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Chapter 62
hapter 0062 Headmaster’s Lively Office

At that time, the atmosphere of Dumbledore’s office had become tense.

Dumbledore sat silently behind his desk, no one could figure out what he was thinking. Not far behind him stood a pale, frightened Professor McGonagall and a gloomy bandaged Snape.

In front of the desk was a man who looked very strange.

The man was short and stout with an anxious look on his face, his clothes were strange: A fine striped suit, a bright red tie, a long black cloak, and purple pointy boots. He was the minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge.

Sitting across from him, in an uncomfortable looking chair, shaking his body, wiping his tears with a big handkerchief, and muttering the names of Ivan, Harry, and Ron was Hagrid.

Mrs. Weasley was sitting in front of the fire, Mr. Weasley sat by her comforting her. They came as soon as they knew Ron had been taken but they didn’t expect the situation to be so bad.

The only thing that pleased him was Lucius Malfoy, he was sitting in the corner, he wrapped himself tightly in a black cloak, he looked at the other with a cold, contented smile.

Beside Lucius was a strange creature wrapped in bandages, it trembled silently, it was the house elf Dobby. Dobby seemed to be saddened by the disappearance of Harry.

“I’m sorry, Albus!” said Cornelius Fudge in a crisp ton, “The situation is very bad, a basilisk broke into the castle attacked, and took three students. Compared to the previous three attacks this is too much, the ministry must take action!”

“Cornelius, I hope you understand there is no point in taking Hagrid away, he is sitting among us now, not in the Chamber of Secrets,” said Dumbledore softly.

“But, Albus!” said Fudge unnaturally, “Hagrid’s record is against him, the ministry has to take some kind of action, we must consult the board of governors.”

“Please allow me to but in, Minister!” Lucius Malfoy softly coughed, “The board of Governors not only agreed to the ministry’s arrest request but the Governers felt it was also necessary for you to leave. This is an order of Suspension, it is signed by all twelve of the governers. Until next year the students will be left without a headmaster.”

“You are going to get rid of Dumbledore, that is insane!” shouted Mr. Weasley as he stood up, “Don’t think I don’t know, it must be one of your plots, Malfoy!”

“That is very vile slander, Weasley! It’s hard to imagine a magical law enforcement official who lacks control but with the absurd things you’ve done before.” said Lucious as he turned his head and smiled, “Minister, if I were you, I would drive this guy out of the Ministry of Magic.”

“Dear Lucius! I don’t think these things…..” said Cornelius Fudge, “His son was taken into the Chamber, he is just a little agitated. And I don’t think it is the best idea to dismiss Dumbledore.”

“This is Hogwarts’ Internal affairs, all twelve governors have voted!” winked Lucius in triumph.

“Malfoy, how many people have you threatened and blackmailed to make them agree!” Hagrid fiercely stood up, “You can’t dismiss Dumbledore if you do Hogwarts won’t have a chance to survive.”

“Good heavens, your bad temper will get you into trouble someday Hagrid!” said Malfoy with a sneer, “ I want to give you a piece of advice don’t shout at the dominators, they don’t like it. Isn’t that so, minister.”

“Yes, yes, I mean, what we need to do now is to find out the truth as soon as possible.” nodded Fudge, “Hagrid, I want you to come with us.”


o;So you send innocent people to prison…”

“Look at it from my point of view, Minerva! I’m under a lot of pressure, I have to do something,” said Fudge nervously, “If we find out it wasn’t Hagrid, he will come back in a snap.”

“Don’t worry, I think we will all know the truth soon!” Dumbledore turned to Professor McGonagall and said, “Minerva, will you please go out and greet Mr. Mason, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger.”

“What?!” everyone was surprised. The children actually came back from inside the chamber!

Twenty minutes before that, the kids took Lockhart and left the Chamber of secrets.

While no was paying attention, Ivan pulled out a basilisk fang, the venom makes it an excellent tool for attacking.

With it, they don’t have to worry about destroying the Horcruxes.

They then exited the chamber with the basilisk and went back to the tunnel. With Fawkes help, they flew through the water pipes and back to the girl’s bathroom on the third floor.

Ivan planned to go to the school hospital first but Fawkes went to the entrance of Dumbledores’s office.

Professor McGonagall was informed that they were coming so she waited there when she saw Ivan, Harry, Ron, and Hermione covered with mud and mucus, especially Ivan and Harry’s robes that had blood on it, her heart skipped a beat and gasped.

A few seconds later, she sent Lockhart to the school hospital and sent the other four to the headmaster’s office.

The door opened, everyone was silent.

“Ron!” screamed Mrs. Weasley as jumped up and ran towards him, behind her was Mr. Weasley the two of them stretched out their arms and hugged Ron.

Behind the two of them was Hagrid, who in a flash embraced Ivan, Harry, and Hermione, all three of them were hugged tightly.

Ivan glanced around the room. He had a wry smile, it seemed that the Headmaster’s office was very lively before they came in.

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