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Chapter 50
Chapter 0050 Hagrid and Aragog

Late that night only Ivan was left in the common room.

He looked at the diary in front of him and realized he couldn’t keep distrusting every one or he would not get anywhere. Although there haven’t been any more attacks, his business with the chamber of secrets has yet to be finished.

Maybe I should give it to Dumbledore!

He must be able to recognize this is a Horcrux and he should know exactly how to deal with it.

Before Ivan made up his mind on what to do he saw Harry come in.

“Ivan why haven’t you gone to bed yet?” said Harry, surprised.

“I should have asked you,”

“I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about the things dealing with Hagrid. He is certainly innocent, but I have to go to him to confirm it.” Harry looked at Ivan with expectant eyes, “You think so to right?”

“Yes!” nodded Ivan.

“Then let’s go!” whispered Harry.

“Go where?”

Harry took Ivan’s hand and said, “I was going to go alone but I didn’t expect to see you.”

Ivan wanted to cry since he knew he should have gone to bed.

He didn’t want to sneak out of the castle to find out what he already knew, but Harry didn’t give him the opportunity to refuse, Harry pulled him out of the Gryffindor common room.

Before they walked out they saw Hermione standing beside them looking at them with a serious expression.

“Hermione!” said Harry, surprised.

“Don’t look at me like that, Harry, did you think I would let you go alone?” said Hermione, “I said we had to talk with Hagrid but I don’t believe he did it, he must know something though.”

“Well since everyone is going,” said Harry as he put the cloak over them.

The caste that night was exceptionally grim as they walked down the empty corridors.

It was clear that Harry had wandered the castle countless times at night as he guided Ivan and Hermione out the castle gate.

The three people hurried to Hagrid’s house, they went to his door and took off the cloak. And a few seconds later they knocked, Hagrid flung the door open and the hound barked loudly behind him.

“Oh it’s you!” said Hagrid as he stared at them, “Why are you three coming here so late?”

“We have something to ask you,” said Harry as he walked into the hut but he hesitated, “Can you tell us about….”

“About what?” asked Hagrid as he took a kettle and poured each of them a large glass of boiling water, “Can’t this wait until tomorrow, you three should hurry back and go to bed now, it can’t be so important that you must sneak out of the castle.”

“But, Hagrid….”

“We’d like to ask you about the chamber of secrets,” said Ivan

“The chamber of secrets?” said Hagrid as he accidentally hit a teapot dropping it to the floor.

“Hagrid you know someone was attacked by a monster around fifty years ago,” said Harry quickly.

“What do you want to ask?” said Hagrid as his face turned pale and began to sweat.

“Fifty years ago when the chamber was opened you were expelled from the school for something,” said Hermione as she took out the newspaper, “Hagrid it isn’t that we don’t believe you but you must know something?”

“I don’t know anything!” shouted Hagrid, he seemed to be uneasy and he nearly caused the kettle to put out the fire.

Harry and Hermione thought this was suspicious.

“We need your help, Hagrid! When the Chamber was last opened the monst

er killed a student and if we don’t take action, the monster will probably…”

“No, Aragog didn’t attack anyone,” said Hagrid

“Who is Aragog?” said Harry hastily.

“He is an Acromantula, a traveler gave him to me when he was just an egg, it was terrified when the chamber was opened, it only told me that it was an ancient creature that all spiders were afraid of,” said Hagrid as he wiped his tears with a large handkerchief.

“An ancient creature, what is it?”

“I don’t know, even though I asked countless times, Aragog never told me. And after a Ravenclaw girl was killed, the one who must not be named blamed it all on Aragog.”

“Hagrid you don’t mean Voldemort?” said Harry as he stood up, he was pale.

Hagrid was visibly shaken, and he seemed to have awakened from his thoughts.

“What have I said, it’s not something you should know about,” said Hagrid ruefully, “you should go back to bed immediately, don’t ask any more questions, I won’t tell you anything.”

They were then driven out by Hagrid, Harry and Hermione whispered as they walked.

“Hagrid said Voldermort blamed it all on his spider, but I think it must have been Voldermort that opened the chamber of secrets fifty years ago and killed Myrtle, so then Hagrid was wronged.” said Harry angrily, “I knew it wasn’t him but who opened it this time, it can’t be Voldemort?”

Harry suddenly thought of what happened last year, Voldemort snuck into school to steal the Philosophers stone but thanks to him and his friends he stopped Voldemort.

“I don’t know!” said Hermine with a trembling voice and shaking her head, “Maybe, like last year, Voldemort snuck in on someone’s head. Remember the curse that was on Ron, he must have been the one to do it.”

“Where is he hiding and what is the monster hidden in the Chamber of secrets?” said Harry

“Hagrid said it was an ancient creature that spiders are afraid of, I seem to have seen similar creatures somewhere.” said Hermione as she tried to remember what it was, she then turned to Ivan and asked, “Ivan do you know anything?”

“That is simple, the creature that hides in the Chamber of Secrets is a basilisk, it’s a spider mortal enemy,” said Ivan.

Ivan had decided to give the diary to Dumbledore, it was time to end it.

As for the person, Tom Riddle was controlling, no matter who it was, as long as there is no Horcrux, they should return to normal sooner or later.

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