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Chapter 3 Part 2:  Followers

Looking at her son finally together with friends of the same age, Narcissa was extremely happy and she smiled.

Meanwhile, Draco had to pretend to be a child and play with his two new ‘friends.’ He also found one or two games from his memory of the previous life. And for a moment he also enjoyed it. This allowed him to break away from the dreary stress of books at least for a short period of time. But at the same time he discovered a very serious problem.

“All brawns and no brains. This saying is very apt.”, Draco thought slightly as he looked at Crabbe and Goyle. Compared to their IQs, their talent may have solely gone to the physical aspect. With the same amount of action, Draco was dead tired, but those two acted like nothing happened.

But through this he discovered his major flaw. “The training of physical aspect can’t be ignored.”, he realised.

Although today his mom, disrupted his study plans but this also allowed Draco to find his shortcomings. Shortcomings which he needed to urgently overcome.

A battle between Wizards is not just limited to waving wands and casting spells. Physical quality also plays a very important role. They are one of the critical factors in a battle. What is the use of a powerful spell if it can’t hit people? This is not an online game, where sells have auto locking feature. For a wizard, dodging a spell and aiming a spell, can result in life or death!

Although Knowledge is power, but you need a healthy body to carry it. So importance of body couldn’t be ignored.

“It seems I really read myself to stupidity!”, Draco lamented. In his previous life he was actually very passionate about sports! Or else how could he react so fast and save that girl from getting hit? But perhaps the impact of crossing and the unquenchable thirst for magic was too much for someone who has never touched or seen it, but just dreamt of it

Thus he decided to add one more thing to his daily schedule. Exercise!

Looking at the three people enjoying together, Narcissa felt extremely happy. She couldn’t help but show a slight smile, ” See, this is childhood. Spending his time daily with just those dusty books is stupid. “, she said to Lucius. ” I have never seen him smile so much. ”

Wood has become boat ( T/N: What???) , not to mention that’s Lucius’s not particularly opposed to this. But he still showed his stiff face and said in a deadpan tone, ” he’s happy. ”

( T/N: The original para made no sense. -_-. Or maybe just my MTL to HTL is that bad.)

Time passed by quickly, and in a blink of the eye it was noon.

Exercise naturally consumes a lot of energy. And the nest way to replenish energy is to eat. The servants in the manor had already prepared the lunch.

However after looking at the speed of Crabbe and Goyle, and the 'rich' meal on the table, he really had no appetite.
As an Aristocratic class of the Wizarding Society, Draco had the best of everything. The experience and taste of eating should have reached the limit of enjoyment, but ‘eat’ was exception.

As a Chinese person deep in the bones, he found the British Cuisine unpalatable. In fact he might not be able to accept it through his whole life time.

There are no dark dishes like Starry Sky (?), but day after day eating potatoes and fish, Draco was suspecting their taste. Other than this , today you had tomatoes, blood pudding, sausage, beans and roasted mushroom. A change in the regular menu, but it was still unacceptable.

He looked at the dishes with an awkward face.

“What’s wrong baby? Are you not feeling well? Is something wrong with the lunch? “, seeing Draco sitting still Narcissa asked with concern.

” Nothing Mother, I am just too excited. Today I made two friends and still haven’t calmed down yet.”, explained Draco. He would naturally not tell the truth. He immediately took the dessert and started eating it with great vigor, showing that nothing was wrong.

“That’s good! ” Narcissa laughed and placed two puddings on Draco’s plate.

“Sometimes ignorance is bliss. “, thought Draco. Looking at the two puddings on his plate he shook his head with regret. He couldn’t help but admire the other two eating, and so started finishing his own lunch.

The meal was soon over. With two guys with an amazing appetite, the lunch would absolutely not last long.

Crabbe and Goyle would soon leave. Their parents we’re going to pick them up after lunch. Naturally, their was small talks between the adults.

When his two followers left, Draco didn’t stay idle. He returned to his study and started studying according to his schedule.

And the peaceful days went on for a month. He continued to accumulate knowledge and also practiced his physical health with Crabbe and Goyle. If nothing happens, this would have gone on till he is 11 years old and receives the admission letter from Hogwarts. Then he would soon leave for school.

But, man proposes and God disposes. His calm was quickly broken.

T/ N : I just realised. The word counts on top of the raws are from Chinese characters. The English translation is far lesser than that. Chapter 3 together just reaches around 2700 words… I might have gone wrong with my maths somewhere down the line.

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