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Ivan tried to make himself more comfortable, he squinted and saw Stan give Harry a copy of the Daily Prophet. On the front page was a giant photo of Sirius Black.

"He looks scary doesn't he?" Stan carefully observed the expression on Harry's face, "Its been all over the news recently, Sirius Black was considered the most notorious prisoner in Azkaban"

"He killed people." whispered Harry, "With the killing curse."

"Yes! In front  of witnesses, in broad daylight, he caused a great deal of trouble!" Stan came up and lowered his voice and said, "Black is a supporter of you know who, he has a very close relationship with you know who."

Ivan saw Harry act a little nervous.

"All the supporters of you know who have been hunted down and these people know since you know who has vanished they are finished. He once killed a wizard and twelve muggles in one go. Scary isn't it? Do you know what he did next?" said Stan in an exaggerated whisper.

"What?" asked Harry nervously.

"Laugh!" Stan said, "He just stood there and laughed and when the Aurors arrived, he quietly followed him while laughing all the way.

"Is he crazy?"

"If he wasn't before he had gone to Azkaban he should be mad now," said Stan. Stan whispered, "You know no one can escape Azkaban but he somehow did and the dementors cannot find him."

Harry nodded uneasily and Stan was also pale he seemed frightened by his own words.

Ivan was a little amused if the two of them knew they had just passed Sirius Black they would have fainted.

No one uttered a word.

The Knight Bus kept on going it ran past telephone booths and trees while Harry laid on his bed, he was restless and miserable.

Ivan stretched out his paw and rubbed Harry's head, Harry seemed to want to hug him so he hurried aside.

The sky outside the window was brighter than before and Ivan soon saw a ragged little bar coming up, The Knight bus skidded and stopped.

Ivan jumped on Harry's shoulder and they exited the bus, Stan put Harry's suitcase and Hedwig's cage on the sidewalk, the Knight bus soon drove off.

"Well, let’s go into the Leaky C…." Harry suddenly stopped, he looked at a man in amazement.

"You're here, Harry!"Said a figure coming out of the doorway of the Leaky Cauldron, it was the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge.

Harry was nervous, he dragged his suitcase while being brought into the bar by Fudge, a bald toothless man stood at the bar next to a lantern.

This is Tom, he is the Leaky Cauldron's landlord.

"You fond him, Minster!" Tom stopped and saluted, "What would you like to drink, beer or brandy?"

"A cup of tea."Fudge looked haggard, he pointed at a chair beside the fireplace and said, "Sit down, Harry."

Harry sat down, Ivan could feel Harry's body tremble slightly, he seemed very nervous.

Fudge took off his green striped robe and threw it aside, he then pulled up his dark green trousers and sat down opposite of Harry.

"We met three months ago Harry. I am Cronilis Fudge the Minister of magic," said Fudge quickly, he glanced at the black cat that was lying on Harry's shoulder.

Harry nodded stiffly, he couldn't believe he had been caught by the Minister of Magic himself. Three months ago the other side had given him, Ivan, Hermione, and Ron an award but now he will expel him.

Before he said anything else the landlord Tom appeared again with a tray of tea and pastries.

He put the tray on the table between Fudge and Harry, he then left the two alone.

"Well, Harry!" said Fudge as he poured the tea, "I sure you know you left us worried about you when you ran away from your aunt and uncle's home. But fortunately, you didn't have any mishaps."

Fudge put butter on his pastries and pushed the plate toward Harry.

"Eat, Harry, you look pale. You will be glad we resolved the situation a few hours ago, a few ministry employees were sent to Privet Drive, Marjorie was fixed and her memories wiped, don’t worry it doesn't hurt.

Ivan jumped on the table and grabbed a pastry.

He saw Fudge smile at Harry, like an uncle looking at his beloved nephew. Harry didn't believe his ears, he opened his mouth to speak but he didn't know what to say so he shut it once more.

"Ah, are you worried about your aunt and uncle's reaction? Well, I won’t deny they are extremely angry, Harry but as long as you stay at Hogwarts for Christmas and Easter they will take you back next summer."

"I always stay at Hogwarts during the Holidays. I don't want to go back to Privet Drive," said Harry.

"Take your time and calm down a little, I am sure you will change your mind. They are family after all and I'm sure you love each other deeply," said Fudge with a tone full of fear.

Harry didn't want to change Fudge's view, he was still waiting to hear if he will be expelled or not.

"Now the only question left is where are you going to stay for the remainder of your holiday?"

"I thought, I might go to my classmates Ivan's house, he invited me to go there several times," said Harry, unsure.

"Are you talking about Ivan Masson, he is a really good child, he helped us by writing the article about the chamber of secrets. He helped improve peoples faith in the Ministry of Magic," said Fudge as he buttered another pastry.

"But I'm afraid he won't be any help since the man….I suggest you rent a room here in the Leaky Cauldron and stay in it until the end of the summer."

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