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Hearing Peeves, everyone sucked in a breath. Sirius Black actually broke into the castle and tried to enter Gryffindor common room.

This is terrible. Fortunately, it is now the eve of Halloween and everyone was not in the tower.

Professor Dumbledore asked all students to return to the Great Hall immediately. To ensure safety, the faculty would conduct a thorough search of the castle. Ivan hurried downstairs with the others, and everyone whispered about what just happened.

“You said that Black is still in the castle?” Hermione asked anxiously, whispering.

“Look at Dumbledore’s meaning. He obviously thinks that way.” Ron whispered, “I want to say that he picked tonight. Its really our luck.”

“Yeah!” Colin’s uneasy nodded, he looked around nervously, as if Sirius Black was hiding in a corner, ready to rush out.

“I guess he has been confused because he’s been fleeing. He didn’t think that today is Halloween. Otherwise he wouldn’t have come in.”

Ron’s words won everyone’s approval. In addition, everyone asked each other the same question: How did he come in?

“Perhaps he knows how to disapparate?!”

“It’s impossible. As long as you have read the book “A History of Hogwarts”, you would know that it is not only protected by walls.” Hermione quickly says, “The castle has been enchanted to prevent outsiders from sneaking in. It’s impossible to get in through apparating. Moreover, I’d like to see what kind of enchantment can fool the dementors. These guys guard every entrance, it they fly in, they will see. Filch knows all the secret passages and they have sealed these passages!” 

(Tn: You know know if I had a dollar every time I have heard Hermione explain about this concept and about how Ron and Harry never read History of Hogwarts, I would probably be a millionaire. Just saying.)

“Who knows, this is Sirius Black after all. Second only to He-Who-Must Not- Be-Named.” Ron wrinkled his nose nervously his eyes fixed on the girl’s bathroom at the end of the third floor corridor. He remembered the nightmare experience from last year.

(Tn: Has any one else noticed that everything seems to happen on the third floor?)

Harry looked pale after Ron, and couldn’t see any blood on his face. Black had entered the castle to kill him. This feeling was bad enough.

“Let’s be happy, no matter what trick Black played he would have been discovered by Dumbledore. What do you think, Ivan?”

“Maybe.” Ivan said.

He stared out the narrow window on the left side of the hallway. and his sight fell on the lawn out side the castle. There was a huge black dog covered with rough hair, Sirius Black! Not far from Black’s side, is a ginger-colored Crookshanks, both of which were sneaking across the lawn.

What seemed to feel like it, Black suddenly looked back and looked in that direction.

The next second, following Ivan’s gaze, Harry also saw the two creatures on the lawn. He ran to the window and widened his eyes. 

“Guys look outside, do you see it, the big black dog?”

“Harry, you aren’t seeing the Grimm again??” Ron said uneasily and he mumbled vaguely, “Its the damn cat!”

“You mean Crookshanks!” Hermione followed, worried, and said, “What is Crookshanks doing outside the castle, and Black may be in the school.”

“Please Hermione, Black will not kill a cat. The purpose of entering into the castle is to. . .” Ron stopped suddenly and stared at Harry nervously. 

Harry didn’t seem to understand what he meant. He said eagerly, “That dog, it was just around Crookshanks. Didn’t any of you see it?”

“Outside is so dark, you may be wrong. Maybe it’s just a big tree or a stone or something.” Ron swallowed and he saw everyone else staring at him. (Tn: WTF!!! Someone hit Ron.)

“Impossible, Ivan, did you see it?!”

Ivan didn’t answer. He secretly calculated the distance from the outside lawn. 

As long as you are fast enough, it’s not too late to get in in touch with the other person. 

“You go first, I’ll go to the toilet!” Ivan said hurriedly. 

With a surprised gaze from the others, he turned another corridor and ran towards the castle gates.

When it was decided that no one was around, he said, “Animagus!” When his voice fell, Ivan’s body quickly turned into a black cat. He crossed the deep marble hall with a fast speed. Silently slipped out the castle. 

The cold winds of the night greeted Ivan and blew at him.

Tonight’s Hogwarts Castle is particularly gloomy. Under the dim moonlight, strand statues on the ground revealed something strange. A few bats glided past from low altitudes, and from time to time, owl hoots rang into the ears. 

In the distance around the walls, the shadow of the dementor is looming, where the land has been ridiculed and all plants are gradually withering.

Black could not go in the direction of the walls. Ivan hurriedly turned to look at the side of the Forbidden Forest. By the moonlight, he saw the big dog and Crookshanks disappearing in the shadow of the Forbidden Forest. Ivan rushed to catch up.

Just as he entered the shadows, a figure rushed out behind a tree.

It was a surprise attack!!

Ivan felt the warm air around him and looked up to see Sirius, the big dog Sirius, growling with a row of fierce one inch teeth. With a bang, Black threw himself on him with a powerful impact.

Ivan fell and his body rolled back across the lawn until he hit a tree and stopped.

He dazed and felt that his ribs seemed to be broken. 

He wanted to stand up, but Black did not give him the chance. He stared at Ivan fiercely, growled and rushed again.

Looking at the huge figure getting closer and closer, Ivan hurriedly undid the Animagus transformation, and at the same time his want pulled out his wand from his waist.

The tip of the wand sent out a red light and hit Sirius Black.

Black flew out into the grass, sending out a painful moan.

“Enough, don’t try to attack me again, or you won’t be his with a stun charm next time!” Ivan wiped his mouth of the traces of blood, his left hand holding the tree trunk as he struggle to stand up.

He was gasping, and Black was breathing heavily. 

For a whole three seconds, no one spoke and the atmosphere was dreadful.

Ivan saw Black’s eyes flash through with mad light from time to time in the dark, staring at his wand. He stretched his muscles tight and bared his fangs like a animal.

“Listen, I am not malicious, I know who you are and I know what you are here for!” Ivan pointed at Black with his wand. “I just want to talk to you about Harry, my friend. Ron. . .”

His words weren’t finished yet, and a rush of footsteps were approaching from far and near. 

Ivan hurried to turn his head and saw a glare of dazzling light. He blinked and took advantage of it for a moment before he could clearly see Professor Lupin.

“It turned out to be you, Ivan! I heard the noise while checking the owl house. What happened here? Why are you outside the castle?” Lupin looked at Ivan in surprise. The one of concern said, “Sirius Black had just entered the castle and it is dangerous. Dumbledore asked all the students to go to the Great Hall.”

“I, I . . .” 

Ivan didn’t know how to answer. Do you tell the other person that his is out to meet Black for a pleasant meeting? 

Although Lupin was a good friend during their time as students, but in the absence of truth with the current situation, would he believe that Black was framed?!

Ivan shook his head. In the absence of real evidence, Lupin’s character, even if he did believe that Black was innocent, Ivan was afraid that the first thing he would do would be to tie him up and hand him to Dumbledore.

The they are going to have to catch Peter Pettigrew. 

If all goes well, it’s fine. If Peter escapes, Ivan was afraid that it wouldn’t wait until the next day and Black would be given to the dementor, to receive the Kiss.

This is too bad, so Ivan hesitated and decided to hide the truth.

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