rain . The air became clear .

All this was thanks to that big marble embedded in the heart of the dungeon .


It is called the “weathering system,” which contained two “zero-class” magic stones . It is said that it condensed two enormous forces of magic stones that cannot even compare with first class treasures .

The peak technique of creating an ideal climate with a dungeon this size .

It is the Magic stone engineering technology .

Cheol-go thought about taking it out of the dungeon . But usually that kind of weathering system is specialized in a specific area . So if taken out, the mana would be lost and only a huge lump of marble will remain .


‘The palace was originally equipped with that kind of device . ’

There were some magic stone engineers in the demon world too?

The Minotaur had limited information, so he could leave this behind .

Anyway, there must be a lot of workers here .

Cheol-ho held out the seeds he had received from the Flower Girl .


“It’s a seed . ”




“What do you usually grow in this dungeon?”


“Plants . ”


“There are different types of plants . ”


“Apple seed and Pineapples . ”


“Well . ”

Apple Seed is a plant that grows like weeds and the fruit it bears tastes like an apple . The fruit is usually about the size of a walnut . But this fruit was sweeter and crunchier than an apple .

The Pineapple was the size of a fist . The unique part about this was that the skin was soft and could be eaten with the skin .


“Just two?”




“Then plant that seed first . ”

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There were vegetable seeds, including lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and chicory . Cheol-ho told them the methods of cultivating taught to him by Flower Girl .

After a long pause, Cheol-ho suddenly asked the Minotaur .


“Did you remember?”


“Yes I did”

Cheol-ho nodded his head .


“Well, then start planting them from today . What’s that over there?”

Minotaur turned back and answered immediately .


“A warehouse . ”




“Those are things that we’ve collected so far . ”

His voice was a little shaky .

Cheol-ho grinned and headed for the warehouse .


“Ah, are you going to take it away?”


“Should I take your life instead?”

The Minotaur quieted down .


The warehouse opened, and the interior was revealed . It was disorderly… . as expected from animals .

The warehouse was full of seeds . Cheol-ho used his detect eye to identify the seeds one by one and picked a few of them .

Further ahead, there was a pile of countless weapons .   It was probably trophies from the invasion of the former Esfan Continent . Cheol-ho gazed at them for a moment and sighed .



In the middle, there was one thing that caught his eye . Cheol-ho moved past the weapons and picked up a jewel the size of an eyeball .


“Oh . ”


-The tears of the sea


The detector eyes gave Cheol-ho the name of the jewel .

The jewel was blue, and there were eyes engraved on it .


“I never thought I’d see this here . ”

It was unexpected 

The tears of the sea was the treasure of the mermaids that dominated the North Sea of the former Esfan continent .

To learn its origin, it dated back to the reason why the sea water in the North Sea tasted salty .

The tears of the sea weren’t salt but the treasures that poured out what the holder wanted . At first, it was with a poor farmer and poured out rice .

Then, a greedy rich man took away the farmer’s jewel and ran off to the sea in a big boat . At that time salt was very expensive, so the rich man asked it to pour out salt recklessly .

The jewel spilled salt continuously until the ship was full of salt and sank .

After that, it became a traditional fairy tale that seawater is salty thanks to the tears of the sea that spilled salt . But the story was not entirely false . This jewel really makes salt .

It’s not just salt .

It’s a very special salt . It’s a treasure that you can’t get even after paying for it . But Cheol-ho didn’t expect to find it in a place like this .

Cheol-ho came out of the warehouse smiling at the unexpected harvest .

When he left the warehouse, Cheol-ho saw the Hell Cow hitting the wall over there .




It looks better when the walls fall .

Somehow dismayed, the Minotaur stood there with his shoulders drooped .


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“It’s spacious and nice without the walls, right?”


“Yes, yes . ”


“Yes . ”

When Cheol-ho took a step closer, the Minotarus were startled and backed away .

The fear from his last entry still lingered in their mind . The Minotaur was a boss monster with excellent regenerative power . Most wounds heal completely . Thanks to this, Cheol-ho seemed to see Minotaurs as a living food .

Of course, given this world’s class ranking system, he could have won the first class . But in front of Cheol-ho, he was like a child .


“Let’s take your tail off . Your tail is very popular . Oh, and I’ll take the upper back today . ”



Creepy .
The last little devil was scary too .

But this man is scarier . The little devil was better than him . The little devil didn’t kill or rip off their flesh if they listened .


“Or do you want to die?”

The  Minotaur closed his eyes as if he had given up .


“Oh I see . ”



In the field over there, five Hell Cows plowed the field with a large pickaxe . The cow’s cry was so sweet to Cheol-ho’s ears that he walked out smiling with a big meat and tail in his arms 


* * *
The Minotaur who was left alone, gritted his teeth .

The wound healed quickly . However the fear he had for Cheol-ho was beyond measure .

The Minotaur was surprised to see the little devil last time . She seemed to have lived for only five years in human age .

She was the Master of the Water Spirit Class .

He used all his knowledge to try to identify the little devil . There was only one conclusion .
‘The Dragon is the only monster like that . ’

Because dragons master one class at birth .

In that case, the question is…

Miro Lycas . . no . What kind of world does Kang Cheol-ho live in?

In the past, he almost killed the devil .

The devil will have to sleep well for a hundred years to recover from the damage he suffered . After that there was no one in the world who could stop him .

The world where Kang Cheol-ho lives will be his empire . The world will naturally fall into his grasp .

Will dragons be used as servants in his world?
Is he dreaming of a dimensional conquest by raising dragons in large numbers?

The Dragon Corps? 

No, damn it! No way!

It’s only been 10 years since their only hope, the Devil fell asleep! He’ll have to sleep at least 90 more years to regain his old strength!

What should I do till then?

After pondering for a moment, he nodded and looked determined .
Live as long as you can to please the devil .

A moment ago, he recalled what he had said before leaving .


-Oh, why don’t you eat a little more and gain some weight? Um… …yes . Could you repeat eating and sleeping without exercising for a while? .


Hmm . I don’t know what that means, but you need to gain weight first .

Otherwise you could die .




It was dawn when Cheol-ho left the dungeon .

When Cheol-ho entered the restaurant, he saw Machangsa sitting . He looked like he had been sitting for a long time .

Machangsa’s head was on the table and was asleep . Somehow he felt very sorry for him . No one except Cheol-ho knew the burden that man has on his shoulder .

Cheol-ho grinned .

‘Here we go .

I’m going to give you your first meal to cheer you up . ’

Cheol-ho went into the kitchen and put the frying pan on the fire .

The key to grilled rib eye steak is to flip it quickly . This is very important as it gives a slight difference in taste .

Place only a small amount of sesame oil on a hot frying pan . After coating the pan very shallowly, he looked at the Minotaur’s meat which he collected


Today’s menu is rib eye steak .


The fat spreads nicely on the meat . Unfortunately, Minotaur didn’t gain as much weight as he thought . But this is enough for a first class .

Also, if there were the sun and the moon in the world, there was salt and meat in the culinary science for Cheol-ho .


Cheol-ho thought that the salt produced by the tears of the sea was the only suitable salt for this dish . Of course the taste may be a little different . Carefully slice the steak into bite-sized pieces, and place five pieces on the hot frying pan without hesitation .




The meat fried rapidly with a loud noise . Don’t let it burn .

Flip it right over .



The other side fries well too .



The loud sound of meat being cooked woke Machangsa . Time to cook the other side for about 10 seconds .

In a flamboyant move, Cheol-ho pulled out the rib eye steak from the pan and placed it on a plate .

Then he grabbed the tears of the sea and shook it lightly .


-Shake Shake


The salt fell as if tears were flowing from the pupils of the eyes painted on the jewels .

This salt doubled the taste of the ingredients . It carried a very complex and subtle taste . The flavor of the salt itself is also very excellent .

It relieves fatigue and restores energy .

One could say it was an artifact that every chef wanted to save at the expense of his life .


Cheol-ho picked up the well-done plate of rib eye steak and offered it to Machangsa .


“Oh sir, when…”


“I just got back . ”

Cheol-ho added with a wink .


“I’m going for a walk . ”


“Ah . ”

This time he went to the refrigerator, and brought out a bottle of a very cold soju .


“Would you like a drink?”

Machangsa looked at the soju .

He nodded smiling .


“Yes . ”


On a tiring night, having a glass of super chilled soju is best .

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