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Chapter 63
Chapter 0063 Special Award for Services to the School

“Thank god!” said Mrs. Weasley as she walked up to Harry and Ivan, “You saved Ron, you saved him! How did you do it?”

“That’s what we all want to know,” said Snape as he stared at them.

Ivan and Harry looked at each other quietly, Ivan motioned Harry to recount what happened. Harry hesitated for a moment, Harry went to Dumbledore’s desk and put the sorting hat, the silver sword, and Riddle’s diary on it.

He then began to tell the story to everyone.

He talked for about a quarter of an hour, everyone listened intently, the room was silent.

He told them that he had been hearing the basilisk’s voice, and then after investigating, they figured that the monster must be a basilisk, it lurked in the water pipes, wandered around the school and attacked the students.

He then spoke of the battles, the one in the common room and in the Chamber of Secrets, how he and Ivan were brought to the Chamber of secrets by the Basilisk, how Ivan was struck by Riddle’s spell, how the sorting gave him the sword, and how he used the sword to kill the Basilisk.

But his voice became hesitant.

He avoided mentioning Riddle’s diary and Ron’s involvement in the plot.

When they heard him say Voldemort’s name, the room turned eerily quiet. The Weasley’s, Hagrid, and Fudge shuddered, Snape’s expression was also a little strange and Lucius Malfoy who had been huddled in the corner had an unnatural expression.

“You mean this is all the one who shall not be named doing? It wasn’t Hagrid that did it fifty years ago, he was caught and framed by that person, we even gave a reward for his contributions to the school,” said Fudge.

“Cornelius, I told you before, Hagrid was wronged, he was innocent the entire time,” Dumbledore said calmly.

“Yes, yes, you did say that but the student who caught Hagrid…” Fudge said with uncertainty.

“His name was Tom, the student was Voldemort, he orchestrated a series of attacks inside the castle but Harry and I stopped his plot,” said Ivan.

When he heard Ivan’s words, he stepped back, though he listened to Harry he could not imagine how two young boys not even in their teens could defeat the most powerful dark wizard and a basilisk.

The whole thing sounds like a fairy tale.

“Minister, since we have stopped Voldemort’s plot and we saved Hogwarts.” said Ivan as he stared at Fudge with a smile, “Can Harry, Hermione, Ron, and I get a Special Award for Services to the School?”

“What?!” Fudge paused for a moment and said, “Well, since you defeated the one who shall not be named, it shouldn’t be a problem but the board of Governors need to approve it first so it should take a few days.”

“That’s great, thank you, minister!” said Ivan as he jumped up happily, “If I may, I would like you to give us the award personally and the news can be published in the Hogwarts’ magic and Daily Prophet. I believe everyone appreciates the work that the ministry does.”

“No problem, my dear child! I’ll probably visit Hogwarts tomorrow with your award and Hagrid’s pardon.”

Fudge looked very happy to hear that the ministry’s reputation would not go down, “Albus, since everything has been cleared up, I must leave. You know, there are a lot of things that are waiting for me to do.”

He said farewell to everyone and turned and left the headmaster’s office, and Snape followed.

“Although we all know that Voldemort planned this we still don’t know how Ron came across Voldemort and came under his control in the first

place.” said Dumbledore when Fudge left, “Because according to my sources he is hiding in the forest of Albania.”

“What?!” said Mrs. Weasley in a startled voice, “You mean the one who shall not be named controlled Ron but Ivan just said it was them the defeated Voldemort together…”

“Professor, the diary is the culprit.”

Harry hesitated to say anything, he grabbed the diary and showed Dumbledore, “It was written by Riddle when he was sixteen.”

Dumbledore took the diary from Harry and stared down at it for a long time, he gazed at the damp scorched pages.

By the way, Dumbledore looked at the pages he knew Dumbledore must have realized what it really was.

“This is amazing!” said Dumbledore softly, “Needless to say, he was probably the most gifted student that Hogwarts has ever produced.”

He turned around and told the Weasley’s about a few of Voldemort’s school days.

“But I don’t understand, what does Ron have to do with this?”

“It is because of the diary!” said Ron, “I have had it for an entire year, he’s been talking to me. Ivan is right I’m a jerk, I trusted a diary more than my friends.”

“Ron, did I not teach you better?” gasped Mr. Weasley. “Don’t trust things that can think independently. That suspicious diary was apparently full of dark magic!”

“Don’t blame Ron, Mr. Weasley.” said Ivan hastily, “ when the basilisk attacked in the common room, Ron saved Ginny.”

“Very few wizards can break away from Voldemort’s control!” Dumbledore added, “Arthur, you should be proud of Ron and I believe you must have taught him a lot regarding this matter.”

“So touching!” just when everyone thought it was over, Lucius Malfoy suddenly stood up from the corner with a sneer, “Dumbledore, don’t you remember the board suspended you. You should care more about your position rather than a ridiculous diary and the self-esteem of a child.”

Before his words were finished, a letter suddenly appeared on Dumbledore’s desk.

“I just wanted to tell you about it, Lucius!” Dumbledore said calmly, “ I just got in touch with the other Governors and they told me that they think I’m the best person for the job.”

“So it is……..” said Lucious while squinting.

“On top of that they told me something fascinating, it seems a certain someone was threatening to curse their families if they didn’t agree with suspending me,” Said Dumbledore while smiling at Lucius.

“What a good joke!” Lucius’s face was paler than usual, his eyes were seething with anger, “In that case, I shall leave, I hope this attack will not happen again! Otherwise, as a school Governor, I will be very troubled!”

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