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It was not until Wednesday morning that Malfoy reappeared at the Slytherin table. When he entered the Main Hall the the Slytherin’s table started to cheer. His right arm was wrapped in a bandage and hung from his neck with a sling, like a hero who survived a terrible battle.

When they saw him like this, Harry and Ron looked disdainful, but Malfoy himself was proud, and he provoked them with a grimace.

Harry turned his head to the side and tried hard to restrain himself, and acted as if he had not seen Malfoy’s provocation. He found that everyone beside him looking down at the Daily Prophet.

“What are you looking at?” Harry asked strangely.

“It’s about Sirius Black’s latest news!” Hermione whispered and put a newspaper in front of him.

Harry saw that it read: Black was seen by a Muggle somewhere not far from Hogwarts. When the Ministry of Magic arrived, he had left and is currently in the process of tracking him down.

Presumably, Sirius Black is trying to enter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry swallowed. What did Sirius Black want in Hogwarts? Did he really want to kill him, as Mr. Weasley said?!

At the thought of being hunted by such a madman, Harry suddenly lost his appetite and made him feel sick. He wanted to rely on the Dementors outside the castle to protect him.

“It’s terrible. He’s has been seen somewhere not far from here!” Ron said worriedly. “This Black, how did he escape the Dementors?”

“Perhaps a Patronus Charm?!”

“It’s impossible. He doesn’t have a wand. there are two hundred Dementors outside.” Hermione said quickly. “Do you know what this means?”

Seeing Harry, Ron, and Hermione whispering in silence, Ivan did not participate in their discussion. The question he now needs to consider is how to control Peter Pettigrew and get in touch with Sirius Black.

These two things are easy to say, but they are full of difficulties.

The simplest method is undoubtedly to go to Dumbledore and tell him that Ron’s rat is the Animagus Peter Pettigrew, and that Dumbledore’s wily plans will be able to get through the incident as long as he get the news.

The problem is that this is the same as last year’s handling of Tom Riddle’s diary book. Ivan doesn’t know how to explain to the other that Scabbers is Peter Pettigrew.

Obviously knowing everything, yet not being able to do anything is a very bad feeling.

Ivan sighed, as it seems that he will have to rely on himself. Sirius Black wasn’t an urgent matter. He needed to control Peter. He then remembered a useful potion in Power of Medicine.

As Ivan contemplated his thoughts, Malfoy suddenly cam over to the table and stood behind Harry with a malicious glare in his eyes.

“Have you seen your pal Hagrid lately?”

No one bothered with him, Harry and Ron held their fists and tried hard to restrain themselves.

“It’s a pity, I’m afraid he can’t be a teacher anymore.” Malfoy pretended to be sad and said, “My dad was very upset about my injuries!”

“before I flatten you, go away, Malfoy,” Ron growled.

“If I were you, I would not be so impulsive. It would not be any good for you and you good pal, Hagrid. You will know immediately. . .” Malfoy’s eyes fell on the newspaper Harry had in his hands, “How about it Potter, do you want to single-handedly try to catch Black?”

“What does this have to do with you?”

“Of course, if I was you . . .” Malfoy’s thin lips bent into a humble smile, “I wouldn’t be such a good school boy, I would go and find him everywhere?”

“What are you talking about Malfoy?” said Ron harshly.

“Don’t you know Potter?” Malfoy’s pale eyes froze, and he made a low laugh, “If I was you I would chose revenge. I would find him myself.”

“What the hell are you trying to say?” Harry said angrily.

“I’m really disappointed. You may not want to risk your life. Probalbly hoping the Dememtors will deal with him. Isn’t that right?”

“Malfoy, if you have anything to say, speak now or just get sent flying.” Ron pulled his wand out.

“Five Points from Gryffindor!” Snape stepped forward without a word, and said, with a sly grin, “Weasley, put your wand away. I don’t want to see you throwing up slugs everywhere.”

Ron’s face flushed and Malfoy smirked and followed Snape away.

“Abhorrent, Snape’s deductions. Obvioulsy it was Malfoy who came to provoke us  and said something he didn’t understand.” said Ron irritably.

“You shouldn’t give him a chance. Snape just stared at us. He just waited for you to show a flaw,” Hermione whispered.

“He wants to deduct points and he can just find an excuse.” Ron picked up his schoolbag. “There are two full potions this morning. I hope it’s not too difficult.  (tn: FLAG)

In fact, the third year potions class was a disaster. Harry and Ron had to cut materials for Malfoy all class. Snape threatened to poison Neville’s pet toad unless he could fix his antidote. (tn: Called it)

Finally, with Hermione’s help, Neville’s antidote was successful, but Snape still took away five points, on the grounds that the cockroach was not dead. (tn: Didn’t know they could die)

All the students thought that this was them enduring Snape to the extreme, but this is obviously not the limit for Snape.

Soon, everyone would know what despair really was this may be the third omen.

The incident took place in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class in the afternoon. Prof. Lupin brought them a Bogut. This kind of dark creature was able to transform. It looks into a person’s heart and becomes the thing you fear most.

Ivan didn’t know what other people were afraid of but Neville’s fear in the world was Snape.

With Lupin’s encouragement, Neville used a spell to turn Snape into a funny image: He wore a long, lace dress, a witches hat with a stuffed old eagle, which was moth eaten, and he held a huge, scarlet handbag in its hands.

This story spread widely all over the school very quickly.

The Gryffindor students laughed for a whole night and the revenge that followed Snape, everyone soon couldn’t help but laugh.

Now when hearing Professor Lupin’s name, Snape’s eye flashed with threatening brilliance; he bullied Neville more than ever before.

In the second years potion class, Snape walked around at each Gryffidor student in a gloomy way and deducted points when ever.

Lesson than an hour later, he had deducted more than fifty points and successfully caused three girls to cry. (tn: No wonder he is still single)

In this class, no one succeeded in completing their potions except for Ivan.

Snape just glanced at Ivan and ignored him. He satirically satirized the others and laid out a lot of homework. Which was almost impossible to complete.

As for the poor Bogut, Ivan heard that Snape used a spell to blow it up and kill it completely. (tn: RIP Bogut)

Ivan felt sorry for this, he also wanted to see what his innermost fear was.

Note: After reading this chapter, it reminded me of how much Harry and Ron fail to listen to Hermione.

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