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Harry stepped back half a step, his immediately ran into his suitcase and tripped.

He had a kitten in one arm and balancing his self with the other.

But it was useless, he fell to the ground.

He quickly sat up, the black cat jumped to his shoulders, the cat had a strange smile which made him think of Ivan.

He shook his head, he must have been mad, how can a cat have Ivan's expression. But it really seemed like his smile, but before he could think about it anymore he saw a large shadow in the distance with dimly lit eyes.

It was as big as a dog, Harry stretched out his wand.

As soon as he lifted his wand a deafening thud sounded and he was blinded by a bright glare.

Harry shouted and jumped back while Ivan held on to Harry's shoulder.

It was very timely, a pair of huge wheels and headlights appeared exactly where Harry had just stood.

Ivan looked up and saw a three-story bus on it written in golden letters was: The Knight Bus

"Welcome to the Knight bus, this is a bus that assists stranded individuals of the wizarding community through public transportation, just stick out your wand to hail the bus, we take you wherever you want to go. My name is Stan Shunpike, I will be your conductor for the night!"

Shunpike was either eighteen or nineteen at most, he had a few pimples on his face with large, protruding ears.

"A strange passenger with a black kitten, where do you want to go?"

"There was a big black thing just over there did you see it?" asked Harry but when he looked back he saw nothing.

"No, what is that on your forehead?" Stan seemed to see the scar on Harry's forehead.

"Its nothing!" said Harry while hiding the scar on his forehead, if the ministry is looking for him, he doesn't want to make it easy.

"Well what’s your name?" asked Stan

"Longbottom!" whispered Harry, his gaze shifted to the bus, "So this bus can go anywhere, right?"

"Yes, anywhere you want but you can't go underwater." Stan looked at Harry with suspicion, "Didn't you signal us to stop? You stretched out your wand didn't you?"

"Yes!" said Harry quickly, "How much does it cost to go to Diagon Alley?"

"Eleven sickles but if you take a pet, it is five more, if you pay three more, you can get chocolate and one more to get a thermos and a toothbrush, you can pick the color too."

"Wait this isn't my pet!" Harry then remembered the black cat on his shoulder, "A second before you came it jumped on me."

"Ok it is up to you if you want to take it but I will tell you it is a very rare breed."

Harry thought for a moment and then quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out some sickles and gave it to Stan.

Then he and Stan brought his suitcase and Hedwig’s cage into the Knight Bus.

"You sleep on this one!" stan introduced Harry to the driver and then led him to the bed where Ivan was sitting, Stan took a big chunk of chocolate out of his pocket and handed it over, "Here, I'll get some cat food for your pet."

He searched under a bed and took out a bowl of rice and put it in front of Ivan, he then poured a whole pile of cat food in it.

Ivan refused to eat the cat food.

If only Sirius Black wasn't outside, Ivan would not have tagged along with Harry.

At home there were a lot of things for him to do, he doesn't know what to worry more about.

Ivan had no choice but to wait for his mana to recover, he estimates that he will be able to recover his mana by morning.

If he doesn't want to be torn to pieces by Sirius Black, he needs to stay with Harry since the other side won't go near Harry for the moment.

The bus started moving and with a huge bang, Harry fell on to the bed, the Knight bus threw him backward, he pressed Ivan down on the bed.

Ivan struggled to get out, he saw that Harry wasn't interested in eating the Chocolate so he lightly lept up and put the chocolate in his mouth. Stan and Harry had an astonished gaze, they were amazed how a cat could skillfully tear a chocolate wrapper off and eat it. As for the cat food, what regular person would eat it?

Ivan was exhausted, he chased and got chased by Sirius Black, he consumed too much energy, he quickly swallowed a whole piece of chocolate.

"Your cat is cool, my sister has a cat but it only knows how to scratch up furniture," said Stan as he looked at Ivan with interest.

"Yeah!" Seeing the black cat eat chocolate made Harry think it looked more and more like Ivan.

Harry laid flat on the bed, he raised the black cat high above his chest and carefully observed it.

Ivan waved his paw feebly.

The cat was so eccentric thought Harry.

A violent collision, Harry subconsciously loosened his hand.

Ivan ran to the pillow and sat down, he looked out the bus window, the knight bus always hit the sidewalk but it always avoids lamp posts, mailboxes, and trash cans. When cars come at it, it goes back to its original position.

Harry left Ivan alone for now.

It's been a bizarre night, a strange bus, a big dog, and a black cat, he doesn't know what to do next.

Then as he rubbed his stomach, he wondered whether the Dursleys had managed to get Marjorie off the ceiling.


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