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Chapter 53
Chapter 0053 The Crazy Basilisk

Harry and Hermione cast a couple spells but they all bounced off the scales of the Basilisk.

Only Snape could leave a wound on its body, strands of black blood splashed to the ground. The basilisk swung its tail crushing the walls of the common room.

The huge fighting sounds woke up all of the Gryffindors, the students ran out of their bedroom, the expression on their faces turned to panic.

“Oh, my God!” Colin wiped his eyes, he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him, he then had a bright idea, he turned around and ran to the bedroom and got his camera.

“What’s going on, What’s going on here?” asked Percy as he came out.

In the next second his eyes almost shot out of his head, he couldn’t believe the sight in front of him, there was a gigantic snake in the common room running amok. Percy’s reaction was fast, he subconsciously drew his wand.

A red light struck the basilisk but was bounced back.

The continuous attacks made the basilisk a bit crazy, it wanted to rip these people to shreds but before it could, Snape’s magic hit it again, it jerked backward.

In the other corner of the Common Room, Ivan, Harry, and Hermione were attacking Ron who was under the control of Tom Riddle, spells were cast from time to time.

Riddle seemed to be in a hurry but he was still calm.

Riddle tried to escape the curse that flew over to him but was unable to dodge. With a simple gesture of his hands caused the three spells that were flying at him to dissipate.

Ivan narrowed his eyes.

After Ivan cast Stupefy he quickly recited a new more powerful spell, the magic quickly gathered, the spell felt very oppressive, the wand produced a pale blue light.

“That is hilarious, you want to use the dark magic that I taught you to attack me! But I will admit that I do despise you Mud blood! I’d love to keep playing with you if it wasn’t for this wand,” Said Tom as he glared at Ivan.

He suddenly turned around and said a few words to the basilisk.

When the basilisk heard the call it ignored its fight with Snape and rushed over to Ivan. Its mouth is enormous, it is big enough to swallow them whole, the fangs were like silver swords, thin, light, and dripping venom.

It darted to them, Ivan stopped his incantation, and Hermione stood behind him, pale.

The two hurriedly dodged, but it was too late, the basilisk was too fast.

Without thinking he hugged Hermione, turning his back towards the basilisk, he could fell the girl in his arms trembling.

In the next second, Harry rushed towards them, holding a wooden seat in his hands and fiercely threw it at the basilisk.

But it was of no use at all, the basilisk’s speed didn’t slow at all.

Just as they thought they were going to be swallowed by the basilisk, Snape appeared in front of them.

His face was gloomy, the light produced by his wand grew stronger.


Snape was hit to the wall, and then slipped to the floor, he was oozing blood from his head, he was knocked unconscious!

“That is finally solved so now…..” Riddle looked contemptuously at the fainted Snape on the floor.

From the way the basilisk was moving now, Ivan could tell the curse he put on it was wearing off.

Ivan’s heart tightened, if he could get the thing he made a few days ago, then the problem of the basilisk will be solved.

Without the basilisk, Tom Riddle would be more likely to fall since from the earlier fight Ivan realized Tom was manipulating the magic produced by the broken wand to cast powerful magic but the wand was at its limit.

Apparently, Tom had realized he didn’t have much time left so he ordered the basilisk to kill


Just as Tom Riddle spoke with a hissing sound, a red-headed girl ran down from upstairs it was Ginny!

“Ron, what are you doing?”

She looked pale and had a fearful expression but her eyes were one of determination. She was still wearing her pink pajamas, she gripped her wand and cast a red colored spell at the snake.

Her spell interrupted the conversation between Riddle and the basilisk, the basilisk dodged and went for Ginny.

“Don’t!” shouted Harry and Hermione in horror.

Ivan hurriedly cast a spell but it was no use.

They tried to save her but Ginny was too close to the basilisk.

Just as everyone closed their eyes and didn’t dare to watch, Ron suddenly rushed over and rescued Ginny.

Ron seemed to be back to normal, tears were falling from his eyes uncontrollably.

“Run, run, I’ll stall him. It’s my fault for trusting that guy, I shouldn’t have……”

Ron’s pale face then turned to one of pain, Tom seemed to be taking back control. Soon Tom was once again in control, he looked disgusted, he then threw Ginny who was in his arms.

“He unexpectedly took control but he is too weak, his body doesn’t have that much life left. It is time to end this ridiculous farce, I will represent Salazar Slytherin, I will purify Hogwarts of all mud bloods and this body’s friends will die!”

“Alas, you don’t have a chance, Tom Riddle!”

Ivan held up a music box, it was a magical tool that he finished a few days ago which records sounds.

As soon as he opened it there was a rooster’s crow.

The gigantic body of the basilisk shook violently as it heard the sound.

It was afraid, it wanted to escape, it no longer listened to Tom’s commands, it was trying to go back to the bathroom.

“No! You fucking, goddamn mud blood!” Screamed Tom loudly, he climbed up on the basilisk’s body, “You will regret this, this boy’s body will forever remain in the chamber!”

“You can’t take Ron.”

When the basilisk was trying to slip away from them, Harry grabbed Ron’s body, Ivan paused for a moment before he grabbed Harry.

In the next second, like a race car, they were pulled out of the common room and disappeared into the dark pipes of the bathroom.

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