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Published at 3rd of August 2020 11:35:25 AM
Chapter 50
Haunted Duke's Daughter Chapter 50

"It's almost time . Please put away the study materials . "

The students started to put the study materials away . Seeing that everyone had finished cleaning up, the teacher began distributing two large sheets of paper to each seat .

The school conducted three exams in every semester, but the first two of them covered very few subjects . In exchange, they start in the morning and continue all the way till noon at a stretch . The teachers then finish grading in the afternoon and the results are announced the next morning .

In other words, the two pieces of paper that were distributed to Lilia just now contained all the problems for this exam .

― Good luck Lilia .  Fight on Lilia . Hurray-Hurray-!

―Sakura . Noisy .

―Yup . I'm trying to get in your way .

―So that's it . I understand .

―Ah, I'm sorry, I was just kidding so put away the thoughts of bell pepper in your head!

[T/N: IDK why she hates capsicum . I love them]

The moment Sakura feels sense of crisis regarding this, she would always start vigorously apologizing with tears in her eyes . Lilia understood this well, and nodded her head while wryly smiling .

―Be quiet .

―Aye aye Sir .

What should be the answer? Lilia tilted her head downwards, flipped over the paper upon receiving the teacher's cue and started to solve the questions .

How much time has passed? She could still hear the crisp sound of writing from the surroundings . Lilia seemed to be the first to finish . At the end of her third re-check, Lilia casually sighed from boredom .

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―Ah, Lilia . finished?

―Yes . It’s enough for now .

―Let's go out . Immediately .

With a twitch, Lilia moved her eyebrows . Being slightly suspicious, she frowned and ask a question .

―Is it necessary?

―Yup .

Prompt answer without hesitation . Lilia nodded and raised her hand . After a while, the voice of the teacher could be heard .

"Huh? What is it Ardis . Did you drop something?"

Saying that, the teacher walked there . When the teacher arrived in front of her, Lilia spoke .

"Since I have finished, is it okay if I leave the room? Staying here is really boring . "

The sound disappeared from the surroundings . Everyone gazed at Lilia with a surprised expression, and even the teacher was dunbstruck . After Lilia cleared her throat, she immediately recovered and showed a slightly embarrassed expression .

"Are you sure you are fine with that? There is still more than half the time left . . . "

Even though she was surprised to hear that there was so much left, Lilia still nodded with a smile .

"Yes, it's okay . I've done a solid review . "

After saying that, the teacher squinted suspiciously and picked up Lilia's answer script . After going through it, her eyes slightly widened .

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"Is there something wrong?"

"No . . . Nothing . Okay, I'll allow you to leave . You can't come back . . . well, even so that's fine . "

"Yes . Certainly . "

The teacher chuckled slightly at Lilia's self-confidence and returned to the table with Lilia's answer script . Lilia headed towards the doorway of the classroom with her paraphernalia . A few whispers could be heard, but they were ignored .

"Everyone, please do your best . "

She showed a smile while saying so, closed the door of the room .

Lilia returned to her room and was greeted by a surprised Arisa . There were two cups on the table . Apparently she was drinking tea with someone . Looking around the room, there was no one, so the other person could be easily imagined .

"Is it the spy girl?"

"Yes, it is"

Lilia questioned Arisa who nodded obediently . Heading to the table, Arisa prepared her tea right away .

―Let's call the spy girl .

―Yes . Where is she?

― Ceiling .

As per the plan, Lilia wryly smiled, and struck the table twice . Gazing at the ceiling, she spoke .

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"I'll give you permission to sit at the same table as me . Come down . "

Saying so, she hit the table again . A part of the ceiling was displaced, and the girl appeared .

"Ah, that's . . . The same table . . . I am afraid it's . . . "

Lilia hit the table again without saying anything . Immediately after that, the girl trembled, and came down with a crying expression, shivering . Perhaps it was because of the pressure from silence, she sat facing Lilia while trembling . Alisa prepared her tea while suppressing her laughter .

"What are you so scared of?"

"Well, no, that, that, um . . . "

She started stammering, and a solid word could not not be spun . Lilia waited for a while, but she gave up and sighed because she was just too impatient .

"The other day you were able to speak properly, weren't you?"

"That . . . Um at that time, I had received direct instructions, if it wasn't for that . . . "

"Is that how it is . . . "

Lilia sighed and drank tea . She nodded with satisfaction, and then tapped the table towards Arisa . Excuse me, says Arisa by the table .

"So? What's your name?"

"It's Cynthia . "

"Cynthia . I'll remember . "

Replying to that, Cynthia looked at her with frightening eyes . While she was wondering why she was so scared, there was a voice from Sakura who seemed to be trying to endure her laughter .

―If you're told by someone that they will remember your name, you can't help thinking that some punishment is waiting .

―Is that so? I didn't mean that .

She turned towards Cynthia . Cynthia gave discreet glances in Lilia's direction in order to discern her expression .

"Cynthia . Are you scared of me?"

"No, that's . . . "

"Then look straight into my eyes . "


Author's Note:

Capture of the spy child begins . just kidding .

By the way, this child is more or less firm in her "work mode" .

It's like Lilia appeared to be in the beginning .

I would be happy if you could report typographical errors and comments .

See you soon .

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