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Chapter 52
Chapter 0052 Slytherin’s Heir

The three hurried into the castle but before they could enter the common room they saw Snape emerge from the shadows.

“What a pleasant surprise!” said Snape as he looked at them with a sneer, “Potter, Granger, Mason, I thought using Polyjuice potion to disguise yourselves as Slytherin students was bad enough but I did not think you would make wandering around at night a habit.”

“Professor, this is an emergency, we need to get back to the common room,” said Hermione hastily.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!” Snape had a smug smile on his face, “I am afraid you won’t be going into the common room, Gryffindor is deducted 150 points, let me think……..”

“You don’t understand, professor! It was Voldemort, he opened the Chamber of Secrets, we have to stop him, there is a diary……..” said Hermione

“Shut it, miss know it all!” Snape stared at them for a while and then slowly said, “This is Hogwarts, that person can’t be here, come with me, I want to see what Dumbledore will do with you.”

Harry looked down, he didn’t know what to do, no matter what he says, Snape would not believe him, the other side just wants to find excuses to punish him.

Harry was already filled with anxiety but when he heard a voice he decided to say something.

“Time to kill……..let me tear…… let me rip…….”

“I hear the voice again, it’s the basilisk, it’s moving towards the common room!” Harry’s heart sank, he knew if the basilisk was allowed to enter the common room, the consequences would be disastrous.

Think about it, a group of defenseless students, in the face of a creature who can kill people with a simple stare, how many will die.

“Ivan, Hermione it’s here!” Harry didn’t wait for Snape before he shouted out the password and ran into the entrance of the common room.

Ivan and Hermione froze for a moment before the hurriedly followed.

The common room was exactly the same as before, the only difference was the fire had faded.

Through the dim light, Ivan could see that the stand he had left the diary on was empty, it must have been taken by the student Tom Riddle was controlling.

But who was it, Ginny or…..

He then noticed the writing on the wall above the fireplace:

Hogwarts shall be purified and the heir of Slytherin shall fulfill his greatest mission!

Ivan’s pupils shrank, Hogwarts will be purified, and Slytherin’s heir will fulfill his greatest mission, what does Tom Riddle want to do?

A figure then came out from the shadows, it was Ron.

Ron looked strange, he was elegant and calm with a bit of oppression, he was completely different from his usual self.

“Ron, thank goodness you’re here, the basilisk is coming, we have..” exclaimed Harry anxiously.

“I know it is, I am the one who summoned it,” said Ron with a strange smile.

“You did, what do you mean?” Harry and Hermione looked at him with surprised expressions.

“I mean everything was done by me.” said Ron with a more visible smile, “Harry Potter, I have long wanted to see you, among all the students at Hogwarts you are the one I wanted to see the most!”

“Ron what are you talking about,” said Harry as he stepped forward.

“Don’t go over there, Harry, he’s not Ron, he’s Tom!” exclaimed Ivan.

“Ivan Masson!” The smile on Ron’s lips was getting colder, “You damn, nauseating mud blood, I expected you to be trouble, but I didn’t think you would tease the great heir of Sl

ytherin, I will make you pay the price, you will regret….”

“Enough, what the hell are you four doing?” Snape interrupted Ron, He entered the common room with a gloomy face.

He had stood outside and heard their conversation, Snape frowned, he thought these four were crazy.

Weasly as the heir to Slytherin was the greatest joke to him, those four must be pranking him.

Snape drew his wand, he was ready to use Stupefy to knock them out.

But before he could cast it, he heard a loud noise inside the common room, it was loud enough to wake up the entire castle.

“Don’t you idiot Gryffindors know what time it is, or do you want to be expelled from Hogwarts” shouted Snape

He then stopped when he heard a roaring noise from the bathroom not far away. It seemed as if something gigantic had fallen from the sky and landed on the stone floor, the whole Gryffindor tower was shaking, which was clearly not something a student could make.

Snape turned around and looked at the bathroom, and pointed his wand at it.

Ron had a strange smile, while the others stared at the bathroom door with horror.

Stange sounds came out from it, what will come out, the atmosphere was tense.

Ivan, Harry, and Hermione quickly drew their wand, Snape stepped forward with a faint fluorescent tip being produced by his wand.

With a bang, the bathroom door fell down and dust flew everywhere.

In the dust, Ivan saw an ugly giant snake come out, it was green, as big as an oak tree’s trunk, and the upper body was high up in the air.

“It’s a basilisk, don’t look at its eyes!” shouted Ivan, while pointing his wand at the Basilisk.

Snape was faster then he was, as soon as the basilisk rushed out of the bathroom, the faint fluorescence on his wand intensified, it produced three dark silver rays and shoot out like an arrow, it accurately struck the basilisk and left three bloody scars on its green scaly skin.

The basilisk shook its head, the pain seemed to have angered it. It produced a mad hissing sound, its two yellow eyes looked for anyone who was willing to attack it.

It then saw an orange ball of light flying towards it.

Ivan’s Conjunctivitis Curse struck the basilisk causing it to close its eyes in agony.

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