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Chapter 59
Chapter 0059 The Founders Secret Treasures

Under the watchful eye of the four, Ivan told them everything he knew.

They were very interested in the status of Hogwarts, the students, school curriculum, and etc. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff frequently interrupted Ivan to ask questions.

Only Slytherin didn’t say a word, he quietly listens to Ivan, his face became darker.

It was obvious that he was amazed that wizards and muggles were at peace. But the most difficult thing for him to accept is that more and more pureblood families began to marry muggles, purebloods seemed to be a joke, not an honor of supremacy.

It wasn’t until Ivan said something about Slytherins’s family that he stood up.

“Enough, mud blood, you say my descendant will become a dark wizard, you are insulting the great Slytherin family.”

Ivan felt a strong sense of oppression coming from Salazar, it was crushing him to the point where he could barely breath but the feeling of oppression quickly faded, Gryffindor stood up.

“Ivan is not insulting the Slytherin family he is just stating the facts, obviously your descendant, the dark wizard called Voldemort has a few ideas that resemble yours and I have already told you your mindset is dangerous,” said Godrick.

“Blood, strength, and power, Salazar this is what you and purebloods want, in your opinion, it isn’t wrong to do whatever it takes to get there but you should be more principled sometimes,” said Helga.

“To indulge in excessive power will blind a person! Only the brightest can avoid such a fate,” said Rowena softly, “Wizards should control magic, magic shouldn’t control the wizard.”

After the three finished, Slytherin didn’t retort, he sat down, his face was pale, you couldn’t see the slightest color.

Gryffindor motioned for Ivan to go on, Ivan decided to leave out that Slytherin left the school after a dispute with the other three. By the look on Slytherin’s face, it was likely he would try to kill Ivan if he said anything like that.

He hesitated for a while before he told the story about the chamber.

“God, Salazar, you built a secret room inside the school and left a basilisk in it? I would have never imagined you would do something like that,” said Godrick.

“Well it is my castle, I have the right to make the necessary modifications to it and give my descendants something to help them. And don’t think I don’t know about the secret rooms you all built.”

“Ok, but I’d never thought you would leave a basilisk….”

“That’s not the point, gentlemen! The point is the diary that Ivan mentioned if I’m not mistaken, it is most likely a Horcrux,” said Rowena softly.


The other three seemed stunned for a moment, and after a while, Godrick murmured, “You mean that vile spell that Herpo the Foul made,”

Ravenclaw nodded lightly, the room became silent, no one made as much as a murmur.

“What crazy idiot would actually split his soul? Unless you want to turn yourself into a monster, I see no other use.”

“You can live forever, but when you divide your soul, you will be trapped forever in an illusion, you can neither die nor can you become a ghost.”

“It’s not a matter of ideals anymore!” Godrick stood up, “Salzar, the Horcrux needs to be destroyed, this evil goes against the laws of nature, will you let your offspring gradually go crazy, and ultimately destroy everything he touches, including Hogwarts.”

“If you say that, then I will personally deal with him, the honor of the Slytherin family can’t be tainted?” said Salazar, “

But my opinions stays the same, the mud bloods of the future still make me uncomfortable.”

“Well, well, you may choose what you leave your heirs but we must also leave something for the future of Hogwarts, I don’t want the school to be destroyed by a man like that,” said Godrick while pacing back and forth.

“Your secret room, Salazar!” whispered Rowena, “ we can build a real chamber of secrets and leave something inside. A true heir will only be able to open it at the most critical moment when Hogwarts is endangered.”

“This idea is genius we can leave a few test and secrets treasures to ensure the future of Hogwarts. We can use our own personal philosophy and ensure the destruction of the dark wizards.” said Godrick excitedly, “I agree with Rowena’s proposal, what do you think?”

“I have no opinion!” said Helga while smiling and nodding.

“Whatever you want but I’ll do it my way,” said Salazar with a gloomy hum.

Ivan looked at the four excited people, the Hogwarts founders left secrets treasures, ‘What is this a treasure hunt?’ thought Ivan.

“In that case let’s take a look at the secret room first.” said Rowena, she then turned towards Ivan, “As for you, I just finished looking at the time turner, it was started in the wrong way so it took you to a time you didn’t exist.”

“Then what should I do now, can I go back?” asked Ivan, worried.

“Don’t worry, but we do have to hurry when the magic runs out you will be sent back to your previous time.” said Rowena, “Before that you have to go back where you were before so there won’t be any surprises.”

When they heard her words, Gryffindor thought about visiting Ivan and Hufflepuff regretted that Ivan could not have tasted the food she had made. The five of them went directly to the chamber with Slytherin’s key.

The Chamber of Secrets, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff looked around in satisfaction, it was indeed the best place to store treasure.

“Here, mud blood, you fell from this place.”

Slytherin led Ivan to the place that he was at on the statue, Ivan then felt time warp around him.

“Intelligence is man’s greatest treasure!” said Rowena with a peculiar Huskey, ethereal voice, “Goodbye, Ivan Masson, in the future when Hogwarts faces its most perilous moment, I hope you can pass the tests and find the treasures we left behind.”

“Ivan!” said Helga cheerfully, “I’ll leave my recipes here so if you find them, they’ll be yours.”

“Listen, boy!” said Godrick loudly while clenching his fists, “I’ll leave a few powerful Gryffindor exclusive weapons so kick that dark wizards ass. Don’t let me down if you fail I will beat you up.”

Salazar had not spoken, he looked very unhappy, he stared at Ivan’s face but right before Ivan disappeared he stepped forward and put something into Ivan’s hand.

“This potion is, I’m sorry my descendant hurt your gift.”

Before Ivan could reply he was sent spinning, he was back to the spot he originally was.

He was lying in the statue of Slytherin, it was like everything that had just happened was a dream.

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